Black Feather

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An image passes before my eyes
An image of my dark angel covering me with his black wings,
Shielding me from the chaotic world;
Holding me there with his love.
An image which seems like a vision
A visions incapable of being true.
Yet this image is repeatitive in my mind
Reminding me of his love.
The image widens every time
Showing more of the world beyond those black feathers.
An intruder of my image appears before me.
Warning me of the dark angels deception
Telling me that he is the Evil One,
Telling me that his darkness is spreading
The image fades like so many others.
That image warned me of his plan
But my heart cannot stand to be without him.
My heart does not want to believe the warnings
I will love him no matter what or who he is,
Just as long as he will keep me close
And protect me from humanties many flaws.
yeah this is also one of my other favs. and i have another poem that ties into this one, so those of you who can't wait......your gonna have to.
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