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Timmy Turner Real

Timmy Turner real, personagem principal do desenho animado americano "The Fairly OddParents" ("Padrinhos mágicos" aqui no Brasil) feito no photoshop.
Veja mais aqui = [link]
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The deatail on this is absolutely amazingly good.
You did somthing beautiful.
Just earned your self a watcher.
Tell your watchers bout me.
And watch me

Stay animated you master piece creator.
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It's funny and creepy at the same time.
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This was in an actual butch Hartman video
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Well... this is... fairly odd...
indigobunny99's avatar
The new season of FOP looks great.
JPiXeLArT's avatar
Timmy wished he was hyperrealistic

He got what he asked for...
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That is creepy af why person why ?!
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Child-hood ruined XD
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 bunneh icon5 bunneh icon16 bunneh icon4  bunneh icon17 bunneh icon8bunneh icon15 bunneh icon14 bunneh icon7 
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great now i'm scared. O.O
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the reason you should not mix cartoons with realism
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It's actually cute. :meow:
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Omg! That's hilarious!! :D
UncleBibby47's avatar
i put your image next to my Fairly Oddparents theme song remix, i hope you don't mind:…
StepOnMeAndYouDie's avatar
Oh god thats creepy:wtfblink:

ok i can't sleep anymore


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