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Mr. Burns real

Charles Montgomery Burns, normally referred to as Mr. Burns or "Monty" Burns, untooned.

Veja mais aqui - [link]
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I'm not sleeping tonight...
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TvTropes brought me here via Image Links
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He looks like har har har.
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He was already creepy, but this... :O_o:
But is still really good. :)
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Simpsons characters make for the best untoons. xD
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Woww mr burns looks freaky and scary here
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Burns besides Flanders is my fave character! :love: He's so creepy I love it xD
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That it so funny! "Excellent"
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Mr Burns looked creepy enough in the toon version. I would really freak out if I saw this monstrosity walking down the street. "Excellent," as Mr Burns would say...

Really, I mean it... "Excellent!"
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Like Mr. Burns would say, "Excellent."
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Oh god.

Brain bleach plz. O_o
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This is starting to creep me out. xD
Yet...I cannot....look...away. D':
Good job, very realistic. :iconthumbupplz:
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Haha, daaamn, Itzhak Perlman - Auschwitz-Birkenau just started playing when I looked at this picture, scared the crap out of me. :D
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this is scary stuff
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Looks like Count Olaf.
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HAHAHA OMG That is awesome! x''DD
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Now I never will sleep tonight.
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