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Johnny Bravo real

By mataleoneRJ
Mais um personagem de cartoon famoso em carne e osso, Johnny Bravo.
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The haircut Trump wishes he had.
i-like-pie-so-much-2's avatar
He looks like Duke Nukem.
Jonas-Lion's avatar
Now we all know that if he got a live movie (WTF HAS HE NOT!?) he would look like this but i still i was like "hahahahah XD"
alexblue0's avatar
no wonder he cant get any girls
jabba7's avatar
Odd, but he still looks good, sort of.
zzzzxx's avatar
The closest you can get from a toon character like him in real life
JustDoItMarshall's avatar
your icon made me lol
TheMoogleMog's avatar
saifuldinn's avatar
No wonder chicks never dig him. LOL!!
133tG4m3r's avatar
What has been seen....
ViolentX5's avatar
it looks like mel gibson had a good day
Mrkaalerabistappe's avatar
lol! and that big shoulders XD
Trinity-Bree's avatar
I couldnt help but laugh. xDDDD
wolfwindelement's avatar
lol !! that soo cool xD
Ballisticfury's avatar
Oh gawd, it's Vanilla Ice meets Terminator
God-like-thing's avatar

haha .. this one's hilarious
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grrrrrraaaaahhhhhhhh's avatar
LOL! his hair looks funny!
korallrahu's avatar
eww.... no wonder he never gets any: D

well done!! brilliant.
dolce-verde's avatar
what the fuck...
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