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Hans Moleman untooned

Depois de um bom tempo sem fazer um "Untooned" (o último foi o Stan, de American Dad) finalmente fiz um que o pessoal já estava pedindo desde o início quando comecei a criar esse tipo de montagem, o personagem dos Simpsons Hans Moleman. Quem esperava que Hans Moleman fosse um cara idoso pra lá dos seus 60/70 anos, assim como eu , se enganou. Hans tem apenas 31 anos e ficou desse jeito graças à bebida. Ele é vizinho dos Simpsons. A cachaça é "mardita".
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fANTAIC ONE OF hans moleman here
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I feel the urge to rub his soft upper lip against my arm to see if it's cold and wet, and perhaps molding it into the shape of a butterfly
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He'd just be happy with the attention for once. :heart:
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I feel like I just need to take a shower
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damn girl end mi strife b mi wife
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hope u don't mind me displaying this piece in a journal entry [link]
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Yikes! ... I love it! :D
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His face looks like silly putty. :)
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Q pasada!!!!!!!!!!!
Es el señor Topo!!
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hsausuashuashaushaushaush muito bom!!
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Moleman! He's my favorite! :]
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he looks funny :)
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'Hans: Please come!
Doctor: Oh come on, can't you hold on?
Hans: But I need that liver nooooow!!'

muhaha :P thats sick anyway xD
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haha this is great, moleman is the best simpsons character by far (with Ralph) Fav!
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