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Butt-head real

Butt-head (Beavis and Butt-head) em carne e osso ("untooned")
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XxRobotChaoxX's avatar
I am gonna crush u so friggin hard butthead

Butthead - yea, you do look kina creepy, heh heeh hehheheh.
pookiesaurus4's avatar
That's terrifying! As if he wasn't ugly enough animated
Whetsit-Tuya's avatar
Looks like a deformed Keanu Reeves
Adharmageddon's avatar
Oh my god, that's awesome!
Creepy-Stag-Waffle's avatar
Uuhh I have a couple uhuhuhuhuh...... butt cheeks uhuhuhuh
drewmaster's avatar
Creepy, but my first reaction was laughter.
LOLLIGO's avatar
Haha he actually reminds me of Markiplier on Youtube a tiny bit! xD
bigfootRULES's avatar
wow check it out beavis i'm live action.
SPARK1987's avatar
jeeeez impressive
Simarillion's avatar
ಠ_ಠ weard....
ButtWiper's avatar
thats cool...but really creepy...
kirk2010fgtr's avatar
This image is going into my video sereis on the best of deviantart, beavis and butthead special I will mention you in the credits and send you the link when it is done
I know a kid who kinda looks like this..
offbeat-art-dog's avatar
You have managed to capture a photo of the real butthead....It must be worth millions.
hehe- Awesome, Thank you
Drums-with-Au-Heart's avatar
god....hate this guy.
VickieTrivellas's avatar
It's horrifying but I like it =]
Ravenusdeath's avatar
playing the part of butheat keano reeves?
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