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Still Waters

Hey guys! How are you all?

Well, here is a painting I was experimenting with....tell me what you think! I love comments :D
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I love the colors your semi realistic style. Very beautiful.
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I'm honestly certain I would straight up die if I leaned over and saw this staring up at me. This has such a great air of dread to it!
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Haha thank you! I probably would too. She looks kinda hungry. Thank you so much!
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very creepy and well done! eyes and coloring are awesome.
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Thank you very much!! :D
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I think this is actually one of your best pieces! Stunning anatomy, eerie lighting and color scheme, and it looks like you both started with a big image and spent a lot of time on little details (two things I need to work on!). A great overall mood!
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Thank you so much!!! :D
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such a good picture!
really dark and atmospheric.
for experimenting i'd say you did incredibly well! Woooooooooooooow 
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Thank you so much, you amazing person! :D
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you're so very welcome you also quite amazing person! Sonic Emoticon #5 
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This is such an interesting and amazing picture! I love how you have shown where the edge of the water is on the face. Plus the lifelessness of the eyes.. they seem to be staring into my soul. I don't think I've seen a picture quite like this on here so it's really interesting to see.
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Thank you so much, that is so kind of you!! :D
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You're very welcome :love:
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usually I comment right away when I favorite. but sometimes I'm on phone browsing. 

I think it's awesome work, creepy, but awesome.. or and awesome.. hmm.  I have no critique bone in my body but I can say . eyes.. the eyes are stunning. . well. whole concept is stunning.. this ain't going anywhere. :D 
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No problem! Thank you so much for the comment :D
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Hi, I added this to my faves as its a brilliantly done piece. I love the fact it has an eerie-ness about it while also having a calm deathly stillness. Very dark and expertly drawn.
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Thank you so much! Your feedback means a lot to me :D
i love this piece. its very ominous in its own right, is it a bloated corpse amidst its own decomposition? is it  some sort of 'deistic' being rising from the depths? is it both? i love it. the eyes are dead and alive, yet they hold so much 'volume' and character, if that makes sense. the colour pallet *which is amazing by the way* gestures at death and the cold, but theres something so 'alive' about it, something is alive in there, theres bustling movement somewhere. its wonderfully conflicting. i don't know... i love it, everything about it, the dimly radiant lake to the subtle way you finely use the cross hatching technique on the face's highlights, its creepy, its beautiful, its somber, i just love it. you should be immensely proud of your work, its brilliant. really, keep up the good work. looking forward to seeing more ^^
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Thank you so, so much!! What amazing feedback! Thank you again, you overwhelmingly lovely person! :D
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