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Wendy O. Koopa

Wendy's bored and tired of your shit.

EDIT: Okay so for a few minutes this was a different pic cuz I messed up the submission process.
          It's fixed now, I'm sorry.
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No matter how tired she is of me, I love her sooo much! :heart: rvmp

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She looks goregous! Nice work! 🐢🐲🎀💛💛💖💖
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That scale detail though...

I lav it.
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A very pretty Wendy! (as pretty as a Koopaling can get? XD) ^w^ Excellent job!
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My favorite koopaling looking so darn thicc.
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Oh, it's you. Good stuff, man. Also rip wendy thread
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Cute! Love the colours, too.
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My favorite koopaling.
SO HOT!!! :love:
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you're getting better at it
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Aw, there's all this talk about a different pic, and I missed it! Ah well, Wendy O. Koopa's here, so it's not all bad. ;P
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Wendy's alright, but I prefer me some Pom-Pom!
Koopalings are a bit oversaturated as it is.
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I like her design but mostly from you
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It's okay, I fixed it.
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That was actually pretty funny.
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