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Fixes Microsoft Excel appearance when custom Windows theme is used. Especially relevant for dark theme users.

For more info and download, visit project's GitHub page.

Also, be sure to check out PowerPointDarkThemeFix and its thread on DeviantArt!

This post is for discussion, feel free to comment, ask questions, report issues, etc.

Yes, previously there was a post by niivu (thanks, Keegan!), but I've finally decided to create a DeviantArt account and manage my stuff myself. I'm also up for some advertisement for this stuff :D

All previously reported issues has been fixed long ago, so those who experienced them and missed updates, please, try it out again.

Like this project and have some money to spend? You can always buy me a coffee, I'll greatly appreciate that!
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Thanks for this but is there any way to fix the same problem for ms word ?