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Wonderbolt Acoustic Cover

Art I did for my recent Acoustic version of Wonderbolt. 
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© 2014 - 2021 Matackable
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Really nice, dude!
opus-13's avatar
This cover looks really soft. ;)

Seriously though, nice work! Love the light and perspective. Very soothing.
ACSpeedDemon's avatar
Great song! Great artwork!
Tikeyx's avatar
I still think the original song was little better xD 
Matackable's avatar
I wasn't trying to make a "better" version.

It's just an acoustic version.
Tikeyx's avatar
Well I can uderstand that. Just saying. Hope to hear some new stuff from you soon ~!
StormAlchemist15's avatar
Go RD! So, you still think you can be Wonderbolt material dB? Just kidding, amazing song (my school just banned pony music in the halls, so I can't share it on my radio show, something about too many insensitive people) :(

First comment!
XYZDreadnought's avatar
Wait, they banned pony music?
StormAlchemist15's avatar
yeah. Apparently, they got a wholebunch of complaints about "gay music" and "fucking faggots" and etc... you can guess the rest. ANywho, since I have theonly regular show(I show up everyday I'm supposed to at 0700 hrs for my two hour show) they let me stay under the condition that I play no more pony music. references like pegasi or unicorns are okay, as they have started to pop up more often, but anything else is an instant ban from the airwaves.
XYZDreadnought's avatar
Well, you have a school full of ****s
StormAlchemist15's avatar
Actually, the admin staff is all female.
XYZDreadnought's avatar
not the staff, the complainers, I personally don't blame the staff, I wouldn't want to deal with those kind of people complaining either.
StormAlchemist15's avatar
yeah. the majority of the complainers are also DJs, like me, but they rarely if ever show up.
XYZDreadnought's avatar
At least you have work ethic
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