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Dashing Off

As she normally likes to do. :V
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Wonderful work
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This is awesome! Love the perspective angle!
Some damn fine art ya got. :P
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Awesome work on the colouring, looks so good :la:
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Nice perspective! :clap:
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i love how amazing the color blue looks in this!!
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:icondashsoawesomeplz: :iconsaysplz: of all the rainbows who ever dashed, im the rainbow dashiest!
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I like how all the colors of RD are also found in the background. Really ties the picture together
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Thats really good! Just Dash being Dash :)
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Awesome work! ^^
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome :D
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Because she's mothertruckin' Rainbow Dash, that's why.
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This is amazing! I love the way you shaped her wings, very imposing. I also like the perspective we have and how every surface is so SHINY. :love:
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Hehe thank you! Glad you like it!
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Fantastic!!! XO
Dashies personal perspective mixed with the nice careful angles of the town give a wonderful sense of depth and "pop", and the detailing in the clouds and Dash's streakiness make this utter eye-candy. Wonderful little piece of artwork, hope you feel proud of it :)
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Oh I'm very happy with the way it has come out! It was a tough picture to execute but it came out exactly how I envisioned it!

As always, thank you for the kind words!
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