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I am creating my own series of Fantasy Gamebooks: One Roll Gamebooks. A personal project that I am writing and illustrating myself.

If you are interested in Fantasy Gamebooks, please express an interest and support me at

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The Inspiration

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As a kid, I was an introvert and a loner. I had a penchant for medieval fantasy and some creative ability with both drawing and writing. My mum ran a local library and I was lucky enough to spend time there after school when the doors closed in the afternoon, waiting for her to finish work. The library is a tranquil and meditative place when you are the only person present and it is a fond memory. School... not so much. I was allowed to use one of the computers in the library office to play a text-based game called “Adventure”. For all its flaws I found it engrossing and gave me ideas of my own. It was around this time I found a Fighting Fantasy gamebook on the shelf in the library. I read many of these. Once I had saved up enough money, I would wait until my mum and dad would make the protracted journey into town and I would go to the local bookshop. I would search the one shelf up the back that housed the gamebooks, looking for a new one to buy. It followed on from there that I
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To produce the illustrations for my Fantasy Gamebook series: Sword, Spell, Skill, I’m using Procreate on iPad and I have to say it is incredibly intuitive. It has played a part in me being able to produce artwork in the new black and white style that I am employing to create these illustrations. I am still learning to use it so am excited to see how this new style evolves as I become better at using its many features…
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Hobgoblin Spook

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"Hobgoblin Spook" is the first deviation that I have submitted in quite some time and marks a departure of sorts from my old style. This style is what will populate the pages of my Sword, Spell, Skill series. I'm enjoying the creative process of this project and I've not felt this sort of enthusiasm for years. I am still searching for Fantasy Gamebook fans and will flush them out soon enough... so if you are one feel free to express support via comments, requests, points donation or you can even buy me a coffee at I will continue to provide updates and post artwork.
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thanks for the watch! :D

Thanks for the watch 😊

Hi man, im really thankful for badge and core! That just made my day. You have really good art here! Thank you again !

Well deserved, you're art is great; keep it up!

Thank you for appreciating my work! \m/

Thanks for the watch!

Welcome in Pathfinder-Art :) (Smile)

If you like the group, share the link of the group with your friends on facebook, twitter or other social networks :D (Big Grin)

I would be very glad of your help w00t! Handshake

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