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Project Icons Phase 2

Yatta !!
Phase 2 finished, 140 icons Networking, 84 icons Multimedia =) but not for download... this is only a preview sorry guys =/
I've many projects in progress, but I don't have time to design it and publish on dA =(
I will be back ^^
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buen trabajo!!
THEvalrog's avatar
i want to download!!! great work :D
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lol thanks, there is a sample of my work, available for download on ;)
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I really love it! Any chance to download it or not yet?? :)
mat-u's avatar
you can just buy it :/ sorry...
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lol, I clicked on download and just got the picture - and I was like "NO, please NO!!! These HAVE to be available for download" - Then I clicked "back" and read your comment and realized that the reality is a sad one.

So all I can say now is: These are absolutely fantastic!!!!! :)
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J'ai hâte de voir ça en gros :)
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super job ! domage qu'elles ne peuvent êtres release, j'aurais bien en utilisés certaines pour skinner mon iphone :) !
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tu peux en télécharger 3 par pack, sur le [link] ... par contre ça ne sera pas forcement celles que tu veux :/
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please share these amazing works of art. you cant just tease us like that.
mat-u's avatar's my job :(
nice job man, very good....
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thanks mate :)
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Amazing!! and where can we buy the pack?
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2 packs are available : general [link] and accounting [link] =) (this preview: mulimedia and networking will be release soon) and many other spacks are currently in design phase
thanks =)
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Some real good ones !
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thanks maxime :)
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Nice job man. :D
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thanks =) i just saw your gallery, i watch you now :p
Those icons look that cool, you have to release them soon! YOU HAVE TO!
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lol !! non i can't! I CAN'T =) thanks nevertheless
arrrrggghhh i hate when people post things and say its not available to for download
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lol i'm sorry...^^ i will post some icons soon =)
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