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This is only a preview, i can't share this icons unfortunately...(sorry for the small preview, it's just for self promotional purposes) they are comissioned by a business manager of an important icon designers agency

It's a challenge for me ^^ i'm newbie in freelance design

The actual project is composed of approximately 600 icons...

So...i have to work =)

some new icons, phase 1 : 168 icons done...i can now sleep ^^
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nice work , gd luck
Im Frelance software developer, soon i buy your icons for my software , soon
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nice =) thanks a lot
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If you're a newbie, the rest of us should just jump off a cliff now and spare ourselves the torture :rofl: Seriously, when you finish this post a link to the site where I can buy these icons. *drools*
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lol thanks for the comment, you can buy the icon [link] :p it's called "golden" on the site, cya dude :)
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They look great! I would to download them :)

Keep it on!
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i'm glad you like them :) many thanks
They are fantastic! Where can I buy this set of icons from the icon designers' agency? lol
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thanks =) on it's called "golden"...
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Waou! Magnifique..
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merci beaucoup :) j'viens de faire un tour sur ta gallerie, j'adore ton style, bonne continuation :heart:
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I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hate you ............ I want it now!!!

Also another suite in your gallary
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lol =p i'm sorry...but i will update this deviation, i can get some icons example (for testing)...but i haven't got the link yet, so stay tuned ^^
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:neom: Okay,I'll be here waiting for you.
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beautiful, very thanks for you :)
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The download link doesn't DOWNLOAD the file, it only takes me to a download view :(
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yes, like i said on the description, it's not for download, i can't share all these icons because it's for a buyer...sorry
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Great icons :) :+fav: Though I really wish I could download them ;)
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thanks sean =) i'm waiting for your new release
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No problem ;) I'll be releasing an icon tutorial around mid to end April, and Aire (icons) will be released sometime May or June. :D
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they're really really nice. i want them!
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