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His unforgettable vacation, in which there is a place for homemade pasta, and ice cream, and endless rides on a moped, a boy named Luca spends in a beautiful seaside town located on the Italian Riviera. Not a single adventure of Luka is complete without the participation of his new best friend, and the carelessness of the rest is overshadowed only by the fact that in fact a sea monster is hiding in the guise of a boy from the depths of the lagoon on the shore of which the town stands.

The Italian coast has never been as attractive as in Luca. It is true that Luca is an animated film, so the colors are marked. But damn, if you don't feel like taking a refreshing dip in the sparkling waters and just washing away your worries. While the experience isn't quite as visceral as the reality, Luca also has that effect as a charming and sympathetic family movie that gives you the warmth and fuzziness without reaching for the tissues like most Pixar movies.

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