The Simpsons- Lisa's paddling

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The Simpsons- Lisa's paddling

After a failed attempt at a school field trip, which appears to have caused the apparent abandonment and brutal beating of the student Üter, Edna Krabappel calls an emergency strike on behalf of the Teachers' Union of Springfield Elementary, to protest against Principal Skinner's miserly spending on school supplies and activities, having resorted to using banned textbooks for teaching and ground up newspapers and gym mats for cafeteria food.

Skinner refuses to budge on his financial cuts, explaining that the schools incredibly low funding leaves nothing to be discussed.

The teachers are finally driven to strike when Bart makes the situation worse by talking to Skinner and Krabappel separately, telling them that the other party believes them to be pushovers.

As the teachers' strike results in the closing of the school, the various student characters respond to the sudden turn of events in their own ways: Lisa becomes increasingly obsessive in her desire to be graded, Milhouse is forced by his parents to take private tutoring lessons (which improve his education), Jimbo Jones finds himself immersed in the intricacies of daytime soap operas with his mother, Dolph and Kearney become easily bored with video games, and Bart revels in his newfound afternoon freedom and annoys many Springfield citizens.

In particular, Bart does what he can to keep the union and Principal Skinner at odds with each other.

The two sides are at an impasse; the union wanting a restoration of funding and Skinner maintaining that even with the spending reductions he has made, government budget cuts have squeezed the school dry.

After some prompting from an exasperated Marge Simpson, the parents of Springfield eventually decide to take matters into their own hands, and recruit volunteers from the community to take over as temporary teachers.

This turns out to be even worse for the students than before the strike, especially as Marge becomes Bart's new teacher after Skinner learns he has chased away previous substitutes including Moe and decided he needed use her to keep Bart in line. Jasper becomes Lisa's new teacher...

Jasper,an old man,is also old fashioned on his teaching methods. He has a big paddle and isn't afraid of using it.

As he himself put on his first day: " Talkin' out of turn, that's a paddlin'. Lookin' out the window, that's a paddlin'. Starin' at my sandals, that's a paddlin'. Paddlin' the school canoe, oh, you better believe that's a paddlin'."

Lisa groaned,thinking this couldn't end well.But what could she do?He was the teacher,for now.

But the class was a disaster!They even got home earlier when Jasper got his beard stuck!

Lisa's obsession grew,and grew....untill it reached breaking point!

"And so,Abraham Lincoln finished off all the vampires that existed on Springfield back them,and-" Jasper,showing his not too enlightened knowledge of History,taught.

"That's ridiculous!Abraham Lincoln wasn't a vampire hunter,vampires doesn't even exist!" Lisa yelled.

"I warned you,lass!Talkin' out of turn,that's a paddlin'!" Jasper said.

"What?!But that isn't fair!" Lisa said.

"Accusing me of bein' unfair,that's also a paddlin'!"

"But you are teaching us wrong things!" Lisa said.

"Arguing with the teacher,are ya?Well,I had enough!Come here,lass!"  Jasper said,taking her hand and leaving the classroom,to the shock of the other students.

They kept walking for a while.

"Where are you taking me?" Lisa asked.

"To the teacher's room.As it's the first time you are naughty on my class,decided to spare ya embarassement and do this on private." Jasper said.

"Ehh,'re going the wrong way.That's the nurse's room..." Lisa sighed.

Jasper blinked."Ehh...don't get smart with me,you naughty lass,you!Now where is the teacher's room?"

"Sigh...I'll lead the way." Lisa sighed.

Soon they went there.Jasper sat down."Now,lass,ya know what to do."

Lisa shook her head.

"What?!Are you disobeyin' me?!" Jasper asked.

"N-no,I shook my head cause I'm unsure what to do....I rarely got spanked before..." Lisa admitted.

Jasper blinked."Oh,really?So then,get over my lap!"

Lisa did so.Jasper raised her skirt,but let her panties on,being the first time and all...


"Owwww!Aww,not so hard!" Lisa whined.

"As hard as ya earned!" Jasper scolded,as he kept paddling.

"Oww,owwie,ouch,I just wanted you to teach things right to us!" Lisa whined.

"I told you to stop gettin smart with me,naughty lass!That's the kinda attitude that got you on this trouble to begin with,ya know!" he said,alternating cheeks with the paddle.

Lisa sniffled."P-please,no more."

"That's for me to decide,lass,not you!" Jasper said,paddling all over the butt. Soon,she began sobbing.

"Now,what have you learned from all this?" Jasper demanded.

"Sniff...sob....t-to not talk out of turn...o-or argue with you...." Lisa sniffled.

"And what's gonna happen if ya do this again?" he asked,a few harder ones to finish.

"I'll....I'll get paddled!Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!" cried Lisa,but was surprised as the strict old man actually helped her into a hug."Now,Lass,behave."

"I...I will..." Lisa promised.

"Ya know,lass,I'm happy." Jasper smiled.

"Why?" Lisa asked,sniffling.

"Just happy to be noticed by anyone.You know,back at the retirement one comes and see me...and here there are all those kids and all..." Jasper explained.

Lisa blinked and smiled,before she suddently hugged him! "I care for you..."

Jasper was surprised,and hugged her back,smiling.

Outside the classroom, Bart is waiting to laugh at Lisa. He smirks as she leaves rubbing her butt,but as he opens his mouth to laugh...

"Now,lad,don't think about it,or you're next on my list." Jasper said!

"W-what?You can't!" Bart protested.

"Wanna try me?" Jasper asked!

Bart's eyes widened and he ran away!

Lisa smiled at her teacher,and Jasper winked at her,chuckling.

The End
When Jasper becomes the substitute teacher,Lisa gets on his wrong side....

Story for my friend 951oemorafla. Hope you like it! ^_^
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good job! the new lisa totally deserves it, she is so arrogant, selfish, intolerant, ungrateful to her family, and an attention whore.