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Lesson 1 for Naruto

Photo by:Masashi Kishimoto
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He just want a hug xD
hikaru-nara-kheel's avatar
do u no what ep this is?...XD
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Hahaha love this! xD
ElvenWarrior14's avatar
Sai was only trying to help Naruto lol
Anrith's avatar
from which ep is that screen? =D
angelrcox511's avatar
ROFLMAO!!!!!!! poor Naruto...sooooo Sai
TomBoy27's avatar
lol what ep. is this got to know :iconiwantitplz:
mastertobi's avatar
Its from the grave robbers ark.
TomBoy27's avatar
the grave robbers WHAT??????
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Hinatakawaiidesu's avatar
oh thank you, you reminded me of one of my greatest Lol moments in Naruto and now I just can't stop laughing XD

How can you not like Sai about his curiousity? XD
maryfly's avatar
hahhaa very nice!
britne-elizabeth's avatar
LMAO. That is quite a reaction especially considering out of the two Naruto's the one who kissed another guy. That's awfully Hypocritically Naruto.
Kurohiime's avatar
That's pure epic win XD
Kicksno1fan's avatar
lol thats my webcam picture! XD
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