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Mastersofanatomy Action Poses 10a

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These poses are incredible! Would I be able to use this as a reference for posing? :)
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Was about to buy these. Saw the ebook option. Then I read the backer comments. Wow. You guys ruined this. I would never buy these. Ever. What a way to ruin your paying customers.

Shame, cause the books look good.
Wow you weren't kidding.  Their replies to the backer complaints really make them look like scum bags.  And after watching some flip through videos on youtube, it's really not as good of a resource as it seems like it would be. What a shame. 
Well just found my favourite pose references.
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wonderful references thank you
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Thank you! Very helpful. :3
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Ooh! This will be very helpful for an assignment at school. We've got to design superheroes, do you mind if I use this as a reference?
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Wow, this is so awesome.
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Your so welcome.
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