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80s Cartoon Heroes

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This is my raw scan of my inks for my new banner. I have already run into a problem with the aspect ratio. Online everywhere it says to use 1600x800. So I measured and my paper had the correct ratio and the scan was trimmed very minimally to fit the ratio. However the real dimensions for a Deviantart banner is MUCH thinner. More like 1920x400. Even with the bleed I will lose the top and bottom of this pic. I am going to go ahead and finish coloring this piece, but I am really bummed that the site can't even give the proper dimensions to shoot for in their own help articles!

As for the art itself I didn't stick strictly with their cartoon renderings. I also did not render shading as just drawing this took a long time and this isn't for money. I will be using the coloring for the rendering of shading in the end piece. The piece of paper I used for this was a 9x12 cut vertically to make a 4.5x12 piece of paper, so it prevented me from going overboard on details which I liked, but did present a problem for drawing faces on the background characters.

As for the choice of characters my intention was to stuff as many of the 1980s toy cartoons into this piece as I could fit. I had to start limiting characters so I did not include Japanese anime that was converted for US markets. This is why Go Lion Force (Voltron) and Macross (Robotech) didn't make it in. Also scaling would have had them way in the background. As it is Prime and Leader-1 have to be standing behind a hill to get them in. I also omitted any Disney shows such as Ducktales and Chip N Dale. Next I wanted to omit any small "cutsie" characters, but I needed to fill in the small spaces so Heathcliff and Papa Smurf made it in. A Pound Puppy was almost put into the right lower corner. I do wish I could have entered at least a few more like The Hulk, Robocop, Thundarr, Blackstar and Robotix!

A finalized colored version of this will be posted at a later date.
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I wanted Duke to be the Captain America of this assortment. I always saw him as the leader over Flint and Hawk regardless of rank.

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I always saw Hawk as the founder and Overall commander of the Joes while Duke was the field commander. and Flint was his SIC.