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Spider Valley

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In love with ths concept.
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Thanks! It was a fun idea to play with.

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peace and quiet
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It looks like a romantic place
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"Date night in the spider pit."

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Assuming "Spider Valley" is just a name, I'd love to visit this place!

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The idea was that massive spiders used to live here, eating anything that came into the valley. At some point, an army cleared what remained out. They established a city in the valley.

So, no immense spiders there now!

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I have no words....this piece is just stunning. ✨

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Glad you like it! I don't do many environments. This was really meant as a basic concept sketch. Apparently I did something right as it has received a lot of attention.

In any case, thanks so much for the comment. Hopefully my future pieces will garner even 1/4 of this kind of interest.

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I know you can accomplish something beyond!
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Wow, this looks beautiful! You do a great job with the landscapes. :D

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