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Ornithopter Pirate Ship Ortho

This is a piece I did based on my story, Grimm Ideas. Those of you who keep up with my work probably know this to be an ongoing story setting for me.

This particular ship functions based on the concepts of magic and science. Medallions on the bow and back react to magical elements in the ground beneath the ship to cause a repelling effect much like magnetic polarity, to create a sort of neutral buoyancy.

The wings themselves then create lift for further height and maneuverability, while the main sails create forward propulsion.

I've also posted a version that is the scene exclusively, for those of you who just like the pretty view :)
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hi, there's an anime (or just a cartoon) I'm desperately looking for that I watched in childhood. Only things I remember are flying ships with multiple rows of horizontally alligned black sails.
Setting looked like victorian or pre-victorian.

Anyone reading this comment please reply me with names of any possible anime/cartoon with flying ships in them.

P.S nice work
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i remember something like that, it was about some people chasing cristals? maybe the name was something to do with pirates and cristals and the number seven or maybe thirteen, hope it helped....
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Pirates of Dark Water?
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i found the one about people chasing crystals, its called the Castle in the Sky. I liked it but still its not the one I was looking for, I hope one day i find it..