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Recently it took over the group as the the founder, and I'm currently watching how the things are playing out. I saw that most of the submissions just expire without any votes on them. Recently there were some expired submissions from michaeladamidisart, who submitted some very interesting oil & acrylic brushes I haven't seen like this before. As I think such a great artist has to be supported, I thought I feature him in a journal entry to give you guys some inspiration. I also will think to change some group rules in the near future to get people more engaged and revive the group from it's slumber, so that the submissions will actually be looked at. Here some of Michaels creations:
Concept Art - Landscape / Scenery Artwork
Concept Art Brushes Tree / Grass / Foliage / Leaf
Photoshop Brushes for Concept Art and Digital Art
Scenery Digital Art -Digital Oil Painting Brushes
Walk by Night - Digital Landscape/Scenery Painting
MA-Brushes Realistic Photoshop Brushes Promo 20
Painterly Aproach Style Brushes for Photoshop - MA
Photoshop Realistic Painting Tree Brushes / Brush
Abstract Still Life Michael Adamidis Brushes
Most Realistic Photoshop Brushes - Foliage
Game and Concept Art Landscape - Burning Skies
Digital Portrait painted with the MA-Brushes
MA-Brushes Photoshop Painting Texture Oil Brushes
As Master Photoshop is all about resources, check out some of Michaels brush packs. He also provides a free product here:
Photoshop Concept Art Painting Brushes *NEW Sheet*
Photoshop Brushes MA-Brushes with Canvas Textures
Digital Art Brushes for Digital Fine Art Painting
Photoshop Foliage / Grass / Tree / Leave Brushes
Concept Art Brushes Tree / Grass / Foliage / Leaf
Photoshop Realistic Oil Painting Foliage Brushes
Photoshop Texture Brushes for Digital Art Painting
Photoshop Brushes Oil Painting Texture Brush Pack
MA-Brushes Photoshop Painting Texture Oil Brushes
Photoshop Painting Brushes Oil Texture Brush PACK
Photoshop Foliage / Grass / Tree / Leave Brushes
Photoshop Foliage / Grass / Tree / Leave Brushes
MA-Brushes Realistic Photoshop Brushes for Grass
Photoshop Brushes - Powerful Realistic Brush Pack
Photoshop Concept Art Painting Brushes MA-BRUSHES
Photoshop Brushes - Foliage, Trees, Leaves, Grass
Photoshop Brushes Oil Painting Texture Brush Pack
Photoshop Brushes Oil Painting - MA-BRUSHES
Photoshop Brushes - Oil Painting Texture Brush Set
Photoshop MA-Brushes for Digital Art Painting (2)
Photoshop Brushes Oil Painting Texture Brush Pack

Tutorials from YouTube
Part 1

There are many places you will find resources to help you with your art. From deviantART's own vast resources, tutorials, stock images provided by artists to your public library, bookstores, art sessions to name a few. YouTube is one such resource hub. From live video which explains materials and products you would need for your traditional or digital artwork, to painting demonstrations that are live to 'speedpaints', they offer various ways audio-visual medium and such a large diversity of artists help with getting help you need. You are encouraged to find more and browse more to research, study and practice.
This Resources for Artists is the 3rd in the series of the article, and the 1st chapter for the YouTube resources list. If you have any links to amazing tutorials, video demonstrations, YouTube channels that you are aware of, do share them below in the comments and they will likely appear in the next series. You are welcome to share this article! :)


FZD School of Design provides an education in entertainment design and their YouTube channel provides a lot of demonstrations to create concept designs for games, feature films, consumer products and focusing on the fundamentals understandings and some insights you would require to be in the career. This is not a full study channel as those are actually taught in their actual courses, however, the demonstrations and explanations given are of tremendous help and could be applied to various types of works you do, whether digital or traditional.
Some videos are shown below (part 1 of the videos shown):

Oldest to Newest
You are encouraged to go through them serially as oftentimes, advices are often repeated or continued.

Episode 1: Shot Setup Part 1

Episode 4: Sea Monster Part 1

Episode 6: Floating Bugs Part 1

Episode 8: Skull Village Part 1

Episode 19: Portfolio Prep Part 1

Episode 20: Portfolio Part 1

Episode 29: FOV in Games Part 1

Episode 36: Traditional Mediums

Episode 37: Inspiration

Episode 38: Reference Books Part 1

Episode 52: Visual Library

Ctrl+Paint - Digital Painting Simplified

Vimeo Special!

o_O But, phoenixleo, this is not YouTube! :noes: Yes, yes, it isn't, but if anything in the world deserves a special recognition in a YouTube article, it's this one to begin with!
Everyone starts as a beginner. You ask, "how do I start painting digitally in [insert software]?". Well, here's the answer! Ctrl+Paint is dedicated to the basics of digital painting, brought to you by Matt Kohr. Built in a curriculum setting, you will find various sections to help you, from Digital Painting 101, Traditional Drawing, Composition Basics, Anatomy, Perspective, Mindset and Habits, etc!

Some videos are shown below:

Video Library

1) Digital Painting 101: Part 1: Intro

2) Traditional Drawing: Crosshatching

2) Traditional Drawing: Constructive Form Part 1

3) Drawing 2: Sketching With Lines

3) Drawing 2: Fluid Linework

3) Drawing 2: Line Weight


Currently, it's presence on YouTube being of an year, ProkoTV has been one of the rising channels for drawing resources. Video instructions are shortened versions of the actual fee version of the videos in the main website, it's nonetheless helpful for both beginners and advanced artists. Taught in a easy and sometimes humorous method, it will help with various concepts such as anatomy, values, perspective, form, shading, etc!
Some videos are shown below:

Videos from oldest to newest

How to the Draw Head from Any Angle

Also watch:
:bulletblue:How to Draw the Head - Front View
:bulletblue:How to Draw the Head - Side View

How to Draw Eyes - Structure

Also watch:
:bulletblue:How to Draw an Eye - Step by Step

Shading Light and Form - Basics

The Basic Elements - Shape, Value, Colour and Edge

The Illusion of Depth - Contrast, Aerial Perspective and Form

Also watch:
:bulletblue:The Illusion of Depth - Perspective, Details and Overlapping Forms
:bulletblue:The Illusion of Depth - Edge, Line, Cast Shadow, and Paint Thickness

How To Draw Gesture

Also watch:
:bulletblue:How to Draw Gesture - Step by Step

How to Simplify the Motion of the Torso - The Bean

Structure Basics - Making Things Look 3D

Landmarks of the Human Body

Also watch:
:bulletblue:Landmarks Example - Step by Step

Previous issue:

Resources For Artists: Colour Scheme Tools
Resources For Artists: Art of Civilizations Past

There's more to come in the next issue! Again, if you have more links of videos and/or channels, don't hesitate to link to them in the comments below!
Don't forget to share them, fave it, bookmark it and spread it around! :love:
Take care! :huggle:

More Journal Entries


:bulletblue: MasterPhotoshop is a resource-and-stock-only group. If you suggest artwork to our group that is not an entry for a current contest, you will be warned. If you persist after your second warning, you will be banned from the group.

:bulletblue: Only submit resource and stock artworkl All non-resource artwork submission will be denied on the spot. You might get warned and admins are allowed to ban you from the group after you have been warned. Quality of your resources and stock matters for getting it approved. Acceptable submissions are:
- Installable Files (Brushes, Shapes, Patterns, Actions etc...)
- PSD Files (high quality templates)
- Tutorials
- High Quality and Stunning Stock Images (Send only your best)

:bulletblue: All resources have to be downloadable for free from Deviantart and must include at least a version that can be used for non-commercial purposes. All submissions. Links in the description to payed versions of your resources are allowed.

:bulletblue: Please make sure to submit to the correct folder. Some folders even have subfolders, and we only accept submissions to the correct folders, to keep things organized. We do not accept misplaced submissions.

:bulletblue: Actions that do nothing more then add adjusments or other simple things are not allowed. We accept actions are a little bit more creative.

:bulletblue: No WIP(Work in Progress)are allowed. Please finish your work before submitting it.

:bulletblue: No watcher only/subscriber only content.

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:bulletblue:This group does not accept PSD and Action files.

:bulletblue:Free resources only!

:bulletblue: WE NO LONGER ACCEPT FAVORITES. Group faves are a silly idea anyways. :iconohuplz:

All Group submissions require votes from administrators to make sure the right types of deviations make their way into the Gallery or Favorites. Any submission that is artwork, off-site, or requires payment will be automatically denied.



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