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Carol Tea
Universe: FP-001
Overview: The original Carol and, much like her own version of Lilac, the first known version of her to be categorized across the multiverse. This Carol set the benchmark for Carols, being Lilac's very best friend and assisting her to a point, but eventually calling it quits for a while, but coming back when Lilac got tortured. The idiot. She now stays alongside Lilac like her tail, helping her fight her battles, such as the battle against Merga.
Other Notes: Despite their incredibly close friendship, Carol and Lilac appear to be on slightly shaky ground due to Lilac's mistakes. Regardless, Carol helps keep Lilac's burgeoning PTSD in check, so attempts to keep the two "together" should be exercised at all times.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (Boom)
Universe: SB-001
Overview: The Boom version of Carol, she is very similar to the original Carol in that she is Lilac's best friend and lives with her somewhere in a dusty valley. The main differences are, alongside the traditional bandages of the universe's inhabitants, she is the one who visits the main village on Bygone Island to buy supplies for her, Lilac and their version of Milla. Despite that, the only person she has conversed with in the village is Perci, writing off the other inhabitants as complete lunatics.
Other Notes: Carol seems to be aware of her Lilac's kidnapping and is planning to get her back in some manner. Suggest contacting her as soon as possible to assist in the fight.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-115)
Universe: FP-115
Overview: The Carol from War Lilac's universe. Much like War Lilac herself, she remained quite faithful to her original counterpart up until a certain point. This point actually came earlier than Lilac's; fed up with Lilac and her suicidal heroism, she abandoned her entirely, re-joining the Red Scarves to return to her previous life. When Lilac snapped and became War Lilac, she killed Spade and destroyed a good deal of the Red Scarves, stalking Carol across the planet until finally, years later, she found her. The two had a final talk together, before War Lilac plunged her blade into Carol's chest, seemingly killing her.

Blood Carol
Universe: FP-007
Overview: From the same universe as Blood Lilac, Carol didn't take too kindly to the news of her Lilac's supposed death (actually her eventual corruption). Nevertheless, she continued the fight against Brevon in her honor, managing to get as far as the Final Dreadnought before Brevon ambushed both her and Milla, fatally striking the former down and horribly mutating the latter. Blood Lilac, having re-entered her universe after our observations of her provided no helpful information, came to her friend's aid and drained her blood. Transformed into a Hellblood vampire too, Carol and Lilac finished Brevon off and drained his blood too, snapping his neck and killing him afterwards.
Other Notes: Unlike Blood Lilac, Blood Carol has very much not gotten used to her powers as a Hellblood. This is understandable, as Hellbloods do not exist within Planet Avalice. Recommend assigning known No-Zone Police collaborator Lowell Highcastle to help train her powers in a non-destructive manner.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-009)
Universe: FP-009
Overview: The Carol from Drowned Lilac's universe. After abandoning Lilac to her fate, this Carol went back to live with the Red Scarves, until a worldwide broadcast by Brevon showed her Lilac's horrific fate. Traumatised with shock and guilt, she sent Milla elsewhere to be taken care of by better people and, rather than join the Red Scarves, wandered into exile. Rendering herself alone and unloved, this Carol lives on the very fringes of Shang Tu, performing the kind of vigilante heroism Lilac would have been proud of.
Other Notes: She has yet to hear of her Lilac's revival as Drowned Lilac. We are still considering it, but for now, we wish to keep the two separate until their mental states have improved; Drowned Lilac suffers from hydrophobia and depression, while Carol is generally unstable.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-356)
Universe: FP-356
Overview: Sans Lilac's Carol. Unlike SH-123 Carol, this Carol had much more success managing to unite the two armies without Lilac, albeit in a different way; she helped Spade undo the conditioning placed on Prince Dail, wrenching him away from Brevon's control and turning the former against the latter. With the three kingdoms against him, Brevon was squashed and incarcerated alongside Serpentine in the Shang Tu prison cells and never allowed to leave. Carol went back to her ways as a thief on the outside of the kingdoms' borders.
Other Notes: Sans Lilac would eventually return to help Carol, filling in what she went through during that time. She lives with Carol and Milla to this day, though her general laziness tends to create a great deal of friction between them.
Status: ACTIVE

Elder Carol (FP-231)
Universe: FP-321
Overview: From the same universe as DeadDragon. Before that Lilac's corruption, this Carol was forced to become the leader of the Red Scarves after the three kingdoms united and incarcerated Spade in an attempt to quash him and his group. Being pulled into the same universe as her Lilac, this Carol decided to find a way to lead the remnants of the Red Scarves against the United Kingdoms of Avalice. Defeating known Multiterrorist War Master, Carol realized this could not happen and instead used his powers to bring over the Red Scarves to set up and thrive in this new universe.
Other Notes: This Carol appears to be unaware of her Lilac's corruption into DeadDragon, and perhaps should be informed one day as to properly take care of this situation herself.
Status: ACTIVE

Carl Tea (FP-GB1)
Universe: FP-GB1
Overview: The Gender Bender version of Carol. Apart from that, he is more-or-less the same as his original counterpart.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (SH-123)
Universe: SH-123
Overview: This Carol didn't quite make it, to say the least. Thanks to Lilac being teleported to Sonic the Hedgehog (SH-123)'s world, this Carol wasn't quite as successful dealing with the two warring kingdoms. They instead fought it out in their intense war, decimating both sides and leaving no-one but Carol and Milla to take on Brevon (as Torque had been executed by Brevon mere hours before). They nevertheless tried to take him on, but two out of the four was just not enough. Brevon decapitated Carol in one strike, flash-frying Milla out of pure sadism, and destroyed their world without a second thought. This is beyond unforgivable and, pending permission from the Elder Masters and Replacement MasterSelf Becky, we will mobilize and execute this Brevon as soon as possible.
Other Notes: DO NOT TELL THE SH-123 LILAC ABOUT CAROL'S FATE. Not even for a sick joke. This Lilac has already snapped like a dry twig without hearing her best friend is dead and her world is destroyed.

Carol Tea (FreedomSwap)
Universe: FP-002
Overview: The main difference with this Carol is that she has more-or-less swapped roles with Lilac herself; Lilac has Carol's role and Carol likewise has Lilac's role. This means that this Carol dresses in Lilac's clothes and is the more girlish, wide-eyed idealist and heroine compared to Lilac's more hot-headed, tomboyish approach. This also applies to their powers; this Carol fights with speed and whipping attackers (using her tail as opposed to tendrils), while Lilac turns her own tendrils into nunchucks with weighted attachments.
Other Notes: Because of this shift in roles, it was this Carol to receive that infamous torture that Lilac usually receives, even having her tail removed. Because of this, she harbors PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in the same manner as the original Lilac. Recommend adding her into bi-monthly Lilac meetings to help keep this under control.
Status: ACTIVE

Casual Tea
Universe: Unknown
Overview: A Pro-Gamer in her universe, this Carol has seen action in a lot of major fighting game tournaments not only her home universe, but her visits to the No-Zone Recreation Centre as well. A lot of people seem to love or hate her, for her polite mannerisms and her incredible skill in all fighting games, respectively. She is currently psyching herself up to go to the Finals at the Avalice Fighting Tournament in Shang Mu, her final battle with FAZE_L1L3C over a round of Super Smash Sisters.
Other Notes: Polite, but perhaps just a little bit too socially awkward. Recommend training her social skills as much as her fighting skills. And, if possible, please refrain from telling her the art of "wavedashing" is for "tryhards". She doesn't take that well.
Status: ACTIVE

Wild Kitty
Universe: FP-DR1
Overview: In the same way the Lilac of this dimension is a true dragon, this Carol is a dragon mixed with elements of a true wildcat, with the claws and a good deal of fur. As Lilac acts as the leader of the Avalice Clan of dragons, Carol acts as her main bodyguard and friend, assisting Lilac's leadership and dealing with problems Lilac cannot handle. She is also an excellent fighter, having proven herself fighting against the nearby Kingdom Clan of dragons, such as panda-dragon Neera-Li.
Other Notes: Like The Great Dragon Lilac, this Carol is incredibly fast and durable, so caution should be taken around her and others at all times.
Status: ACTIVE

Cat (FP-DCU)
Universe: FP-DCU
Overview: FP-DCU's version of Catwoman, inexplicably. She runs around the three Cities, stealing and plundering to supply for her and her group of thieves known as The Red Cats. Because of this, she continuously gets in the way of their version of Batman, Captain Bat (Torque), who works with her on and off alongside Lilacky (Lilac and Superman) for her own gains. That, and she has an admitted crush on Captain Bat.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (L1L3C creator)
Universe: FP-037
Overview: The Carol that created L1L3C Mk2. We interviewed her during her stay at the No-Zone Rehabilitation and that helped us to fill in a few blanks with the story of the Lilac robot; this Carol decided not to go get Spade to help Lilac take on Spade, instead going back to her treehouse with Milla. Lilac was, as a result, swiftly killed by Brevon after he had his way with her, sending the charred and sliced remains to Carol as a joke. An enraged Carol charred and sliced up Brevon in return, then spent the next six months in grief over the consequences of her actions. She scavenged some stuff from the remains of Brevon's ship and, after a few years, managed to create a robot roughly in Lilac's image.
Other Notes: Tired and somewhat ill from the hard work, this Carol now lives with the robot of her own creation, teaching it to be more like Lilac every day. This is perhaps one time that we should not interfere, but a close eye will be kept in order to ensure progress is coming along smoothly.
Status: ACTIVE

Silvestre (Angel's World)
Universe: AN-GEL
Overview: Much like Draco, this Carol died of natural causes after defending her planet for years and, as such, was allowed into the Angel's World to be reborn/revived as a protector of the multiverse; an Angel. Unlike Draco, however, she is quite happy about this turn of events. Restored to her youth, she embraces this new life and even helps the somewhat distraught and miserable Draco to fit in a bit more.
Other Notes: Her powers are the same as Draco's; she can fly, is invincible, can use her halo as a melee weapon and can purify those with dark souls (except Warmongers). She, like Draco, misses her version of Milla; Milla has yet to join them due to her younger age, and this (coupled with a few horrible memories from the last few years of her life) is what caused Draco to become depressed. Silvestre, however, has managed to not let this affect her as much.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-298
Overview: A Sub-AI installed into the L.I.L.A.C. mainframe after a disaster following an attack from Brevon's troops. The AI seemingly had a self-inflicted BSOD and shut down, leaving those inside the Coalition of Planet's base to defend it. They did, but at the cost of sheer structural damage. To combat this in the future, two sub-AI's have been developed based on the (still alive and fighting) Carol and Milla, named after each of the two, and inserted into the L.I.L.A.C. mainframe in an attempt to stabilize the emotional aspect of it.
Other Notes: C.A.R.O.L., as stated before, operates similarly to the wildcat she was based on; rebellious, a bit outspoken and tends to make odd choices and pick strange tactics that don't always work out right. Nevertheless, she/it performs her/ its job admirably; it keeps L.I.L.A.C. from having another BSOD, at least from data gleaned from test scenarios, in the event of another attack from Brevon.
Status: ACTIVE

Zarol (Zeti)
Universe: FP-W13
Overview: From the universe where the Deadly Six from SH-001 invaded and mutated the majority of the planet into their own private army. Zarol is indeed the former Carol, and one of the leading figures in this private army. They currently gearing up to take on the Magister and Lord Brevon, the last two leading and uninfected leaders on the planet, attempting to destroy their forces and infect them as well.
Other Notes: Between Zilac (with her full embracing of the Zeti lifestyle) and Zilla (who is still the same as she was before she was infected), Zarol is between the two; she attempts to behave like her old self but her Zeti urges keep trying to win her over - and they often succeed.
Status: ACTIVE

Zarol Zea
Universe: No-Zone
Overview: Our Carol. She operates separately from Zash Zilac, working in the Bunkers to keep our No-Zone Police properly trained (primarily in the art of close-quarter combat) and properly armed. While initially unaware of Zilac and the concept of their friendship in other worlds, they met when Zilac asked if she could attend one of Zarol's training sessions for reference, and the two became friends after that. The Zilla Zasset of our world has yet to come in contact with them.
Other Notes: Like most No-Zone counterparts, Zarol has visited many of her multiversal sisters and studied them relentlessly. She says her favorite is Blood Carol and her least favorite is the Carol Tea from universe FP-201. She also says she has trouble talking properly around the supposed "Sexy Carol" variant of her. As does a lot of people, truthfully.
Status: ACTIVE

Grey Wildcat
Universe: FP-MGS
Overview: From the same universe as Freedom Snake, this half-robot, half-wildcat ninja often appears from time to time to help Freedom Snake fight Boss Brevon and his army of Metal Gears. A bit mentally unstable, and keeps screaming about "the medicine", but a very professional and rather expert ninja, slashing at those who get in her way with her vibro-blade. Only Travelling Winds is said to be more powerful than her.
Other Notes: There is not a lot of information on this Carol. More information will be needed to be added in at a later date.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-005)
Universe: FP-005
Overview: The Carol from Fat Lilac's universe. This Lilac was, of course, the one that grew rich and, after a few rounds of the highest quality sushi, rather round. This Carol, while enjoying the sushi just as much, ate a lot less of it and as such has managed to stay perfectly thin when even Milla is said to be looking, as quoted, "a bit pudgy". She, therefore, attempts to stop Lilac from getting any fatter, having long given up on getting her thin again, while also preventing Milla from becoming the same.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-006)
Universe: FP-006
Overview: From Buff Lilac's universe. This Carol was, somewhat expectedly, incredibly shocked to see her former friend as a semi-charred walking mass of muscle; in fact, the first thing she reportedly did when seeing her friend's new form was faint from the shock and blood loss from her nose. Now helping her to adjust to this new form, Carol seems to have developed a very unusual attraction to Lilac and her new body. How curious.
Status: ACTIVE

Scribe Carol
Universe: FP-320
Overview: From Queen Lilac's universe. When this Lilac was made the queen of Shuigang due to Prince Dail's involvement with Brevon, she elected Carol to be the supposed "princess". Carol turned this down; partly because she didn't want to handle such a responsibility and partly because that would mean Lilac considered Carol her biological daughter. Instead, this went to Milla (adopted by Lilac) and Carol became the Royal Scribe, working on most of the royal paperwork as well as archiving events of Lilac's rule.
Status: ACTIVE

Sexy Carol
Universe: Unknown
Overview: There is a very small amount of information about this Carol. The only things we know of her is that she is NOT from the same universe as "Sexy Lilac", though she looks rather similar in terms of how her body has formed and she too gained it from an accident of some manner that resulted in a mutation of some sort.
Other Notes: Unlike Sexy Lilac, this Carol only has one personality in her head, though it is similar to the Spice persona from Sexy Lilac. Also like that Lilac, this Carol tends to distract No-Zone members who attempt to talk to her. 
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-626)
Universe: FP-626
Overview: This Carol is similar to her original counterpart, but this one took a slightly different turn following the defeat of their Brevon. Here she, alongside Lilac and Milla, entered service within the Coalition of Planets and quickly became some of their best agents, defending the world from creatures like Brevon with almost no issue whatsoever. She is currently defending the earth from a mysterious new threat with two new agents - [INFORMATION REDACTED] - alongside War Lilac...for some reason.
Other Notes: She is incredibly (if not overly) protective of Milla Basset (FP-626), protecting her from all those who try to flirt with her.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol "Co-Pilot" Tea
Universe: FP-EVA
Overview: As with Sash "Pilot" Lilac, this Carol's history is similar up until the defeat of Brevon, where his ship crashing into the Battle Glacier released a number of monsters that were referred to as "Angels" that attacked the planet of Avalice a few years later. She and Lilac were both called up by the Magister to pilot these bio-mechanical mechs known as "Evangelions" in order to combat this threat.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-359
Overview: An amalgamation of Lilac, Carol, and Milla that can best be described as a melted pile of Dragon, Wildcat and Basset Hound. It was created by Brevon, one driven insane by his defeat at the hands of Lilac. He captured her, lured Carol and Milla to him, melted them into a slurry with his technology and fused the three together in order to create a warrior completely under his control. He failed, and he was executed by the No-Zone Justice System for such heinous actions (as well as breaching No-Zone Multiverse Rule #324 Article 5; Fusions are forbidden). The resultant amalgamation has been put under quarantine in the No-Zone in an attempt at rehabilitation and possibly even separation.
Other Notes: Somehow even more psychotic and violent than War Lilac, approaching LiCarilla is strictly forbidden unless A: you are authorized to handle her and have the proper safety equipment (.50 Cal rifle, body armor, Respawn Pod just in case) or B: you have a death wish.

War Carol/Caroline
Universe: Unknown
Overview: A Warmonger, much like War Lilac. From what we have been able to glean from her, this Carol didn't abandon Lilac when she went to storm the Thermal Base, and got captured alongside Brevon as a result. To set an example to Lilac, Brevon decided to torture Carol instead, cutting off her arm and shocking her to her core. Because of Carol still being in with the Red Scarves (another thing changed in this universe), she was refused treatment and went ahead to battle Brevon without the help of either Shang Mu or Shang Tu. It was when Carol was manipulated into accidentally killing a mutated Milla that she finally snapped, decapitating Brevon and assuming control of his armada to terrorize the galaxy.
Other Notes: Missing an arm, Caroline has cobbled together a replacement from whatever technology she could scavenge from Brevon's ship. It has a grappling hook in it, as well as having incredible strength behind it to the point that she can lift a tank one-handed. We also do not know what has become of this Carol's Lilac, though it is possible she remains her slave somewhere in the ship.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol "Co-Pilot" Tea (WILLE Captive)
Universe: FP-EVQ
Overview: Another version of the Co-Pilot Carol from an EVA off-shoot universe. This one was battling the 13th Angel when it wiped out Carol's entire squadron. Enraged, with her emotions fueling her mech, she went berserk and destroyed the Angel, which ultimately resulted into a cataclysmic event that destroyed most of the population and the world. Locked in stasis from the event, she would be revived 14 years later in a very different world, one ruled by Neera-Li under a new organization known as WILLE. Branded a murderer and traitor, Carol has been incarcerated in WILLE's headquarters, struggling with the guilt of her actions.
Other Notes: This Carol is said to be incredibly depressed due to what she has done. Since she was locked in her cell, she has rendered herself almost catatonic, not caring to register anyone's presence, even if Lilac or Milla come to cheer her up. She has a large case of self-loathing and finds herself unwilling to pilot another mech, though Neera-Li won't let her pilot another one anyway.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (Resurgence)
Universe: FP-545
Overview: A Carol from a timeline where the timeline splits off some time after Brevon's invasion. Since the incident, she's done her best to look after Lilac while she copes with her PTSD, which only became a more difficult task when Brevon returned. Even in the conflict, she still tries her hardest to be there for her best friend. Carol is one of the five heroes to harness the power of the ancient draconian technology known as the "Kuija Cubes," which gives her new armor and abilities.
Other Notes: Although she wasn't particularly fond of him at first, this Carol seems to have grown a crush on Torque overtime. This crush is, of course, entirely unrequited, and likely a simple infatuation that will pass with time.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-016)
Universe: FP-016
Overview: From the same universe as the "For the Better" Lilac. Alongside a number of small changes, this Carol was beaten up by Lilac to get into the Thermal Base, with no Milla to consider resulting in her capture. From there, she meets Milla in the Shang Tu prison, stages an attack on Brevon with his forces, fights a number of clones of Lilac and even witnesses the death of the original by Brevon's hands. They eventually foiled his plans and he retreated for parts unknown.
Other Notes: This Carol nowadays lives in the same old treehouse with Milla and one of the saner Lilac clones that survived the battle. She is totally aware of this Lilac not being the real one, but as far as she is concerned, this clone has been deemed "Close Enough".
Status: ACTIVE

Capornicus "Carol" Tea
Universe: FP-AOS
Overview: A Carol from the same universe as Samantha Lilac - a world in an Age of Steam. Carol is the head of the Dragon Valley Chop Shop; she owns it, tending to the business and financial parts of the business while Lilac tends to the main output. She is quite well-versed in the kind of steam-powered technology that powers their world - created her own motorcycle from scratch - and taught Lilac everything she knows.
Other Notes: In place of her traditional nunchucks (as Eastern influence is not a part of this Avalice), Carol instead uses what she calls Clementine; a pipe wrench and a standard wrench connected by the handles with brass chains, which function in an identical fashion to the nunchucks.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (Shadowverse)
Universe: ZX-003
Overview: The version of Carol Tea from the Shadowverse, where an infection from Brevon's crashed spaceship causes Planet Avalice and its inhabitants to become corrupted and evil. Carol Tea was among those and now works as Emperor Brevon's third-in-command, listening to only the also corrupted Lilac and generally being the team's main source of brutality. Carol now has grey skin, long, sharp and blackened claws and two piercing yellow eyes. She also seems to have sprouted two demonic wings, as well as developed a more depressed and serious personality, speaking only to Lilac about her past. What little extra time she has is devoted to driving her motorcycle, which by this point has rusted to near uselessness.
Other Notes: This Carol seems to have gone missing. The last recorded place she was seen was in was Shang Mu, kidnapped by a stranger in a white tunic who then teleported out of the universe entirely. It seems she was kidnapped by a rogue Zonewalker and her current whereabouts are not known.

Carol Félicie
Universe: SK-002
Overview: The Carol from the world of Echoland, where magic runs rampant for better and for worse. This Carol, therefore, is more fantastical in nature; she wears heavy green armor and a cloak over it, trading the red scarf for a red hood and thus has joined The Red Hoods instead of the Red Scarves. Instead of her nunchucks, she uses two whips fuelled by magic, able to electrify enemies into complete subservience.
Other Notes: Instead of a motorbike, this Carol's main mode of transportation is flying around on a massive phoenix that projects light. Nine out of ten No-Zone members agree, it is quote-unquote "a pretty badass ride".
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-084)
Universe: FP-084
Overview: The Carol from Ground Lilac's universe. Abandoning her to seek help from the Red Scarves, this world differed by Spade refusing to help her and kicking her back home - albeit with a good month's worth of crystals as a safety net. When the now paraplegia Lilac was returned home, a grief-stricken Carol made it her purpose of caring for the friend she left to die, taking care of her every waking hour in and away from home.
Other Notes: Obviously the events and Ground Lilac's dismal reaction to it has left Carol in a state of frustration herself. She can be tired and agitated at times, so proceed with caution.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (Surpressed Luminous)
Universe: FP-SL01
Overview: Carol Tea from the Suppressed Luminous universe. Still very much a friend of Lilacs, but the split that forced Spade to flee from her new leadership also took Carol and Milla with him. Once a confident and wild-hearted child, she got incredibly cocky from repeated victories against Brevon's forces and would eventually wish to take on Brevon himself. She got her wish when separated from her friends and allies, having to fight Brevon herself. She was able to win, and was able to cause him to retreat from Avalice, but not before he wounded her so grievously that she was near death's door before getting medical attention.
Other Notes: The scarring from her wounds is still quite severe, with large gashes across her head and over her right eye, losing most of her vision within it. Nowadays she takes much more time before going into something and takes more time doing them, knowing that rushing into things can have dire consequences.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-099)
Universe: FP-099
Overview: The Carol from Blind Lilac's world. When Lilac was blinded and captured by Neera-Li, Carol had no choice but to go on without her. Unable to bring herself to try, she went home and merely waited out the resulting battle between Brevon's forces and the Shang-Tu-Mu Coalition. The casualties were high, but Lilac and Torque were proven right and Neera was shamed and fired. Needing someone new to fill out her place, Lilac suggested that Carol be the one to do so. After all, who better to catch criminals than an ex-master thief?
Other Notes: Because of her treatment by Shang-Tu and what they did to Lilac, Carol is very distrusting of Neera. In fact, she hates her and wants nothing to do with her. Ultimately, however, she considers herself too busy to care for Lilac herself, and silently thanks Neera for her support.
Status: ACTIVE

Frost Carol
Universe: FP-196
Overview: From the same universe as Frost Lilac, but her name belies her true status not as a member of Neera's slaves but more the higher-up of the resistance against her. Despite this, she is not the leader of this group either - wounded in combat, she is not healthy enough to lead the forces, instead giving this to Milla. She helps behind the scenes, setting up battle plans and attacks while Milla is the face of the group.
Other Notes: She is silent for the most part, though a few interviews with other Lilacs have slowly got her to open up to us. She is still quite sad at Lilac's corruption and one day hopes that the process she has gone through may be reversed.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-208
Overview: From the same universe as Lilac-Li. Initially unknowing of Lilac's conversion, Carol tried to stay out of the whole thing but was captured by Neera and Lilac soon after Lilac became Lilac-Li. Initially averse to the conditioning that Lilac and Neera tried to impose on her, Carol eventually relented to be with Lilac forever. Now a founding Frost Knight, she works alongside her "sister" and prosecutes all thieves brought before them - with transmutation if needed.
Other Notes: Like Lilac-Li, Carol-Li has a number of Neera's attributes - clothes, hairstyle, ice powers and her more-than-stoic personality. Approach with caution.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol "Toke" Tea
Universe: FP-420
Overview: From the universe where everything is hippy-styled and recreational drugs are easy to come by. Unlike Stoner Lilac, however, Carol merely smokes regular cigarettes, which has a habit of leaving her jumpy and strung-out for hours on end. Most of the time she bums cigarettes from Lilac herself, or asking Milla to get some on her daily walk - she often refuses.
Other Notes: Unlike Stoner Lilac, who seems to get no ill effects from the weed she smokes, Carol is breathless and shows signs of extreme irritation within her lungs. Aware of the cancer she could get, she has agreed to go through rehab within the No-Zone with Rehab Manager Ziara Zoobwowski.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Steele
Universe: FP-A01
Overview: From the same universe as Lilac Axton Aurora. Born as the only daughter to a great scientist, she inherited the smarts of her mother and the fighting prowess of her hero-figure father, but alas was not enough to keep her afloat in fights. Creator of the Gun Glove, a glove that can store firearms as digital data and materialize them into her hands whenever she wants. Displaced like her Lilac, she follows her princess to where she met Rex Tea, fellow friend of Sash Noctis, as well as striking up a friendship with younger friend Spectre Basset.
Other Notes: Well known for her technical expertise, able to create the Gun Glove at the age of 13. More easy-going than other Carols, she seems to be the main thing holding Princess Lilac's mental state together, so separation of the two within No-Zone parameters should ONLY be done with the strictest permission.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (Freedom Harem)
Universe: FP-17H
Overview: A Carol from a universe where everybody is in love with Lilac, and Carol herself is no exception. Lilac is completely unaware of this, of course, no matter how obvious Carol makes it. She's a compulsive flirt and an attention-seeker, constantly trying to keep Lilac's eyes on her and becoming highly annoyed whenever they turn elsewhere. Given Lilac's near-braindead lack of intelligence, Carol acts as a sort of caretaker for her. Despite this and her affections, Carol has a tendency to mess with Lilac, trying to get funny dimwitted responses out of her. This has led to a fair bit of guilt on Carol's part, as Lilac is always quick to forgive Carol for these things. 
Other Notes: She dreams of heroically freeing Lilac from the clutches of evil and carrying her away in her strong Wildcat arms, but unfortunately for her, she's usually the one who Lilac ends up saving.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-004
Overview: From the FreedomSwap Remix universe. A Carol who became the hero when the blown off wing of a certain spacecraft crushed her bike, leading her to seek vengeance on whoever was responsible. With Lilac tailing behind her, Carol came across Milla and mistook her for the culprit. Lilac was able to settle the situation, and Milla revealed that it was an alien invader known as Lord Serpentine who had shot her out of the sky, leading to Carol's bike being destroyed. Milla was able to rebuild Carol's bike (with such amazing enhancements as rocket boosters and missile launchers), and armed with it, Carol set off to take out Lord Serpentine's army.
Other Notes: Carol was able to avoid the torture that most in the hero role experience. However, this came at the expense of nearly being killed in front of her friends by General Brevon. While the near-death experience has left her humbled in comparison to other Carols, she's still the same sarcastic and somewhat impetuous wildcat we see in the majority of incarnations. 
Status: ACTIVE

Hunter Carol
Universe: FP-512
Overview: The Carol from Werelac's universe. When first encountering Lilac's were-creature form, Carol attempted to calm her down - and got half of her face ripped off for her troubles. When Lilac fled the kingdoms out of fear, Carol changed her career paths and set off to find her again, hoping to bring her back to civilization and cure her condition.
Other Notes: No longer a ninja, this Carol has abandoned those roots in favor of being a professional monster hunter with a crossbow, stake and even the leather trenchcoat. Even the bike has been abandoned in the name of stealth. She has met with her Lilac multiple times, but it has never been enough to pursue her goal.
Further Research: It's become apparent that the relationship between Hunter Carol and Werelac is not entirely platonic. More on this at a later date.
Status: ACTIVE

Janitor Carol (Red Swords)
Universe: SK-005
Overview: Carol from the universe that was forced to abandon Avalice for lack of better resources and live amongst the stars. She was born into the Red Swords ship just like Lilac, and grew up around the same time as her. However, while Lilac remained the janitor, Carol would grow in the ranks and become Spade's second in command. She would stay by his side until the riot that would eventually result in Spade being thrown overboard. Carol saw it happen and tried to blame Lilac for it, but Lilac was able to turn it around and blame Carol for the accident instead. Losing the respect of the crew and forced to take Lilac's old position as Janitor while she became the new Captain, Carol continues to work on the ship with no easy way off. She is only able to watch as her old accomplice plans to take over the sector and amass an army.
Other Notes: More information has been detailed from interviews; Carol gained a good deal of depression from the incident and losing the crew's respect, noting they enjoy littering the place to make her work harder. She does not have the strength, supposedly, to challenge Lilac's position due to her depression. That said, she has said she hates the new captain with a passion, and wishes to take her down for what she did to become leader.
Status: ACTIVE

The Carol Kid
Universe: FP-199
Overview: The Carol from the Freedom Ranch universe. Acting as the town's main protector, she arrived in Westward Mu one day, long before even Lilac, claiming to be a drifter in no hurry to divulge her backstory. Wielding a six-shooter (the Colt Peacemaker in another world), and a set of nunchucks she mentions to have got from a faraway land, Carol keeps the town safe from bandits and maniacs in return for food and shelter. She eventually became good friends with Miss Lilac and, when not defending the town, is often seen down the Freedom Ranch helping her out.
Other Notes: This Carol refuses to divulge any information about herself - who she is, where she's from, even refuses to say if she has a sister as in the template universe.  This is troubling news, as this is often the signs of someone who has abandoned their native universe owing to disaster or sheer boredom to replace someone else (see Rick Sanchez from RM-137 for reference). Further research will be needed for this.
Status: ACTIVE

Crusher Tea - The Muscle
Universe: FP-140
Overview: The Carol from the Freedom Noir universe. Much like Lilac is a glamour singer by day and Mafia assassin by night, this Carol leads a seemingly ordinary day job as the owner of The Hound and Handgun elsewhere in Shang Ti, a different place to Lilac's bar but nevertheless a part of the Ruby Waistcoat mafia. By day she runs a respectable business, where people come to drink coffee and talk about the day, but by night the place is home to an illegal boxing ring where rules do not exist. She is also the muscle of the Mafia - if someone needs info beaten out of them, or someone needs taking care of, she's the one to call in.
Other Notes: Strong in both mind and muscle, this Carol is a quick-witted feline that is not easily fooled. Like her Lilac/Lucy, her legal name is Crusher and she has never been called Carol. As it turns out, her parents were quite cruel.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-095)
Universe: FP-095
Overview: The Carol from Broken Lilac's universe. The only real difference between this Carol and the template design is that, rather than abandon Lilac to her fate, went alongside her to take on Brevon... and got decapitated for her troubles. When confronted with Brevon, Carol attacked first, and he was not merciful - rather, he cleaved her head off in a single swipe. It has been suggested that this event was part of what caused this Lilac's extreme mental trauma, alongside the torture.

Carol Tea (FP-077)
Universe: FP-077
Overview: The Carol from Brevon Lilac's universe. Unaware of Brevon's takeover of Lilac until just after we managed to knock them out and transferred them to the No-Zone Prison. To put it lightly, she was not at all amused with what Brevon has done to Lilac and has made it her life's mission to hunt the result down and kill them, even if Lilac's body is destroyed in the process. Once we stopped her the first time, however, she grabbed one of our portal guns "borrowed" from The Citadel and then vanished across the multiverse. No-one knows what has become of her at this point, but her Milla has been caught and is awaiting interviewing, so perhaps we will find out soon.
Other Notes: From what we have seen of her, she seems to have become a Multiverse Vigilante, roaming the multiverse dealing out a violent vengeance against anyone deemed to deserve it. This is worrying, as this is presumably to make herself strong enough to take on Brevon.
Status: ACTIVE?

Carol Tea (FP-062)
Universe: FP-062
Overview: One of the few Carols to break timeline quota and thus invite an intervention from our Anti-Paradox team. This Carol, according to the Universe Destiny Line, was supposed to act as a normal Carol - that is, help Lilac for parts of the timeline and then abandon her for the Red Scarves. This time, however, this Carol appears to have become fed up with Lilac to such an extent that she joined Brevon's side in an attempt to get rid of her. This would cause a paradox, so we intervened and apprehended her. She now spends her time in one of our jail cells, wondering what she did wrong.
Other Notes: There are notes that this Carol's turn was not totally sincere and appear to be a move of anger as opposed to vindictiveness. That said, she still hates her Lilac with a passion and it is doubtful if other Lilacs will have better luck - suggest avoiding contact between this Carol and a Lilac until more information can be gained.

Carol, Daughter of Gong
Universe: FP-DOF
Overview: An adopted daughter of General Gong, the latter of which found Carol during a raid on a village known for criminal activity - unable to locate her parents, he adopted her as his own. Carol was raised by Gong to the best of his abilities, at least in the vein giving her all the love and affection he could, overdoing it to the point that she became, as per common vernacular, "a snot-nosed little brat". That said, she grew up tough and mean despite her small size and is a loud and boisterous person to boot. After Neera and Lilac moved to Shang Tu, Carol met both Lilac and Milla when the three would share a dorm together and would grow to be stable friends - though Carol is known as a bit of a bully sometimes.
Other Notes: Carol was trained in combat by Gong personally, and he wanted to make sure that she grew into a style that suited her. She ended up a small but very strong melee fighter, capable of dishing out serious hurt. She wields a set of tonfa, which she can use both as an offense and a defense (and may also have a few other tricks hidden inside). They rest comfortably on the arms of her armor for ready usage. Though not quite as agile as most counterparts, she's more than capable of blocking a head-on attack and returning her opponent a good whack in the nose. Despite her ability and bravado, she has a habit of cowering and crying in the face of danger.
Status: ACTIVE

Hooktooth Carol
Universe: FP-160
Overview: From the Planet Avastice, Carol assists Captain Lilac aboard the Savage Dragon as her second-in-command, and as of now the only crewmember aboard the ship itself. As with Lilac, she was on the Crimson Garment, under the leadership of Captain Blackjack Spade, a man who is infamous in temper and anger and yet cold and calculating. After going too far, they attempted to mutiny, which led to Spade throwing the two overboard. Swimming to shore, the two came across a tiny ship and now sail the seven seas, looking for treasure.
Other Notes: Naming herself after a type of shark, this Carol is a little different from the boisterous Carol of the norm and instead is a little talkative and quirky. She is also quite good at scratching things, it is one of her main attacks in fact, but she is not overly intelligent. She has both a gold tooth and a hook replacing her left hand, and the story she tells concerning how they were lost and replaced change every time we ask her.
Status: ACTIVE

Crushed Carol
Universe: FP-329
Overview: The Counterpart of Sorts to Drowned Lilac - where she is a wraith of the Water element, this Carol is a wraith of the Metal one. Her death occurring sometime after Brevon's attacks, it seems that this Carol was attempting to fight a counterpart to Merga when the latter managed to get the other hand. This Merga decided to make a point and kill Carol publically, which she did by shooting her in the gut and then crushing her in a large metal press. While circling the Afterlife, according to Crushed Carol herself, she was approached by Lilith (the demon Lilac) and offered a similar sort of deal that she made with Drowned. Binding her soul to an advanced Metal endoskeleton, Lilith sent Carol out to track down Merga and finish the job - and we do not know if she has accomplished this yet.
Other Notes: Lilith was at least kind enough to cover Carol's new body in a "skin" that resembled how she looked in life, seemingly stitched together from what remained of her body beforehand and patched up with other fabrics. The skin has rotted and ripped over time, however, leading to multiple sections of her rusted skeleton being on display - this causes her great discomfort. Like Drowned, Crushed (or just "Crush", as she likes to be known) has access to a number of passive abilities owing to her ghostly form, such as near-invincibility and resistance to certain elements (in this case Metal).
Status: ???

Carol Tea (FP-560)
Universe: FP-560
Overview: The Carol from the Buried Milla universe. Much like Lilac, the news of Serpentine burying Milla alive broke Carol's sanity like a dry twig. Unlike Lilac, however, she DID become a violent psychopath from the mental trauma. Soon after Lilac went mad with the grief and left to wander the earth, this Carol set about making a very specific blade that was designed to hurt Serpentine as much as physically possible why still keeping him alive for a good long while. The result was the Murder Blade, a large serrated blade that rips flesh but has a hard time getting through bone owing to its construction. Tracking Serpentine down, she strapped him to a table and tortured him for days on end, cutting his skin this way and that, before finally sawing his torso off when she got bored of it. The deed done, she turned herself into the Shang Tu authorities, who soon bestowed her into our care. She is now in the No-Zone Asylum, alongside other Carols who did monstrous things, awaiting the clearance for her own execution.
Other Notes: Ever since the event, she says nothing and does little. While she eats fine and her body structure has not been compromised, she only sits and stares at anyone who tried to interact with her at all. Presumably, the trauma of Milla's death and her torture of Serpentine left her mentally catatonic. That said, she does have moments of intense rage and violence, to the point she even managed to cut a finger off of a fellow insane Carol while in the standard No-Zone Prison, hence her transfer to the Asylum.
Status: ACTIVE

Carol Tea (FP-000)
Universe: FP-000
Overview: The Carol from the universe where she and Lilac never left the Red Scarves. As with Lilac, she grew to accept Spade's seeming slip into insanity and trained alongside Lilac in the Red Scarves for many years to come. With Lilac becoming colder and more brutal with every day of training - no doubt brought on by Spade's own ruthlessness - Carol began to change too, deciding to doubt herself less and focusing more on the tasks at hand and less on herself. She became less carefree and more reclusive, to the point that at times she would stop speaking outright for several days. With Brevon quickly offed by Lilac and the Red Scarves asking for her to be their leader, Carol joined Lilac's side as her second-in-command within their new position; ruling the Red Scarves as a powerful force.
Other Notes: As said, this Carol is very silent, preferring to let her actions talk more than her words ever could. She uses dual nunchucks as her weapons, but with blades lodged into them so that they deal more damage and yet possess more risk to herself as well. As with her Lilac, she expresses disdain for the other Carols who goof around and sleep a lot, calling them cowards. That said, even she is creeped out by the likes of War Carol and Crushed Carol.
Status: ACTIVE

Succubus Carol
Universe: FP-602
Universe: The Carol from Monster Planet, where every female on Planet Avalice is based on some kind of mythological creature. In Carol's case, she is a Succubus - a female demon believed to have sexual intercourse with sleeping men. This is something often fetishised by many cultures, something Carol is all too happy to exploit; dressing skimpy clothing and acting flirtatiously, this Carol acts in a way that even Sexy Carol would find audacious, all in the name of finding a mate - though it is not in any way clear what she actually does with them after.
Other Notes: Because of her...tendancies, it is mandatory that she is to be escorted by at least one No-Zone member whenever in the No-Zone - preferably someone who is not easily smitten, as Carol has a history of entrancing females just as much as males.
Status: ACTIVE

Naked Carol
Universe: FP-492
Overview: The Carol from the supposed Naturist Planet - a planet almost entirely devoted to the concept of Naturism (respecting nature to such an extreme degree as to hate clothes and go without them - though still using other modern appliances). Carol acts as the "bridge" between this world's Lilac (a full-on naturist who hates clothing and enjoys being "free") and this world's Milla (leader of a pro-clothes activist group and very much an activist herself), as she is the one of the few to have enough foresight to listen to both sides of the fence - though she is very much a Naturist by...well, nature. 
Other Notes: A bit of a snowflake compared to other Carols, no matter how many times she tries to say otherwise, this Carol follows her Lilac without question and rarely goes against her word. She too enjoys the feeling of her lack of clothes, however, and will gladly defend the notion even more so than Lilac.
Status: ACTIVE

Division Agent Carol Tea
Universe: FP-DA0
Overview: As with her Lilac, this Carol is a member of what is known as The Division - specially trained soldiers who live seemingly normal lives until they are called upon in times of great peril. In this case, it was to investigate Shang-Tu after it was put under quarantine owing to The Blue Virus. Running in with her Lilac and Milla, Carol has set out to eradicate both the virus and threat of whoever deployed it in the first place.
Other Notes: Carol prefers Shotguns and Submachine Guns within the trio, and uses skills that make use of the "Security Branch" of Division Agents, making use of a shield and Smart Cover - a device that amplifies pain resistance. Carol is the most durable of the three, leading to her taking a Tank-style role, relying heavily on the Medic-like "Support Skills" of her Lilac.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-025
Overview: The Carol from the supposed "antiverse" of the FP-XXX Sector, where the personality of everyone in it has been reversed. For the brash and self-centred Carol, this results in a soft and motherly alternate who prefers to stay out of trouble and tends to break down when the threat even so much as possibly arises. A bit of a coward by nature, even more so than her Lilac, this Carol prefers to stay at home and care for Lilac, while their Milla goes out and does all the important/dirty work.
Other Notes: Dressed in a shirt and blouse, this Carol is actually very friendly once one gets to know her, and she is the most willing to cooperate with the No-Zone. Unfortunately, a lot of other Carols do not seem to have taken a liking to her owing to having a personality that goes so directly against their own - one Carol was even noted to go as far as "barf with disgust" upon meeting her - acts which have impacted her self-confidence (already dwindling at a rapid rate) considerably.
Status: ACTIVE

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Another list detailing various versions of the Freedom Planet heroines, this time focusing on the badass kyat that is Carol Tea. Two done, one to go!

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here a AU of carol i have the monster planet one where she based in a Succubus. unlike most females who normal are alone she has found friendship in milla and Torque