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Neera Li
Universe: FP-001
Overview: The original Neera, from the original universe. A frosty, stoic and commanding panda from somewhere near to the Shang Tu reigon, she would eventually grow up as Magister's royal advisor and first line of his kingdom's defence, trained in several elemental powers but adopting ice to her name. After helping to deal with the threat of Brevon's invasion, she would join Lilac, Carol and Milla and train them to be better in combat.
Other Notes: Of note, Neera actually commands several statuses in the Shang Tu forces; The Magister's advisor, chief of the Shang Tu Police Department, and Lieutenant in Shang Tu's military, as well as a mentor to newer recruits. She is well-renowned for the ice powers she is able to channel through her staff, able to freeze criminals with ease to capture them for due process.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Boom)
Universe: SB-001
Overview: The Neera of the Boomiverse, and oddly enough not as intertwined with Team Lilac as much as they are with Team Sonic. Ergo, she is an Ancient, one of the original inhabitants of Bygone Island and doubtless further who would develop a lot of the strangely advanced technology that litters the island today. Neera seemed to work in the Cryogenics area, developing ice-powered and ice-producing creations for the upper echelon of the Ancients. A number of her creations have been found on the island, but far from the Hedgehog Village, and instead near the settlement that Team Lilac is a part of.
Other Notes: It is not known if Neera escaped to the present like fellow Ancient Lyric did (at least until he was killed on behalf of the Elder Masters). There is no evidence of her remains in the sites that used to house the Ancients, yet no mention of her in any modern records. At best guess, she was of the Forgotten, the Ancients unknowingly frozen alongside Lyric and roam the lands deprived of their memories.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (War AU)
Universe: FP-115
Overview: Neera from War Lilac's ill-fated world. As with a lot of inhabitants of FP-115, Neera here was more psychotic and sadistic than others, actively reveling in the suffering of Lilac and co while in jail, and expressed a want to torture them herself. When the trio escaped, Neera was hot on their heels, savagely attacking them the entire way through the Jade Creek. Forcing the trio over a waterfall to separate them, she attacked Lilac and attempted to bring her in, dead or alive (though preferably dead), but Lilac was able to get the upper hand and stab Neera in the gut before slashing at her neck with her own staff, decapitating her.
Other Notes: Neera, as it turns out, was also the catalyst for not only the torture as standard, but also her transformation into War Lilac. It was Neera's death, accidental or otherwise, the traumatized Lilac enough for not only the rest of the suffering to take, but also to see Luce, the manifestation of her trauma and eventual insanity.

Neera Li (Blood AU)
Universe: FP-007
Overview: The Neera from Blood Lilac's universe. When Lilac was shot and killed accidentally, then converted and removed from the universe, Neera stepped up to take on Brevon in her own stead. She actually got a lot further than Lilac did, taking back the Kingdom Stone and freezing Brevon for incarceration (and later execution) before anything went horribly wrong. When Blood Lilac returned to her world for a quick visit, she decided to repay Neera...but biting her neck and converting her.
Other Notes: With Blood Lilac in with the Extraordinary League of Lilacs, Neera remains the hero in her absence. Granted a number of other powers by the Genesis Vampire blood in her veins, Neera's ice powers have withered by the former canceling out the latter. However, she has managed to combine the two to make frozen blood attacks.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Drowned AU)
Universe: FP-009
Overview: The Neera from Drowned Lilac's universe. She too saw the video that showed Lilac's untimely death, but had a more restrained response towards it. After graceful mourning, she tried to comfort Carol over it, who reacted in a more emotional matter. Keyword being "tried". She would eventually meet up with Lowell Highcastle and Nikolai Pentreko when we sent them in to stop Brevon's advance, and Neera would fight Brevon; only in this world, Brevon would get the upper hand and paralyze Neera from the waist down.
Other Notes: Confined to a wheelchair, Neera handles it a lot better than Lilac of FP-84 handled her's. While obviously a little distraught for the event, and seemingly blames herself for getting injured like that, she handles it with the same calm demeanor that she is known for. General Gong waits on her, wheeling her around and helping her with tasks - something she appreciates, but would never admit.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Sans AU)

Universe: FP-356
Overview: The Neera from the original Sans Lilac's universe. While she did detect the explosion that would create Sans Lilac, Neera herself paid it no attention - probably just someone in Shang Mu bodging a repair job on a robot or something. She would lead the Shang Tu Forces after Carol and Milla helped to beat back Brevon's advance in Lilac's stead.
Other Notes: Notably, when Sans Lilac returned, she had a few words to give to Neera regarding her actions that led to Lilac's imprisonment and further events. While she would thank Neera for...creating her, she was still there to get revenge. She then proceeded to beat, scald and floor Neera, all in the calm, serene tone she is known for.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Evil AU)
Universe: FP-231
Overview: The Neera from Evil Lilac's universe. Neera was one of the first to see Evil Lilac's original incarnation, before one of our Agents decided to mess with her brainwashing. Neera actually managed to beat her in one-on-one combat, showing that Evil needed more training. Evil calmly shrugged, pulled out her pistol and shot Neera in the chest, nearly killing her and allowing her to escape. Thankfully, Neera would survive, but see the event as weakness. She began training harder, wearing armour and training her ice powers further, eventually becoming the strongest guard on The Magister's force.
Other Notes: Notably, Neera would also run into Evil after her tampering, showing her transformation into a giddy, excitable loon with an Amy Rose Complex for Brevon. This time Neera took no chances and roundly beating Evil to a pulp and sending her running.
Status: ACTIVE

Nathan Li
Universe: FP-GB1
Overview: The Gender Bender universe Neera. He is very similar to his alternates outside of his gender, but outside of that there is little to say.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Destroyed World)
Universe: SH-123
Overview: The Neera from the world where the worlds of FP and SH were one and the same. Neera heard of Lilac's vanishing, but alas was unable to do anything about it. She did indeed attempt to fight Brevon, but was ultimately driven back bar a big chip in her ear. With Planet Avalice slowly becoming a glorified ball of slag owing to Brevon's advance, she and The Magister turned to their last resort; a Kingdom Stone portal to Sonic's World. It was here that they would attempt to settle into this new world - and come across a broken Lilac gibbering in a cell.
Other Notes: Neera seems to feel a little sorry for Lilac's condition and at one time wished to be her guardian instead of Sonic. This got her dirty looks from both Gong and Sonic (SH-123), so she retreated on her words. She lives in New Heroizumu like near everyone else, and works in Rouge's Coffee Shop. She makes a mean iced frappe.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (FreedomSwap)
Universe:  FP-002
Overview: The FreedomSwap Neera, this one takes after General Gong more than she does herself. Fat, tall, and caked in armour, this Neera is a lot goofier than other Neera's owing to her inspiration, and often tries to be serious but is often a bit too caring towards others. She certainly has issues when Gong is around, who takes Neera's place as being overly serious, thin and competent. Unlike the original Neera, she was not the one to incarcerate Lilac and co, and apologizes to other Lilacs on every occasion. The other Lilacs seem to take a liking to her, seeing as she's the most non-Neera-like of them all bar exceptions, and she stays around the No-Zone when off duty to chat with them.
Other Notes: When first meeting her counterpart. Neera Li of FP-001 responded with a shriek that could best be described as a wailing gate and attempted to attack her. Even now, she despises her counterpart from being so...Gong-like, though she enjoys the company of the alternate Gong.
Status: ACTIVE

Wonder Panda
Universe: FP-DCU
Overview: Neera from the superworld, who inexplicably ended up as Wonder Woman. Hailing from Themescarya, a continent populated by Amazonian women, Neera would eventually come to the main parts of Avalice and join the Justice League of Superheroes, alongside Super Lilac and her protege Milla. She defends certain parts of the world from those that would dare to attack it, alongside her most venomous enemy, Wildcat (Cory).
Other Notes: Using a mix of Diana's powers and weapons as well as her multiverse-constant ice powers, her main weapon is the use of a whip, the Lasso of Truth, that forces the truth out of anyone it is used on. It is also covered in ice and has ice-like properties, freezing anyone in place once they're done talking.
Status: ACTIVE

Frozen Dragon
Universe: FP-DR1
Overview: Neera, from The Great Dragon's world. She, like everyone else on the planet, is an actual dragon with traits of their species on other worlds blended in. In Neera's case, she is a large white dragon with the hair, fur and ears of her panda form. Her staff has also taken the form of just the gem embedded in her chest. She leads a rival clan of Dragons to The Great Dragon, and they constantly get into feuds over territory, food and mates.
Other Notes: As with the others, this Neera is incredibly powerful and temperamental, so approach with caution.
Status: ACTIVE

Icey Looks (Makeup Tutorials)
Universe: Unknown
Overview: Rounding out the four-person team of media alternates from across the multiverse is Neera. This one is a little different to the others. She is the only one who does not do it full time, tinkering with it during her work and after. She also does, of all things, makeup, despite the fact she does not wear it on the job. She does tutorials for a range of products, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, showing how they can be mixed and combined to get better results. She records herself from her own room, and seems to be quite popular.
Other Notes: Of note, she does the videos in an even calmer voice than usual; she does not bark her words like she does on the job, but rather almost whispers to help people relax and help pay attention.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-298
Overview: An AI based off of Neera. Or rather, it IS Neera, her mind controlling a computer as it was an AI. Following an attack by Merga's forces, a lucky shot from one of the robots clipped Neera, killing her body. Not willing to lose her, Magister would turn to the Coalition of Planets to make Neera's mind into an AI. Torque, while adamant that such was impossible, did relent and help with setting up Neera's brain in a jar to control the computer. This...somehow worked, and Neera now controls the systems of the Shang Tu royal palace.
Other Notes: Neera isn't exactly happy with the circumstances at hand, being unable to move or explore, but she does thank the Magister for saving her and is in his eternal debt. She one day wishes to have a robotic body constructed that she can transfer to and move around.
Status: ONLINE

Zeera (Zeti)
Universe: FP-W13
Overview: The Neera from the world invaded by Zeti. Even after the Zeti were disposed of, the planet remains converted into their species, and Neera is no exception. Transformed into a Zeti from day one, Neera continues to keep the peace, but in a far more violent manner befitting her Zeti nature. She serves the Magister ever since he returned to power after the Zeti were driven off, and assists him from time to time in search of an antidote.
Other Notes: Zeera is one of those who attempts to keep the Zeti in line, as a lot of the converted on the planet are still quite nasty and violent. Zeera deals with them in the only way she knows how, with violence, and often keeps them imprisoned within the palace until they calm down for a bit.
Status: ACTIVE

Zeera-Li (No-Zone)
Universe: No-Zone
Overview: Our Neera, so to speak. As is to be expected, she is part of the APART squad; the Anti-Paradox Action Response Team, dedicated to stopping universes from breaching their Destiny Line via outside intervention. She is not part of Zonic's team, but rather she leads her own part of the squad, staffed by those from FP universes, such as Zorque and even Zong.
Other Notes: Just as surly and serious as any other Neera, she is a stickler for rules and regulations, going with it all to such an extent that even Zamy is a little impressed by her determination to stick to the rules - and is friends with her, come to think of it. From her own words, her favourite Neera alternate is Queen Neera and her least favourite is Anti-Neera.
Status: ACTIVE

Glacies (Angel's World)
Universe: AN-GEL
Overview: Much like the other inhabitants of the Angel's World, this Neera was one that lived a long, respectable life and died of old age, before being revived and taken to the World of the Angels. As with the other angels, Neera was restored to her prime and given the powers of the Angels; a  white robe, a halo, wings and a spear of holy light, tasked with defending the other worlds from dangers and evils - at least, ones within the universe's Destiny Line, something the Angels themselves are clearly not that happy with. Neera was actually the last to join the four, as their Milla was revealed to have died from complications during a surgery of some sort, so in a twist of fate, the others are the ones to instruct and teach her the ropes.
Other Notes: Unlike the other Angels from the FP- worlds, this Neera's name is not translated into Latin from her species, as with Lilac (Draco) and the others. Instead, her name is Latin for Ice; she picked it herself, according to the others, and was originally saddled with the species translation name. Unlike the others, who mope around and act existential about their fates, Neera embraces her new life and the ability to take on worlds of bad guys with all of the strength of her glory days.
Status: ACTIVE

War Neera
Universe: FP-585
Overview: A Neera who had fallen in love with her Lilac after saved from a death via Brevon by her. When Milla and Carol were killed by Merga, leaving the two to be incredibly close, Neera's loyalty towards Lilac slowly turned to obsession and dependency. This was accentuated by War Lilac of FP-115 visiting her once or twice, knowing just what she would eventually become and trying to get her to convert like herself. Tragedy struck when Neera's Lilac was mortally wounded by Merga, managing to live long enough to place her items upon a grave before bursting into light. With her last lifeline gone, Neera broke down and allowed herself to be converted by War into a warmonger like her, eyes and all. Converted, Neera and War went on a rampage against Merga and her army, killing them all, before leaving to travel the multiverse and join War Lilac's list of War counterparts.
Other Notes: Dressed in a leather biker's outfit with spikes and chains wrapped around her, this Neera is the most psychotic and dominating of the War Counterparts, happily freezing people and getting them to their knees before her. However, as with the other Wars, Neera is broken and unstable inside. She has notified that she misses her Lilac, even though War is a good "replacement".
Status: ACTIVE 

Frozen Neera
Universe: FP-605
Overview: The Elemental Wraith of the main four. This Neera, like with War Neera, would be taken into Brevon's torture chamber instead of Lilac, having chased the three into the base instead of calling the chase off. After electrocuting her, Brevon managed to remove her ice powers from her, and deposited her onto the Battle Glacier while Lilac and co. ran after Brevon to beat him as a team. With no ice powers to help normalize climate, Neera froze to death in the snow. And, as with the other Wraiths, she would be approached by Lilith for revival in return for servitude - Neera actually managed to beat her senseless before reviving herself using Lilith's powers against her. Revived in her original body caked in thick layers of ice, Neera hopes to return to society and life in some manner, but still chases down perps in her downtime.
Other Notes: The organic tissue within Neera's icy body has rotted and succumbed to frostbite in many areas, making her look like a frozen zombie. Many have found the look to be disturbing, seeing as Neera's original and lifeless body is still within the ice frame that Neera now possesses (and her mouth and eyes still move from within the frame). She is not depressed like the other wraiths, only enraged at Brevon and angry at herself for this supposed lapse in weakness. As with the other Wraiths, she has innate advantages to her form - resistance to ice and water attacks, as well as regaining her ice powers, but is obviously weak to fire.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Fat AU)
Universe: FP-005
Overview: The Neera from Fat Lilac's universe. With her Carol on the edge of insanity trying to slim Lilac down, Neera would eventually be called in to attempt to keep her body weight at least stable. This was actually quite easy to do, as Lilac had not only seen the consequences of her eating but had also been jeered at by the other Lilacs (some of them, War specifically) in the No-Zone, and thus had expressed a desire to slim down. While No-Zone Liposuction Machines are a thing and readily available to her, she wants to "atone" by training with Neera, who is nothing if not a strict teacher that nonetheless gets results. As with that, Neera has been helping Lilac lose weight through rigorous exercise and dieting, one pound of fat at a time.
Other Notes: This Neera, perhaps as a reaction from seeing what became of her Lilac, has the opposite problem; she suffers from anorexia nervosa, an eating disorder most commonly seen in supermodels and actresses. It is a desire to stay slim so extreme that they skip meals and never allow themselves to digest any food, instead vomiting it out after eating. She is dangerously thin, and in constant pain owing to the lack of substance she is giving herself. In an ironic twist, perhaps it is Neera who would need the help more.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Buff AU)
Universe: FP-006
Overview: The Neera from Buff Lilac's universe. She was first aware of Lilac's unusual transformation when she saw the walking gym of a person come crashing through the Shang Tu Palace doors in a blind attempt to warn the Magister of the kind of danger Brevon proved to be - in the past tense, as she had crushed the life out of him on the way over. Instantly smitten with her new bulging form, Neera found herself obsessing over the she-hulk and wishing blindly that she could hers instead of Carol's - a feeling she loathes herself immensely for.
Other Notes: She has borrowed the recorded footage of Lilac transforming from Brevon's torture and destroying him in a single go from the No-Zone Evidence Locker - she called upon her No-Zone alternate to take it, citing "footage analysis" on the part of her counterpart. We do not know what she does with the footage - and all things considered, many members of the APART team do not WANT to know.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Queen Lilac AU)

Universe: FP-320
Overview: The Neera from Queen Lilac's universe. There is not exactly a lot to say about this Neera, as she follows the general outline of a lot of other Neeras quite closely. The main difference here is that, upon Dail's incarceration and Lilac's coronation to a single-ruling queen, Neera was very vocal indeed about this and stepped up to overthrow what she saw as just another dirty thief from the throne. Lilac, in a rare case of sociopathy that landed her in the middle of the three Regal Lilacs in terms of ruthlessness, just had Neera tried for treason and executed.

Sexy Neera
Universe: FP-730
Overview: The last of the four many "Sexy Alternates". This Neera is a little bit easier to talk about when it comes to explaining how she came to be the way she is. Rather than any mutation, this Neera chose to be who she is through what can only be described as magical plastic surgery. Ergo, grabbing the Kingdom Stone and demanding it transform her into the most attractive form possible. The Stone (somehow) obliged, transforming her into a tall, busty, "hips-for-days" form.
Other Notes: This Neera, when questioned by the No-Zone, said to have been fired from the Shang Tu force for reasons that currently escape her, and that she could not find work in many other fields. So she decided to try and at least make herself feel better by accessing the Kingdom Stone. This came at a cost, however, with the stone's new form giving her a near-insatiable lust for items one can easily guess at. This did somehow put her back into work, as she would go on to star in a lot of "adult movies".
Status: PILF

Neera Li (For the Better)
Universe: FP-016
Overview: The Neera from a universe that is often seen as "for the better". She resembles some of the proto-timelines seen before full creation, as she was working for Prince Dail and Shuigang when Brevon attacked and took over. Blackmailed into helping him, Neera would appear to defect to The Magister in Shang Tu and stop him and Team Lilac from interfering with Brevon's plans. When the full scale of his ambition was made apparent, however, Neera defected and joined Shang Tu for real to take him down. Knowing full well she would be punished for her actions, Neera was court-martialed for espionage and misleading official leaders, and is currently rotting in a jail cell.
Other Notes: With her patronage for Brevon more apparent, a number of her actions make more sense in hindsight. For example, putting Team Lilac away and chasing them afterward was an attempt to stop them from getting to Brevon and stalling them so Torque could be captured, respectively. After Lilac was captured and brainwashed, Neera was dismissed near outright, another factor to her defection.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Fighting Vipers)
Universe: FP-321
Overview: The Neera from Deaddragon's universe. As with the Milla of this universe, she was left behind when Carol and Lilac were thrust into SH-FV2, and little has been heard of either since. That said, there are reports that Neera continues to keep the peace on her planet, even managing to get some hits in on Merga, so it is fairly likely life is continuing on her planet without Lilac or Carol to get in her way.
Status: ACTIVE?

Neera "Pilot" Li
Universe: FP-EVA
Overview: Neera plays out in this world like many others, up until Brevon is defeated; rather than exploding in the air, the Dreadnought instead crashed into the Battle Glacier and melted the ice there. This released a flurry of entities and monsters known as "Angels" that, years later, attacked Planet Avalice. During that time, the Magister had claimed the Kingdom Stone as his own and set his scientists to create bio-robotic mechs known as "Evangelions". Neera does not own one herself, instead helping Magister control both production and Shang Tu itself.
Other Notes: While sometimes doubting herself, Neera is quite steadfast in her roles of protection and control, while also training Lilac and co for out-of-combat fighting. She is quite bitter that she did not get a mech, however, and would like one in the future.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Doodleverse)
Universe: FP-626
Overview: The Neera from the Lilac that would go on to join the Coalition of Planets. This version of Neera is close to the original, except she also works for the new Coalition Unit that has established a permanent base on Planet Avalice. She still acts as the Magister's bodyguard, but was given a lower status than her Lilac and her friends, much to her annoyance. This was seemingly decided as punishment for her actions in the last conflict with Brevon, specifically working against Lilac and co, and getting Lilac tortured and nearly killed.
Other Notes: She is very much unaware of War Lilac being among their ranks, and considering what could happen if she were to find out, it would be best that she remains unsure of this fact.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Resurgence)
Universe: FP-545
Overview: The Neera of the Resurgence universe. One would imagine that she would be wildly different, like her the others of her universe, but this is not the case; instead, she is quite similar to her other counterparts, with the main difference being that she aids the team much faster than usual, and even goes along with them to Brevon's ship.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Lady Lilac AU)
Universe: FP-003
Overview: The Neera from Lady Lilac's universe. As she was the first to chase Lilac and co. into the woods, she would eventually be frozen accidentally and brought back to the palace of Shang Tu to thaw out. After doing so, and getting some treatment for the wounds the freezing left, Neera would attempt to begin to plot a sort of justice-flavoured revenge. She would eventually be called out to find Lilac again, this time coated in the blood of an unknown insect, and drag her back to The Magister in chains. Despite pleas to execute her, The Magister saw what Lilac had did to Brevon, and began to train her to be his replacement upon his death. After Lady Lilac became ruler of Shang-Tu, Neera would continue to serve by her side, as she did with Magister himself.
Other Notes: She still harbours a vague hatred of Lilac for her time in the Red Scarves, but even she admits that Lilac was trained well and makes a good leader. She was also around when Lilac was having her torture-related mental breakdown, but did not see the Zonewalker that would save her. 
Status: ACTIVE

Neeranda Lilith
Universe: FP-AOS
Overview: The Neera from the Age of Steam, Samantha Lilac's universe and timeline. As with other worlds, she works for The Magister, known in this world as the near-despotic ruler of New Shangtuna, His Majesty. Long ago, when the Kingdom Stone first came to the planet, His Magesty was able to save Neera from an untimely death from falling into a machine by attaching robot parts to her, fueled by Kingdom Steam. Ever since then, Neera has remained by his side as a loyal servant, even after His Magesty's slip down the slope into insanity.
Other Notes: While her original replacements were crude and barely worked, they have been replaced with larger, improved versions as she aged. The current versions, as of the events of most of these universes, are able to fire of blasts of supercooled Kingdom Energy, resembling ice and acting very much like it, but not overly identical to ice - Kingdom Ice seemingly taking much longer to melt for one.
Status: ACTIVE

Goddess Neera
Universe: FP-AUM
Overview: The Neera from Hecto Lilac's world. As with her and Carol/Milla, she is a violent giant, but here for quite different reasons. She was captured by Brevon and tortured with powerful methods, in order to induce another transformation (though this time with brainwashing in tow) so she could fight Hecto Lilac. However, Neera would indeed grow inside of Brevon's ship, destroying it and crushing those within it until she was close to 6000ft tall. Free of Brevon and now on par with the others, Neera has become darker and crueler to those beneath her, now that she has the ability to reign chaotic justice on Avalice with no sign of stopping.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Shadowverse)
Universe: ZX-003
Overview: The Neera from the Shadowverse, where an unknown plague from Brevon's ship would end up corrupting everyone it touched and eventually creating an army for Brevon to control. Neera would be corrupted at a later date than anyone else, as her skills and abilities meant that she was able to survive the first day of infection relatively unscathed. However, she misjudged an expedition into the city on the second day, running into pack after pack of the mindless zombies flooding the city. They would eventually overwhelm her, ripping off one of her limbs in the process, before she was finally infected and transformed into a beast as well. She now serves Brevon, as with the others, in what remains of the city.
Other Notes: As with the others, Neera's physical form has degraded and changed since hr infection. She has dark yellow skin now, her eyes resemble those of the other Shadowverse victims, her teeth are jagged and rough and her hands have sprouted full claws. Her ripped-off arm was replaced by a new-grown one that is reptilian in style and quite bulky, while her clothing is greyer and ripped. Nothing is known of her personality at the moment, but it can be assumed that she is just as psychotic as the others.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Ground AU)
Universe: FP-084
Overview: The Neera from Ground Lilac's universe. She would not be aware of Lilac's disablement until the so-called Joke Night, where she would come across them watching a show. She would leave bruised from Carol's assault and return to Magister's side in time for their assault on Brevon; assisted by Team Genesis members Nikolai and Katherine (with Lowell AWOL), Neera would lose the fight and be knocked out for the remainder of the fight,. After treatment for her wounds, Neera would check up on the girls some time afterwards. Neera attempted to feel sorry for her - and not doing a good job of it, if Carol's own retelling of the events is to be analysed. Carol, flying into a rage, attempted to claw at Neera until she was forced to retreat, though she still sees Lilac at times for physical therapy.
Other Notes: According to Lilac herself, Neera was actually quite charming during the visit, acting calmly and offering her condolences to her loss of movement. When questioned by the No-Zone about it, Neera regarded it as a formality, claiming to feel little about the incident aside from that.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Echoland
Universe: SK-002
Overview: The Neera from the strange fantasy land, the same as Paladin Lilac and her team. Known as Red Eye, or Knight Crimson to a select few, this Neera usually protects and defends the culture and people of her world. She fights anyone who would attempt to disturb her to attack Shang Tu. She seems to distrust Lilac and her team, and tries to attack them on sight whenever she gets the chance to. 
Other Notes: Her ice lance from other incarnations is replaced by a similar lance that can fires a lethal gas of a red-like colour, with her remaining attacks taking the form of martial arts. Her emotional state is quite unstable owing to her powers relying on negative emotions like fear, anger or sadness, and she has a fear of pain that is enough to trigger her abilities; glowing red eyes, and increase in speed and strength and an unprecedented brutality to her attacks. Her clothing is similar to her usual form, except red with longer curtails and golden shoulder pads.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Suppressed Luminous)
Universe: FP-SL1
Overview: The Neera from the Suppressed Luminous universe. When Shuigang was attacked by Lord Brevon, the King was able to make his escape and Neera, being his Royal Priestess, was prime to follow. The attempt failed for her, however, and she was captured by Brevon and dragged her back to his new Thermal Base in chains. Brevon would attempt to kill her, but eventually realized that she would be able to infiltrate the Royal System. He proceeded to torture her via electrocution until she relented out of being unable to handle the pain, and secretly kept tabs for Brevon throughout his attempted conquest of Planet Avalice.
Other Notes: After Brevon was defeated and driven from the planet, Neera would return to the title of Royal Priestess, still bearing the burn scars from her torture at Brevon's hands. The extreme mental trauma seems to have had an adverse effect on her mind, causing her to become itchy and paranoid and constantly second-guessing her own opinions. She is also more fragile than other Neeras on both an emotional and physical level - not an uncommon symptom considering the similar effects seen in a lot of Lilacs.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Blind AU)
Universe: FP-099
Overview: The Neera from Blind Lilac's universe. In fact, her blind nature was a result of Neera's own attempts to arrest her. Neera attempted to fire an extremely cold stream of ice towards Lilac's legs, freezing her in place and allowing for easy extraction. Instead, she tripped and sent the ice into Lilac's eyes; the ice promptly shattered and tore her eyes to shreds, blinding her. Dragging her bleeding form back to The Magister, she smugly received approval from him...until a few days later, where tests on the minerals that Torque had brought before them validated their plea and thus proved them innocent. Tried with unneeded brutality and jumping to conclusions on the job, Neera was fired from her position. After calming down from her explosive anger, she realized just what she had done to Lilac and, despite initially trying to convince herself she deserved it for being a criminal, took Lilac in and cared for her in her spare time.
Other Notes: When asked by the No-Zone why she would care for Lilac, Neera bitterly responded that she didn't know. She just felt that, criminal or not, no-one deserved to have their eyesight just removed from them, and she at least wanted to see if she could "rehabilitate" her on the way to recovery. She also accepted the Temporary Blindness Reversion Goggles (or TBRG) for experimental use with Lilac herself.
Status: ACTIVE

Queen Neera
Universe: FP-196
Overview: The Neera from Frost Lilac's universe. Sick of The Magister and his ways, alongside her own anger at letting Team Lilac walk free following the defeat of Brevon, Neera would study for a good while on how to use her magics plus residue from the Kingdom Stone to improve her own powers. What resulted from this was a new form of magic she would dub "Icebending", the ability to alter a person's body and brain to be a near copy of her own. While her first run with Lilac still left a few traces of her old form, later tests did not, and Neera soon stormed The Magister's palace, overthrowing him and declaring herself Queen of Shang Tu, and soon all of Avalice.
Other Notes: Neera does not do all that much fighting, instead happy to sit on her throne and watch her army of Neeras do most of the work for her. People are often dragged in chains before her, so she can mock and then convert them, even though it is very possible for the Neera clones to do so as well. The Magister is not dead, however, and has been forced to team up with Merga (of all people) in an attempt to restore order.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Fallout AU)
Universe: FP-111
Overview: The Neera from Sole Survivor Lilac's world. Neera was the one to capture Lilac and place her in the ice-esque stasis that would protect her from the world-ending attacks that followed, and Neera herself was pulverized from the event. The Neera seen from Lilac's point of view therefore appears to be a Synth, a robotic creation of The Institue born from The Magister's scribes and their dabbles with technology. The Synth Neera is a robot through and through, albeit one that is aware of this unlike a lot of other Synths. She acts as a Courser, following people around the Avalice Wasteland and exterminating them if the Institue needs that to happen. She has had scrapes with Lilac once or twice, though none of these events result in major damage for either party.
Other Notes: Synth Neera is, at the very least, aware that she is a robot and not the real Neera, born from someone looking through the files at the history of Avalice and attempting to recreate on of their greatest heroes.
Status: ACTIVE?

Boozed Neera
Universe: FP-420
Overview: From Stoner Lilac's universe. She still works for The Magister, but in a roundabout way; she is the head of a mercenary group known only as Panda Squad, bought out by the drug-running Magister as a form of protection. Neera does not care for the drugs, but she has her own flaw and addiction; alcohol. Neera is a raging alcoholic, preferring vodka and whiskey above all else, which constantly gets in the way of her own actions. The only reason she still runs the group is that she actually works better when drunk - and because she still has more than enough to pay those in her fold.
Other Notes: Thankfully for those around her, Neera is a fairly tame drunk. She's happy and energized, seemingly lacking her inhibitions. This seems to be a side-effect from the stress of her sober day job. War Lilac enjoys getting into drinking contests with her, though neither likes the results of their hours of boozing afterward.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Creator of Lilac-Li)
Universe: FP-208
Overview: The Neera from Lilac-Li's universe. In fact, she helped to create her. After Lilac was dragged in charred remains in front of The Magister, Neera successfully talked him into locking her up once more and allowing Neera to explore the ruins she was meant to. This resulted in her going through a lot of Lilac's motions - finding Pangu, storming the Battle Glacier, defeating Brevon - only with much more success than Lilac ever did. With Brevon in prison and the Kingdom Stone safely returned, Neera returned a hero to Shang Tu, the Magister - and a very depressed, broken Lilac. Deciding it was her new duty to redeem this simple thief, Neera would train Lilac in her ways and attitude, making her an almost-perfect clone of herself. 
Other Notes: Neera is very happy of the little team of MiniNeeras that she has made over the past year or so. She finds it both calming and stimulating to be taking all of thee criminals and putting their talents to better purposes, atoning for their crimes and allowing Neera to spread her justice even further than she used to be able to do.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Freedom Harem)
Universe: FP-17H
Overview: A Neera from a universe where everybody is in love with Lilac, and Neera herself is no exception. Though at first hostile towards Lilac for her criminal record and overly-upbeat attitude, that hostility quickly morphed into affection after Lilac saved Neera's life in a scuffle with Brevon's forces. Neera has a funny way of displaying these affections, however, often belittling Lilac and insulting her to her face, and occasionally acting out physically against her. It's believed that this behavior may be the result of denial, though it's also been referred to as "tsundere."
Other Notes: Despite the bruises, Lilac is quite fond of Neera, greatly admiring her strength and skill and very enthusiastic about learning from her. There are multiple recorded instances of Lilac praising Neera ending with Lilac being defrosted in Shang Tu's hospital ward, and much to Neera's horror (and underlying pleasure, which only brings more horror), Lilac keeps coming back. She gets a lot of death glares from Carol and Milla.
Status: ACTIVE

Royal Priestess Neera (FreedomSwap Remix)
Universe: FP-004
Overview: Effectively the reigning monarch of this universe's Shang Tu. In this world, Shang Tu's government runs on a system in which a member in a line of pureblood dragons, in this case the Magister, elects a single warrior of great strength and promise, in this case Neera, to act as Priest or Priestess and rule Shang Tu on the Great Dragon's behalf. Neera, a talented knight in Shang Tu's armed forces, was selected after single-handedly icing over a Shuigang battalion and sending them packing, temporarily preventing any further conflict between the kingdoms. Not as talented a leader as she is a fighter, the vast majority of political situations are handled by her Advising Magister, and military matters by General Zao. She mostly remains in Shang Tu palace, handling matters that are brought to her and being restrained from rash decision-making. She emerges only when absolutely necessary— that is, when she deems it time to take matters into her own hands. Cold and distrusting, she keeps Shang Tu utterly isolated from its neighbors... that is, until a certain alien invasion led to the kingdoms becoming united.
Other Notes: Although Shang Tu is in perfectly fine condition under her rule, she faces a fair amount of opposition due to her lack of tolerance and questionable decision-making skills. However, a quick show of her strength is enough to quell any potential rebellion, as in the wise words of this universe's Carol after witnessing Neera completely annihilate a large chunk of Lord Serpentine's forces: "Oh, so THAT'S why she's in charge!"
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Werelac AU)
Universe: FP-512
Overview: The Neera from Werelac's universe. Having acted as mentor and guardian to Lilac, Carol, and Milla for almost two years, she feels a great responsibility towards them... one that she feels she betrayed for being unable to prevent Lilac's transformation into a werebeast. As circumstances only worsened, Lilac ran away, Carol went after her, and Torque retreated into solitude while he studied cures for lycanthropy. Neera was left as Milla's only caretaker, and was not at all prepared for the position. Under heavy stress, Neera snapped at Milla, sending her into tears, and straight from the palace entirely.
Other Notes: Neera has felt nothing but guilt since the incident, and because of that and everything before and since, she's sunk into a deep depression, burying herself in her work, hardly speaking, and blaming herself for every little thing that goes wrong. She also heavily smokes, seemingly as a calming mechanism - she gets along with Boozed Neera because of this, with both feeling somewhat related despite being literal worlds away.
Status: ACTIVE

Commander Neera (Red Swords)
Universe: SK-005
Overview: A Neera from the universe where all of Avalice abandoned the planet and sail the stars. Neera works for the Federation of Avalice, a quasi-unified comglomerate of the old kingdoms formed upon leaving Avalice. As with most Neeras, she works for Shang-Mu and The Magister, their names unchanged for the most part in this timeline. Serving under Magister and his own fleet of ships, Neera patrols Shang-Mu Sectors and puts a stop to criminal activities, often before they actually happen. Patrolling the skies in the HMR Frosbite, she and fellow Commander Gong prowl the area in search of criminals, specifically those of the most dangerous band of rogues and thieves in the sector; The Red Swords.
Other Notes: Unlike other Neeras, who often attain their ice powers through a spear of some sort, this Neera fuels her abilities using a laser rifle and a mysterious tank of chemicals attached to her back. Also unlike other Neeras, this Neera isn't as cold as cruel - disliking conflict, she is often trying to stop the fighting from even happening instead of jumping into the fray and ensuring everyone else stays down once it happens. Neera constantly tails the Red Swords fleet, determined to capture Captain Lilac (non-violently) before she manages to put any of her plans into action.
Status: ACTIVE

Icebreaker Lee
Universe: FP-199
Overview: The Neera from the Freedom Ranch. Rather than being part of the law, as one would expect, this Neera is part of Gravedigger's gang. Neera is Spade's second in command, alongside Deadlock Basset (Milla), and acts almost as a sort of nanny to Deadlock's near endless insanity and lunacy. She is not the biggest fan of her job, having to deal with an insane murderous puppy that screams about shooting people all the time, and only stays on so that she can rob banks and get rich.
Other Notes: She gets her name from the twin Nagant M1885 revolvers she packs, as well as her everpresent ice powers. Her special move is known as Frozen Death - she shoots someone with her first gun, freezing them in place in a cube of ice, then shatters them on the second shot. Ruthless and very bored with Deadlock herself, she's not a person you want to mess with.
Status: ACTIVE

Miss Nalgaa - The Crooked Cop
Universe: FP-140
Overview: Neera from the Freedom Noire universe. On the surface, she does not appear to be on the side of the law, instead working as one of the bartenders within the Club Fortune speakeasy from Shang-Ti, sitting around smoking out back when off-duty. She seems to be quite friendly with the other patrons, and especially Lilac herself, and is loved by the majority of the people who go to the club because of her innate ice powers. She is well-trained in the art of making the fanciest of cocktails from the most basic of rotgut, and can supercool to make them even better. But what no-one knows, not even Lavender Lucy herself, is that she is a double-agent; she works for the cops, getting information on the speakeasy to relay back to them. Or rather...she should be.
Other Notes: It seems that Neera has grown fond of the people she works with, even if she is unaware of their involvements with the mafia she is supposed to take down. This is but part of a long recorded history of hers, which includes taking bribes as well. She is trained with police-issue .38 revolvers, as one would expect, and her ice powers do make a great way to freeze a perp in place if need be.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Broken AU)
Universe: FP-095
Overview: The Neera from Broken Lilac's universe. Neera would chase the trio of heroines into the Jade Creek and then retreat, as usual. What she was not aware of was that Brevon would kill Carol in one swipe and torture Lilac to the point of breaking her spirit, before dumping her in Shang Mu as an example. Lilac's mind would eventually break in two, reducing her to an animalistic wreck, who Neera would be sent out to capture after she managed to lay waste to most of Shang Mu's forces. She would eventually apprehend her and attempt to execute her. However, the Magister would have none of it, fired Neera from her position and sent Lilac to the Elder Magister Insane Asylum in Shang Mu; Neera herself would run off to rejoin Dail and Brevon, bitter at the Magister and wanting to stop him any way possible.
Other Notes: None at this time.
Status: ACTIVE

Broken Neera
Universe: FP-077
Overview: The Neera from Brevon Lilac's world. As the name would imply, she did not get off well from Brevon taking over Lilac's body. During one instance of it escaping our grasp, Brevon decided to return to their world and attempt to start up the Thermal Base. Neera, with no Lilac in sight, went off to investigate on behalf of the Magister's orders. Coming across the combination, they proceeded to take out Neera and knock her unconscious. It was here that Brevonlac seemed to get a memory from Lilac's own subconscious, telling them of Neera forcing Lilac to flee into the forests and eventually get captured and tortured. Brevon decided to bestow a sick sense of revenge for her co-pilot, and tortured Neera senseless for weeks until we found them once more. Once there, we found Neera still in the torture device, with Brevonlac having done the impossible - broken her spirit.
Other Notes: Neera, unlike Broken Lilac, does not sit around in a straightjacket. She can still walk and talk, but chooses to stay in a wheelchair owing to the horrific shakes she has gotten from the torture. Speaking in a whisper, she just sort of stares off into space and often freaks out, but for the most part stays silent and haunted, keeping to herself. She gets along well with a few other Neeras here and there within the No-Zone, and she is currently seeking treatment.
Status: ACTIVE

Commanding Officer Division Agent Neera Li
Universe: FP-DA0
Overview: Part of the Second Wave yet absent from Shang-Tu at the time of The Blue Poison virus Outbreak. Upon activation, she was one of the first few Second Wave Agents to arrive but the last one standing prior to the arrival of Division Agent Lilac's squad. With the former Commanding Officer KIA, Neera was next in line for the role but to her annoyance, she is unable to physically support Division Agent Lilac's squad in the field due to some injuries she acquired before their arrival leaving her only able to support them over the radio. This annoyance mainly comes from the fact that Shang-Tu became her home to her, a place she promised to protect at the cost of her own life which her injuries are currently stopping her from being able to fully do 100%.
Other Notes: As she was the only one we was able to interview we was able to see just how bad her injuries. Having to use a walking crutch due to one her legs being badly wounded, along with what could be the loss of one of right eye due to the bandaging around her forehead and over her right eye but despite all that has happened, her metal health doesn't show any of signs of suffering yet, suggested we keep an eye on her mental health for a while once she becomes deactivated to make sure remains stable.
Status: Alive but WIA

Neera Li (Paradox AU)
Universe: FP-062
Overview: The Neera from the paradox Carol's universe. Put simply, she was not aware of Carol's disruptions from the timeline, teaming up with Brevon and forcing our hand. However, we decided that she was probably in better hands with her for the time being, so we approached her explaining the circumstances and asking for her to apprehend Carol for the time being. She accepted, and is currently keeping a close eye on her while we sort out confinement within the No-Zone.
Other Notes: When told of all of this, Neera's reaction was as-ever, stoic. She did not seem phased by the existence of alternate universes and instead offered some glee at meeting other Neeras and seeing who got close to capturing Lilac and co.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera, Mother of Lilac
Universe: FP-DOF
Overview: The mother of Lilac, Daughter of Neera (as if the name was not enough to tip one off). As was to be expected, Lilac was an accidental "creation," and Neera is on extremely rough terms with the unknown father. With no idea how to raise a child, Neera instead taught the spawn in combat and ice prowess, leaving Lilac to be a very capable soldier but a nervous wreck whenever approaching social items. After being fired from her job in Shuigang, she would move to work in Shang Tu, bringing Lilac along with her.
Other Notes: A common joke for her within the No-Zone is that she is not to win any "Mother of the Year" awards any time soon. Indeed, her interactions with Lilac are basic at best and dominant and controlling at worst. All Lilac wants to do is impress her mother, but Neera's strict code and general attitude means that she always seems on the verge of a massive break-up with her.
Status: ACTIVE

Chief Constable Neera Leeann
Universe: FP-160
Overview: The Neera from Captain Lilac's universe, and the city's head officer. She has a very strict moral code and a distinct distaste for pirates, often arresting them the moment they pull up on shore and accidentally reveal their piratical ways to her. Serving The General Minister with a passion, it is her job to keep Pirates out of the docks and town, even though the people owing businesses in the dock would rather she shut up and let the pirates use their money at the bars and shops.
Other Notes: Once very close to arresting known Pirate Captain "The Kracken" Lilac, Neera was eventually forced to let her go after escaping with a stowaway named Milla on board. Captain Lilac considers Neera to be her worst enemy, but Neera does not care.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Crushed AU)
Universe: FP-239
Overview: The Neera from Crushed Carol's world. Out of the main Neeras for the Elemental Wraiths, this Neera was affected the most. The best guess would be that since the timeline is further along that standard, she grew to like them more. Enraged at herself for allowing Carol to get caught and destroyed in such a way, she decided to keep going with her training with Milla, training harder and harder each day until quite buff. She would storm Merga's base with Milla, destroying her army and locking her away for good.
Other Notes: While growing incredibly close with Milla owing to the training, Neera has made it incredibly clear that they are not a couple, nor will they ever will be.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Buried AU)
Universe: FP-506
Overview: The Neera from Buried Milla's world. Unlike her alternate from Crushed Carol's world, Neera would not come to terms with seeing the team as her teammates, and as a result, her reaction to the news was much less noble and extreme. Instead, she would offer basic condolences to the remaining two and somewhat let slip that Milla probably deserved it. This sent Carol into a flying rage, pummeling Neera senseless and only not killing her because of both Lilac and APART. When Lilac vanished and Carol was found to have kidnapped and tortured Serpentine, Neera would follow APART into where Carol had gone, apprehending her after seeing her mutilating Serpentine with her Murder Blade.
Other Notes: Neera currently acts as a sort of middleman between Shang Tu of their dimension and our teams within the No-Zone, being able to freely travel between the two worlds to relay news and information between both major points. She also visits Abagail (FP-560's Lilac) on multiple occasions, often for a small chat and some resource sharing.
Status: ACTIVE

Neera Li (Zeroverse)
Universe: FP-000
Overview: The Neera from the Zeroverse, where the main events that would come to shape this world would never come to pass as we know them. Neera, without Lilac or Carol ever getting in her way, continued on her merry way as if she had no idea who they were - she indeed did not, as both were smart enough to cover their tracks while performing their heists. Neera would eventually come across them during Brevon's short invasion of the planet; the fingerprints on his disembodied head would point to one Sash Lilac, who had her fingerprints recorded once while little. Figuring out that she was now part of the Red Scarves, Neera made it her mission to drag her before the Magister, alive - though preferably dead.
Other Notes: Neera is even colder in this universe than others, likely due to her lack of interaction with a not-crazy Lilac or Carol. She is very antisocial due to her upbringing, even attempting to avoid contact with the No-Zone; not due to a lack of respect for them, but simply for a lack of social skills. The only one she can even attempt to talk to is General Gong.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-602
Overview: The Neera from the Monster Planet; where every female is a Mythical creature of some sort. Neera is a Yuki-Onna, a female snowy ghost. Described as "inhumanly beautiful" according to legend, Neera is a ghost Panda wearing a tattered kimono, floating across the snowy mountains of Avalice and striking terror into mortals that get lost within them using her powerful gaze. Whether or not she kills people is up for debate, but there have been a few that she has let live for reasons unknown.
Other Notes: The legend of the Yuki-Onna varies between the various retellings, but it has been suggested that Yuki-Onna are the spirits of young women that have perished in the snow. It has been suggested that this may have happened to Neera as well (similar to Frozen Neera), explaining her status.
Status: ???

Neera Li (FP-AE1)
Universe: FP-AE1
Overview: The Neera from Goddess Lilac's universe. All things considered, there is very little that can be said about her. She was not witness to Lilac's transformation into a goddess, but would eventually come along to stop her insanity and attempting to take control of the entire planet. Goddess Lilac calmly crushing her under her thumb.

Activist Neera
Universe: FP-492
Overview: The Neera from Naked Lilac's universe, but is not a naturist herself. As with their Milla, Neera is a member of the Cloth-wearing Lucid Others Targeting Horrifying Extreme Sexuality, or C.L.O.T.H.E.S group, for short. They stand against naturists like Naked Lilac and Naked Carol, finding their eternal nakedness a disrespect towards nature, and attempt to undermine them with clothes and covering clothes at every possible turn. Neera in particular used to be among the naturists, but almost froze to death from her own powers before defecting to the other side.
Other Notes: As with Milla, Neera wears a large amount of clothes to cover up all of her fur; shirt, pants, gloves, boots, hat, scarf and trenchcoat. The difference is that Neera is also covering up all of her frostbite scars from when her ice powers went out of control.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-025
Overview: The Neera from the Antiverse, as with the others seen previously. She is essentially a mirror counterpart of her original form and differs in every major point; instead of being cold and stoic, she is loud and extroverted. Far from powerful and serious about her job, she is quite lazy and likes to goof off a lot. And instead of being very proficient with ice powers, she is quite unskilled in using fire powers. Trapped inside waiting on the more competent Anti-Gong, Neera mills around the palace, playing with the guards and hoping to see some better form of action.
Other Notes: She is one of the most popular Neeras in the No-Zone owing to her friendliness and energy, with nine out of ten Lilacs agreeing that this should have been what Neera should have been like all along. The original Neera, however, hates her with a passion and wants absolutely nothing to do with her, seeing her as all the things she is glad she never was.
Status: ACTIVE

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Well, here it is, at least...Neera-Li. The cold, obnoxious panda-bitch of Planet Avalice. I hate this character with a passion, but even then I knew it'd be unfair to not give her her own list considering she's now playable. to play, I hate to admit. Lists for Spade and Torque MAY come later, but one supposes he can't make any promises. I put a good amount of work into this, as did most who helped to contribute, so thank you for that.

So yes, this is still a collaborative project, despite the lack of room on the main list, so there are two main ways you can contribute;

1: Suggest Other Neeras
You just have to suggest the name, the universe they hail from (FP-, then three numbers), a general overview on what makes them different and wherever or not they're active in their world. Simple enough. Full credit will be given.

2: Draw established Neeras
If you could draw what these alternate Neeras may look like, that would be most appreciated. Again, full credit (and a link to the picture if available) will be given.

With that, I hope ye enjoy.


:bulletblack: Neera-Li (Original)

Bullet; Black Queen Neera

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-545)

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Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-626)

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-003)

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-016)

Bullet; Black Goddess Neera-Li
Bullet; Black Neera-Li (Shadowverse)
Bullet; Black Neera Echoland
Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-AE1)
:bulletblack: Commander Neera (Red Swords)

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-MSG)

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (Freedom Harem)
Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FreedomSwap Remix)
Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-512)
Bullet; Black Neera-Li, Mother of Lilac (co-owned with NoctisAxtonAurora)
Bullet; Black Chief Constable Neera Leeann

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (FP-111)
Bullet; Black Neera-Li, Mother of Lilac (co-owned with Spookyrus)
Bullet; Black Division Agent Neera-Li

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (Suppressed Luminous)
Bullet; Black Yuki-Neera

Bullet; Black Neera-Li (Pilot)

:bulletblack: Yuki-Neera by shadythedark - Monster Planet Neera Li
:bulletblack: Neera-Li (Surpressed Luminous) by shadythedark - Surpised Lumous Neera Li

15/06/18: Removed last three entires, as they were already on the Spillover List.
08/10/18: Added Neera-Li (Warzone Planet) and Survivor of the Wastes, Neera (Spillover List)
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What if there an AU where the freedom planet universe swap their personalities like carol tea, sash lilac, Milla basset, neera li, torque, and spade? Or is there already an AU for that?