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Milla Basset
Universe: FP-001
Overview: The "main" or Template Milla Basset, the first recorded and the first the other alternates stand up to. A dog with mysterious (and supposedly alchemical) powers that give her the ability to create and throw blocks (or use them as lasers), at the cost of physical fragility. Found by Sash Lilac and Carol Tea after Shang Mu acquired the Kingdom Stone, she followed the two through a powerful and incredibly draining experience with the battle against Brevon (and later Merga).
Other Notes: Much like Lilac, this Milla also has extreme mental fatigue and issues due to a traumatic experience. This is due to a mutation from Brevon, before being forced to fight her friends (and getting her posterior handed to her in the process). Because of her innocent personality, and her much younger age, the psychiatrists of our team may be able to nip this issue in the bud before it becomes truly serious, something that is not possible with Lilac's mental condition.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (Boom)
Universe: SB-001
Overview: A Milla Basset from the so-called 'Boomiverse', covered in the mostly-standard bandages and sports tape of the world's era. Living in the same area as Sash Lilac (Boom) and Carol Tea (Boom), Milla stays within the house the three live in and never strays much outside of it, never entering Bygone Village and only getting her knowledge of the area and its inhabitants from Carol's (somewhat biased) descriptions and stories. Her personality and powers remain the same.
Other Notes: This Milla has met Miles "Tails" Prower (Boom) from time to time, what with him finding her house once while exploring the island. While chased off by Carol every time he appears, he always returns to converse with Milla and tell truer stories about his village.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-115)
Universe: FP-115
Overview: A very unfortunate, but a very important Milla. This Milla was classified as a Sira, a multiverse-level distinction used for those born with special abilities that give them immense power, though at the cost of their physical durability. Lilac drew rather close to Milla, but Milla was left behind to keep her out of trouble and she went with Carol to the Red Scarves as a result. Breaking free from Carol's grasp and trying to help a battered Lilac take down Brevon, she became mutated by his hand sicced on Lilac as her final challenge.
Other Notes: Defeated by Lilac, this Milla slowly melted into nothing, dying slowly and sadly asking Lilac why. Her death was the thing to set Lilac over the edge and break her mind, completing her transformation into War Lilac.

Milla Basset (FP-007)
Universe: FP-007
Overview: From Blood Lilac's universe. After Lilac was converted and the battle at the Battle Glacier begun without her, this Milla went with Carol to Brevon's airship to fight him themselves. However, Brevon attacked the two at an otherwise inopportune moment, striking down Carol and mutating Milla into an even bigger monster than the main universe. Regardless, the combined abilities of Blood Lilac and the newly created Blood Carol helped to defeat this monstrous body, but was not able to save the Milla within.
Other Notes: Using this rage from Milla's pseudo-death, the two drained Brevon dry and prevented his own turning by snapping his neck like a twig. They erected a statue in honour of Milla and continued their (now more violent) thieving ways in her name, though Blood Lilac would eventually fall in with War Lilac and her League of Extraordinary Lilacs.

Milla Basset (FP-009)
Universe: FP-009
Overview: From Drowned Lilac's universe. This Milla took the news of Lilac's drowning even worse than Carol did, becoming near catatonic with grief for the first two weeks. When Carol snapped and roamed the lands as a drifter, she took Milla out of her care and sent her elsewhere to be taken care of by better people. She somehow entered the care of Spade, who has taken to training her to the best of his abilities.
Other Notes: This Milla, in No-Zone meetings and interviews, claims to have knowledge of The Avalice Boogyman; supposedly a creature of legend who strikes down misbehaving or otherwise "evil" or "naughty" men and women in the middle of the night. She even claims to have been visited by him after the death of Lilac, helping to comfort her grief and tell her Lilac still lives on in some fashion (supposedly meaning as Drowned Lilac).
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-356)
Universe: FP-356
Overview: From Sans Lilac's universe. With the three kingdoms united and Prince Dail unbrainwashed and on their side, the group brought an incredibly powerful and crushing defeat to Brevon's forces; Milla stayed in the backlines per Carol's orders, combining her abilities with the kingdoms' artillery to rain powerful death blocks on Brevon's fortress ship, destroying it almost effortlessly. With Brevon incarcerated, Milla followed Carol's own adventures before Sans Lilac returned to them.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-321)
Universe: FP-321
Overview: From the same universe as DeadDragon and Master Elder Carol. Unfortunately, she was not transferred to Sonic's world and as such we know little, if anything, about her at the moment. Proper information will be filled in when it is received and processed.
Status: ???

Milo Basset (FP-GB1)
Universe: FP-GB1
Overview: Milla's Gender Bent counterpart with a slightly more confident personality, but otherwise the same in powers and conventional appearance.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (SH-123)
Universe: SH-123
Overview: This Milla, even compared to the Milla of FP-115, did not last very long. With Lilac teleported to Sonic's world, driven insane and locked up, Carol and Milla had to go it alone to defeat Brevon; Torque had been killed by him hours ago, and the two remaining kingdoms fell into a brutal civil war. Brevon easily overpowered the two, killing Carol almost instantly and taking Milla to the torture device from the thermal base. Setting the voltage up to its maximum, Brevon watched this Milla flash-fry (and even burst into flames, if his own words are to be believed) and then turned the planet of Avalice into a desolate and utterly destroyed wasteland before moving on.
Other Notes: As with Carol, it would be wise to not mention this to the SH-123 Lilac, not even as a joke. Now that we have been able to execute this Brevon for his crimes, we have collected the ashes from her remains and our Chronomancer Agent Amelia is supposedly attempting to reverse the damage and revive her.

Milla Basset (FreedomSwap)
Universe: FP-002
Overview: This Milla, like her Lilac and Carol, has switched roles and personalities with someone else. In this case it is Torque; Milla is the secret agent of the Coalition of Planets, having been able to chase Brevon into the sewers where she meets Carol and Lilac. After defending the Kingdom Stone from Shang Tu's forces, they come across Torque, a rookie Red Scarf with a touch of shyness and mystical powers, and the group combine forces to take on Brevon.
Other Notes: Like with Carol getting the rather infamous torture instead of Lilac, this Milla is spared the mutation at Brevon's hands. Instead, Torque gets it.

Universe: Unknown, from the same universe as Lilaciplier and WILDCAT
Overview: The last of the so-called "Media" Team Lilac. This Milla has her own channel and, far from the Let's Playing antics of the other two, is on the opposite side of the spectrum. She is an ASMR artist, hoping to relax listeners through Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response - a tingling sensation triggered by certain audio and visual cues. This includes whispering, tapping, crinkling, eating, crackling and more, most of which Milla puts on her channel. She is quite popular for her work, though nowhere near the levels of the other two due to the relative low-key nature of her work.
Other Notes: This Milla has also tried a few "experimental" works that revolve around roleplays and deliberately bizarre scenarios, designed to confuse the listener into relaxation. War Lilac is said to be a huge fan of her videos and is one of a few ways we can calm her down when she throws another fit.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-DR1
Overview: From the same universe as The Great Dragon. Milla is a dragon like the others, this one with some of the properties of the basset hound her original incarnation is based on. Third in command within Lilac's clan, Lilac takes care of her with as much care and attention as she can possibly give her. Hound has the same powers as her dog version, namely the ability to create and throw blocks of energy and throw it at enemies, such as rival clans.
Other Notes: For the same reasons as The Great Dragon and others, care should be taken when confronting her. Not only for her immense power, but upsetting her in any way could cause Lilac herself to attack you or those in your command. So be careful.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-DCU
Overview: FP-DCU's version of Supergirl. No other information is available for this character at this time.
Status: ACTIVE

Canis (Angel's World)
Universe: AN-GEL
Overview: From the same world as Draco and Silvestre. Still of an old-ish age, Milla has yet to expire from natural causes and as such grieves for the dead Lilac and Carol in her world below. It is this that is what gives Draco her main depression, forcing her to wait and "waste" her immortality in order to see Milla again. However, because of her good deeds in this world, the rulers of Angel's World have declared Milla eligible for such a role.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-298
Overview: A sub-AI within the L.I.L.A.C. mainframe that powers the base of the Coalition of Planets within this universe. Added in an attempt to stabilize the AI after L.I.L.A.C crashed attempting to defend the base from Brevon's forces. Both M.I.L.L.A. and C.A.R.O.L. were added into the mainframe to keep L.I.L.A.C. stable when/if the scenario was to repeat itself.
Other Notes: M.I.L.L.A. acts like the actual Milla, who is still alive in this universe; innocent, wants to help, prone to mistakes and easily corrupted (though the IT department of the base is at least working on that last issue to reduce and eventually remove its chances of happening).
Status: ACTIVE

Zilla (Zeti)
Universe: FP-W13
Overview: The Milla from the universe where the Deadly Six (otherwise known as Zetis) invaded the planet and mutated most of its inhabitants for their own ends. The former Milla, unlike the other two corrupted heroines, is just seen as another grunt in the army, little more than disposable, despite the attempts by Zarol and Zilac to get that changed. She nevertheless is part of a large army of mutated people that the Zetis are using to storm the places of the planet and take them over.
Other Notes: Unlike Zarol and Zilac, who have taken on some of the nastier Zeti personality traits, Zilla remains completely uncorrupted, presumably due to a combination of her innocence and powers; she seemed to lose the latter after the mutation, as if they burnt up protecting her to no avail. Instead, she has powers more normal Zeti would have - super strength, super speed, increased intelligence and extreme durability - but despises herself for this mutation. As by her own words in personal interviews, she only wants to see this nightmare end.
Status: ACTIVE

Zilla Zasset
Universe: No-Zone
Overview: "Our" Milla, so to speak. She is too young to work at the No-Zone Prison yet, but she is taking Junior Classes to prepare herself for the task. She has not yet met or conversed with either Zash Zilac or Zarol Zea.
Other Notes: When asked about her favorite and least favorite Millas were, she said her favorite is the main Milla and her least favorite was said to be War Milla.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla the Sniper
Universe: FP-MGS
Overview: From the same universe as Freedom Snake. Milla is the main sniper out of the three, though she isn't afraid to use a rocket launcher if the situation requires it (though the launcher fires her green cubes instead of actual explosives). Timid and prefers fighting from the wayside instead of the frontlines, but is determined to get the job done no matter what. The same as standard Milla otherwise; cheery, innocent, but a bit quote-unquote "fragile".
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-005)
Universe: FP-005
Overview: From Fat Lilac's universe. Within the scenario, that of Lilac getting quite wealthy and as such gaining access to a large amount of high-quality sushi, Milla sits between her and Carol; she pigged out like Lilac, but didn't eat as much like Carol and as such sits in the 'safely rotund' category. As well as fending off the new dangers ahead, Carol is also trying to ensure that Milla does not end up like Lilac did - that is, immensely obese.
Other Notes: Unlike the Carol of this universe, Milla actually appreciates the immense weight of Lilac here; she says it makes for large, warm, soft hugs. It is for this reason that we have deduced that Milla may be gaining weight to resemble her main idol more (as well as give out those supposedly large and soft hugs).
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-006)
Universe: FP-006
Overview: From the same universe as Buff Lilac. Unlike Carol, Milla at least managed to stay conscious when the new Lilac revealed herself, even though she remains uneasy around her hulking form even to this day. Nevertheless, Milla continues to look up to her buff idol and hopes to one day be super-strong like her someday.
Other Notes: Though not THAT big, she hastened to add in her interview with us. She also raised her confusion about Carol's new attraction towards Lilac after her transformation, often seen drooling over her whenever Milla was out of the room. Confusing indeed, but something that we feel does not need changing or confronting this Carol about.
Status: ACTIVE

Princess Milla
Universe: FP-320
Overview: From Queen Lilac's universe. After Lilac was made the Queen of Shuigang in the aftermath of Brevon's defeat, Lilac originally set Carol to be the 'princess' of the royal 'family' as an heir to the throne. Carol turned her down because she felt herself unprepared for those sorts of responsibilities, as well as the awkward circumstance of it making Carol Lilac's daughter. Instead, Lilac decided to formally and legally adopt Milla, giving her a home in the castle and making her the princess instead. Milla spends her time as a princess often does - having tea parties, attending important matters, being a figure of hope to the public and so on - being trained by Lilac in the off-days to prepare her for the responsibility of being a queen.
Status: ACTIVE

Sexy Milla
Universe: EXPUNGED
Overview: EXPUNGED
Other Notes: EXPUNGED
Status: OH GOD WHY

Milla Basset (FP-626)
Universe: FP-626
Overview: Much like the other heroines, the Milla of this universe joined the Coalition of Planets after the defeat of Brevon. There, Milla was helped out to a respectable degree; her powers were trained, she was toughened up for battle and even made more durable in the process. She is currently setting out on an adventure with her own Lilac and Carol, as well as three other newcomers; [INFORMATION REDACTED] and War Lilac...for some reason.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla "Mechanic" Basset
Universe: FP-EVA
Overview: From the same universe as Sash "Pilot" Lilac and Carol "Co-Pilot" Tea. In this universe the fall of Brevon's warship the Dreadnought destroyed the Battle Glacier and released a number of creatures known as Angels into the world, which Lilac and Carol were hired to fight in bio-mechanical mechs known as "Evangelions". With Milla being far too young to pilot a mech like this, let alone fight in such dangerous battles, she was instead trained to repair and upgrade the Evangelions in order to keep them fighting fit and ready for battle.
Other Notes: Her WILLIE counterpart (Milla "Mechanic" Basset (WILLIE Operative)) is very much the same, perhaps even more optimistic despite the terrible events that destroyed her world. She visits the near-catatonic Carol with Lilac in tow several times, even going against Leader Neera's order to attempt to cheer her up.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-359
Overview: An amalgamation of Lilac, Carol and Milla that can best be described as a melted pile of Dragon, Wildcat and Basset Hound. It was created by Brevon, one driven insane by his defeat at the hands of Lilac. He captured her, lured Carol and Milla to him, melted them into a slurry with his technology and fused the three together in order to create a warrior completely under his control. He failed, and he was executed by the No-Zone Justice System for such heinous actions (as well as breaching No-Zone Multiverse Rule #324 Article 5; Fusions are forbidden). The resultant amalgamation has been put under quarantine in the No-Zone in an attempt at rehabilitation and possibly even separation.
Other Notes: Somehow even more psychotic and violent than War Lilac, approaching LiCarilla is strictly forbidden unless A: you are authorized to handle her and have the proper safety equipment (.50 Cal rifle, body armor, Respawn Pod just in case) or B: you have a death wish.

Milla Basset (Resurgence)
Universe: FP-545
Overview: In a timeline that splits off from the original, shortly after turning 11, this Milla set off on a quest to locate her parents, but instead ended up in another battle with Brevon when he invaded Avalice a second time. She's one of the five heroes to harness the power of the "Kuija Cubes," an ancient dragon technology that provides her with armor and upgrades to her abilities.
Other Notes: Even in the conflict, she never gave up on finding her parents, and ultimately did manage to discover leads to what became of them, surprisingly linked to the Magister.
Status: ACTIVE

Millan Basset
Universe: FP-AOS
Overview: From the same universe as Samantha Lilac and Capornicus "Carol" Tea. This Milla started recorded life as a street urchin, surviving on the streets when an accident at the factory she worked at removed her left arm. She was eventually picked up by the mayor of New Shangtuna, The Majesty (a man with a rather high opinion of himself) and subjected to a few experiments in exchange for food and shelter. The experiments involved attaching a steam-powered arm and fuelling it with Kingdom Stone energy, allowing her the ability to conjure up blocks and throw them.
Other Notes: Despite receiving the shelter and food, Mila was barred from exiting this shelter for "security measures", but when Carol found out about the overall more sinister intentions of The Majesty, she did indeed escape onto the streets...until Lilac found her, of course.
Status: ACTIVE

War Milla/Mia
Universe: Unknown
Overview: This Milla actually follows the original Milla very closely, at least up until the fateful battle where Brevon mutated her and forced her to fight Lilac and Carol. This mutation proved to be far stronger than any other and she managed to kill both Lilac and Carol without issue. Reverting to her previous form from fatigue from the battle, Milla promptly fell into shocked grief that left her catatonic for a long time. During this time, Brevon decided to make her one of his most loyal foot soldiers. Fitting her with new technology designed to increase the power of her attacks, Milla simply went along with Brevon's plans until her training. After which, she murdered Brevon in a rather violent fashion and vanished across the multiverse, looking for other Lilacs and Carols to call her own.
Other Notes: This Warmonger has more in common with the prototypical version (War Master) as opposed to the more cartoonish versions seen in War Lilac and War Carol. War Milla is cold, uncaring, surprisingly silent and yet the most psychotic out of the three Warmonger Heroines. Even War Lilac is said to be creeped out by her silent, murderous form. She has electrical prongs strapped to her arms and a generator strapped to her back, with various scar tissue where her powers have gone out of control once or twice. She attacks by channeling her Phantom powers into bursts of painful electricity.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (Shadowverse)
Overview: ZXX-003
Overview: A universe where Lord Brevon's Final Dreadnought crashing into the Battle Glacier released a very unusual infection onto Planet Avalice, corrupting and contaminating everything it spread to. It has led to a world endlessly covered in darkness where Brevon rules the planet and the original heroines have become his highest-ranking servants. Milla in particular serves as Brevon's ranged powerhouse, attacking any and all opponents with her powerful murder cubes. She and the others serve Brevon without question, but hope to one day destroy him and take over the planet for themselves.
Other Notes: This Milla looks rather different, having black skin and pink eyes from a combination of the darkness and the corruption. She also have a left corrupted wing that seems to have no proper purpose. Her personality has shifted from kind and courteous to radically aggressive and crazy. She does not get on very well with either Carol or Lilac, as neither pays her much attention.
Status: ACTIVE

Priest Milla
Universe: SK-002
Overview: The Milla from the world known as Echoland, a place where magic is both popular and common in usage. This Milla, already a "superdog" across the multiverse, is there very powerful even compared to her in-universe contemporaries. Aside from her still-present powers of creating blocks of energy, she also has the abilities of Geokinesis (the manipulation of the earth) and Chlorokinesis (the manipulation of plants and vegetation). Clearly, a love of nature runs through her body, and she seems to despise anyone who abuses nature for their own ends.
Other Notes: This Milla also has a very strange staff that, for reasons unknown, is capable of telekinesis (the ability to move and control any solid object). She is similar in personality to the original Milla, being calm and kind and happy to be around her friends.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-084)
Universe: FP-084
Overview: The Milla from Ground Lilac's universe. Tagging along with Carol when she abandoned Lilac to her fate, Milla followed Carol to the Red Scarves and like Carol was kicked out. Given a month's wages for their trouble, Milla and Carol headed home. When news of Lilac's paraplegia became known to them - through Lilac herself - the two agreed to help Lilac in any possible fashion they could.
Other Notes: Seeing as she is young and thus naive, this Milla seems to not fully understand the extent of both her Lilac's affliction and her depression. While loading her with this information this fast is probably an illogical move, it would perhaps be wise to slowly educate her on just how bad this is for Lilac.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (Suppressed Luminous)
Universe: FP-SL01
Overview: Milla Basset from the Suppressed Luminous universe. While still friends with Lilac, it was Spade that would defect from the Red Scarves (taking her and Carol with him) while Lilac would become the leader of the Red Scarves. Milla wanted to help Lilac come to terms with what the Red Scarves was, hopefully so that one day, she would leave and return to them instead. This was attempted when Brevon's invasion forced the team to seek the Red Scarves for assistance. While Lilac would give them help to drive Brevon away and save Carol, Lilac would not rejoin them. Not yet, at least. When Brevon was driven off, Milla continued to live with Spade and Carol, helping the latter to take things slower after her tussle with Brevon left her with hideous injuries.
Other Notes: Perhaps deviating the least from the general template, Milla is still very much an innocent, upbeat little girl that sees the best in everyone (with exceptions). She is one of few people that Lilac actively listens to, with Lilac feeling that Milla is the only one that she feels comfortable speaking to about personal problems. Milla also wears Lilac's old scarf, to remind Lilac that Milla considers her important.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-099)
Universe: FP-099
Overview: The Milla from the Blind Lilac universe. With Lilac captured by Neera and Carol running back home, Milla had no choice but to go into the Thermal Base and free Torque herself, which she accomplished via a measure of sneaking around and ensuring Brevon was not aware of her presence. With Torque saved and able to convince Shang Tu of Brevon's power, Milla sat by the sidelines as they and Shang Mu managed to bring down Brevon. With Lilac in Neera's care and Carol busy as the new head guard, Milla ended up in Spade's care within the Red Scarves.
Status: ACTIVE

Frost Basset
Universe: FP-196
Overview: The Milla from Frost Lilac's universe. This Milla leads the resistance against Frost Lilac and her tyrannical overlord, Empress Neera Li...or rather, that's what she wants Neera to know. It is technically Carol who leads the resistance, but being injured means that she cannot throw her weight in the fight. Instead, Milla is the face of the resistance, taking down Neera and her brainwashed cronies whenever she can.
Other Notes: Unlike her Carol, Milla is not sure if her version of Lilac can ever be uncorrupted.
Status: ACTIVE

Priestess Milla
Universe: FP-208
Overview: After being converted by Neera, and with the Majister on his deathbed, Lilac decided that Milla would be the best fit for the new ruler of Shang Tu...after some adjusting. Luring her to the Relic Temple, the two laid out an ancient Shang Tu Artifact for her to find. Upon touch, she was aged up into a wise alchemist queen to rule Shang Tu. Feeling more confident than ever, Milla would thank Lilac and Neera, and they would then decide what to do about Carol.
Other Notes: This Milla has a number of abilities that the standard Milla does not have. Specifically, her alchemical powers have been expanded upon greatly owing to the artifact used, allowing her to form entire constructs made out of green energy - not unlike her Green Lantern alternate from FP-052.
Status: ACTIVE

Not-Stoner Milla
Universe: FP-420
Overview: From the same universe as Stoner Lilac and Carol "Toke" Tea. Unlike those two, however, Milla is not a stoner and she does not use drugs. Perhaps a little bit of vaping on the side, but most of the time she's organic-eating and healthy. Because of this, she is the caretaker of the other two, keeping them in check and trying her very hardest to keep them healthy despite their usage of recreational drugs. She is a tired, doting mother and acts accordingly.
Other Notes: Much older than her duplicates, around 30 years of age. Gets crystals from Shang Tu due to her job as a carer for her versions of Lilac and Carol. Still has her powers.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Valentine
Universe: FP-A01
Overview: Born in the kingdom of Aurora, she has known her Lilac since childhood, her family having always been loyal servants of her Lilac’s bloodline. Having learned skills with a blade from her father, who was in charge of the palace guards, and skills in a kitchen from her mother who worked in the palace kitchen, Milla somehow found herself as her childhood friend’s future advisor. Displaced from her universe as with the other two, she follows her princess across the lands they encounter.
Other Notes: Much older than other Millas, around 18 years of age. It is believed that she also had an adopted younger brother, Torque, who sadly died on the night the kingdom of Aurora fell. It appears this Milla was aware of the multiverse long before her Lilac’s encounter with her counterpart Noctis, to the point she has contacted the No-Zone multiple times for an alliance.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (Freedom Harem)
Universe: FP-17H
Overview: A Milla from a universe where everybody is in love with Lilac, and Milla herself is no exception. While on the surface she may seem like your typical charming and naive Milla, she's actually sharply cunning and manipulative underneath. This Milla has a talent for getting what she wants, if not taking it by force when the manipulation proves ineffective. She has a tendency to throw herself into damsel situations in hopes of being rescued by her dragon-in-shining-miniskirt. However, in a situation that Lilac can't handle, Milla is quick to jump to her defenses. She also seems to have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with Lilac's hair. 
Other Notes:  It seems that this Milla had, at some point, been plotting a coup d'etat of the Magister. This is why she originally went after Lilac; she seemed like a good candidate for a suicide bomber. While she appears to have given up this plan in favor of seeking Lilac's heart, it may be best to keep up observations on this one.
Status: ACTIVE

Private Milla
Universe: FP-004
Overview: From the FreedomSwap Remix universe. Abducted from a young age by a crew of Chasers, she was brought up as one of their own and trained in their defensive tactics. She even has a little armband to help project shields and projectiles. When her crew was slaughtered by Lord Serpentine's army, she fled to the Planet of Avalice after shooting his Dreadnought down, rescued days later by Carol and Lilac. Though tempted by the promise of a regular life with these two, she mustered up the courage to inform them of her plight and lead them into battle.
Other Notes: While they were successful in saving Avalice, Serpentine managed to escape, and Milla made the sacrifice of returning to space to go after him and hopefully end the war once and for all. She hasn't been heard from since she left.

Monster Milla
Universe: FP-013
Overview: A Milla whose mutation at the hands of Brevon was never reverted. She was, however, brought back to her senses with some encouragement from Lilac. Left to Lilac and Carol's care and unfortunately too big to fit in the treehouse, she was built a large shelter of her own, where she spends most of her time. Milla can't communicate verbally in this form, so she's instead adopted more dog-like mannerisms to help get her point across. While docile, her form is incredibly dangerous, as Lilac and Carol will attest, and she has yet to learn how to control her powers. Approach with caution, as she may revert back to the monster mentality if she, Lilac, or Carol is threatened, even unintentionally.
Other Notes: When speaking to this universe's Lilac, she is recorded as stating that Torque returned to space with the promise of finding and returning with a cure for Milla. However, they haven't heard back from him since he left. Lilac is also recorded as stating that she's running out of money for dog food.

Universe: FP-512
Overview: After the disappearance of both Carol and Lilac, this Milla was put into the care of Neera-Li. When this proved disastrous, however, and Milla was transferred to the Red Scarves' care instead. Though hesitant, Spade took pity on Milla after hearing what happened. He trained her as his own apprentice, and the two grew quite close. However, things were brought to a screeching halt when a Scarf Mercenary stepped forward and challenged Spade to battle for his title; a battle that Spade lost. Luckily, the new leader has a soft spot for small fluffy things that kick butt, and thus took a liking to Milla. He declared her the Red Scarves' mascot, and gave her the more defining nickname of "Scarfhound." 
Other Notes: She acts as a scout and first-line defense for the Scarves, remaining loyal to this day, waiting patiently for the day that Spade returns.
Status: ACTIVE

Bosun Milla (Red Swords)
Universe: SK-005
Overview: The Milla from the Red Swords ship, an Atakebune-styled spaceship floating through space. Born on the ship in the same manner as Lilac and Carol, Milla spent a lot of her time being trained by Spade at a young age - to manage resources on the ship, to analyse and be able to repair ship parts that may need repairing or replacing and - after seeing early innocence - hardening her senses to be able to thrive in the bleak atmosphere of the universe. She grew up surly because of this, being close friends with Lilac (who she may have took pity upon) and less so with Carol. When the riot broke out and Spade was pushed out into the void, Milla took Lilac's side in blaming Carol for the accident, and managed to get the rest of the crew to turn against her. Now Lilac's right-hand-woman, she leads the crew and keeps control over both them and the various machines that make up the ship.
Other Notes: Because of how Spade raised her, she is serious, intimidating and a stickler for both regulation and perfection. She acts seriously towards the crew members, wanting the ship and all of its gadgets to be absolutely spotless and undamaged. Her day revolves around checking the equipment, reporting it to Lilac and keeping the crew members in line. Notably, as she was born around the same time as the other two, Milla in this world is equal in age to both Lilac and Carol.
Status: ACTIVE

Deadlock Basset
Universe: FP-199
Overview: The Milla from the Freedom Ranch universe. A direct 180 over most Millas in the multiverse, this Milla is a villain through and through. Working for this universe's version of the Red Scarves, the Red Scarf Bandits, Milla is second only to Gravedigger (this universe's version of Spade) and is the main muscle of his group. Sporting two high-calibre six shooters (Colt Walkers) alongside her Phantom Block powers, Milla performs most of what is expected of these types of characters; robbing banks and trains with joy, as well as terrorizing the inhabitants of Westward Mu.
Other Notes: Loud and Expressive, this Milla uses her small size and young age to her advantage. By juxtaposing her appearance and how she acts, she can confuse or shock those unaware of what she is long enough for her to pull out her guns and rob them. Meetings will be held to discuss wherever or not the No-Zone can intervene in this particular instance.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset - The Waitress
Universe: FP-140
Overview: The Milla from the Freedom Noire universe. Unlike the other two, Milla is not part of the Ruby Waistcoat mafia, though she is part of one of their establishments. Coming from a poor family with no education to speak of, Milla works near full-time as a waitress in the Club Fortune, sleeping in one of the rooms. Lavender Lucy has taken pity on her, paying for her room in the Club and keeping her safe from the people she herself works with. She is in no hurry to tell Milla that her surrogate mother is the main assassin for the most feared mafia on the block.
Other Notes: Unlike the other Lilac and Carol, this Milla was still called Milla from birth and, provided that she has her block powers, is unskilled compared to them.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-095)
Universe: FP-095
Overview: The Milla from Broken Lilac's universe. Choosing to not go any further with this attack on Thermal Base, Milla returned to Shang Mu and returned to life within its sewers, avoiding Neera's wrath and wondering what could have been. Once hearing about Carol's death and Lilac's incarceration, Mila panicked and went to the Red Scarves, who at first gave her no help. This is where our own No-Zone Anti-Paradox Action Response Team (or APART) stepped in and assisted both Milla and the Red Scarves in defeating Brevon. With Brevon defeated, Milla returned again to Shang Mu, this time under the Majister's care for later work in Shang Mu.
Other Notes: While Milla is aware of Lilac vanishing from her life, she does not know why. It would perhaps not be best to say that she went insane from a combination of Carol's death and Brevon's torture, otherwise, Milla might develop some issues of her own.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-077)
Universe: FP-077
Overview: The Milla from Brevon Lilac's universe, she did not hear of Brevon's takeover of Lilac before we managed to remove them from the native universe until proper instruction can be attained. Grabbed by Carol and taken across the multiverse, we eventually found her in Universe FP-057, seemingly either lost in time or abandoned by a mad Carol in a rage. Giving her food and shelter, we have been interviewing her for information on where Carol has gone and what she has been up to. More information will come along shortly.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla, Royal Apprentice Magistrate
Universe: FP-DOF
Overview: The not-daughter of the Magister of this universe, taken in as his apprentice. A child prodigy, high in intellect and pure in heart, one that quickly gained the Magister's attention by establishing herself as his most promising student. When her loving parents were killed in an accident, Magister decided to take pity on the poor girl and not ship her off to an orphanage. Instead, he adopted her as his own and set about training her to be his successor for when he passes away. Because of her secrecy, however, she was not good with social skills. So when Neera came to work for the Magister, he decided to place Milla in the same dorm room as Lilac and Carol to train her a bit. The world does not know Milla is his apprentice and hopefully will not know until the Magister deems the time to be right.
Other Notes: More skilled with her alchemic abilities than many of her counterparts, she's capable of shaping her magic into slightly more complex forms than just cubes. Her preferred method of attack is arrows, which she fires off using a short bow that she carries. Her aim could probably be better, but she is supposedly getting the hang of it. She is mature for her age, but also very depressed due to the death of her parents. She admires Carol and Lilac, even though the former bullies her constantly, though accidentally.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla the Minnow
Universe: FP-160
Overview: From the Pirate Planet universe, this Milla starts the recorded story as a young orphan who, homeless and hungry, stowed away aboard the Savage Dragon - sea-faring ship of Captain "Kraken" Lilac and Hooktooth Carol. She selected that specific boat owing to her seeing a daring escape from the two from the mainland's police force. After being discovered while counting their earnings from the escapade, Lilac and Carol decided to take pity on the child and keep her on the ship for simple chores, giving her the pirate name "Minnow" for her small stature.
Other Notes: This Milla embraces the whole "pirates life" thing the most out of the three, constantly going "arr!" and trying to sound like a Pirate, with limited degrees of success. Her main chores do seem to be scrubbing the main deck, maintaining the cannons and, in some cases, cooking meals for the three of them. Her Phantom Block powers are not as advanced as her counterparts, but she does get far by loading them into the cannons for massive damage.
Status: ACTIVE

Buried Milla
Universe: FP-560
Overview: The third in the group of Elemental Wraiths, Milla is the Wood Wraith (it is advised not to snicker about this around her) and the latest "addition" to the concept. As her name suggests, this Milla was buried alive - evidence points to Serpentine doing so, sometime after Brevon was forced off of the planet. Knocking Milla out, Serpentine proceded to bury her deep in the ground, providing just enough air so that her death was slow and painful. As with the others, Milla's soul would eventually run into Lilith the Demon Lilac in the Afterlife, and again would be granted an attempt at revenge. However, despite her new body, Milla could not go through with it, leading not only to Lilith herself doing the job (though just missing out by Carol getting to him first) but angrily stating that she would be within her "employment" for a while. Suggest keeping her in the No-Zone until Lilith can be dealt/reasoned with.
Other Notes: Perhaps the strangest of the three, Milla is probably the furthest from the "elemental zombie" archetype, especially compared to Drowned Lilac. If anything, she resembles a Marionette or a large wooden doll and moves as if she is being strung along by an unseen puppeteer. She is probably in the best condition of the three, with little flaking to her paint and the least amount of warble in her voice. Despite this, she is the most traumatized of the three, for good reason. Since Drowned is slowly becoming more accustomed to her predicament, suggest that she and Sash Lilac (FP-062) handle counseling for her and for Crushed Carol as well.
Status: ???

Milla Basset (FP-329)
Universe: FP-329
Overview: The Milla from the Crushed Carol universe. As with Lilac, she did not take it all that well when she turned on the TV and saw Carol crushed to death by Merga in a public display. Unlike Lilac, however, Milla decided that if Carol was to die like this then she would become a sort of martyr in the process. Using her death as motivation, Milla trained harder and harder every day that she could, getting her powers to be more and more powerful. Eventually, she was able to do things such as fire larger lasers and surround herself in Phantom energy. With the help of the Red Scarves AND the Coalition of Planets, this Milla stormed Merga's base and defeated her in single combat. She did not kill Merga, however, and instead had her incarcerated by the Coalition as vengeance for Carol's death.
Other Notes: She spends a fair amount of time in the No-Zone since her initial exposure to it, training other Millas to use their powers more effectively. While she is not aware of Carol's resurrection, she is aware of Lilac's "suicide by cop" fate, which she admits left a massive mental scar that she can only barely hide. Suggest counseling with any number of Lilac alternates to avoid this spiraling out of control.
Status: ACTIVE

Milla Basset (FP-000)
Universe: FP-000
Overview: The Milla from the universe where Lilac and Carol never left the Red Scarves. Because they never left to find their own way in life, and because this world's Brevon was taken out so quickly, Milla remained in the Shang Mu sewers as she had previously. In fact, when we took her in for questioning so we could add her to the No-Zone Archives, she was utterly confused when running into alternates of Lilac and Carol and has supposedly never heard of either in her own world. As far as she is aware, she is just a small sewer urchin with confusing powers and a worrying amount of people out for them.
Other Notes: It is unwise (and out of our jurisdiction) to try and connect this Milla with her Lilac and Carol. For all we know, this may happen naturally with time - Milla has stated that she wouldn't mind joining the Red Scarves if it meant food and shelter - and doing otherwise may cause a paradox. So try to avoid doing so. That means you, Zowell.
Status: ACTIVE

Changeling Milla
Universe: FP-602
Overview: From the Monster Planet, where every female on Planet Avalice is a creature based on mythological folklore. Milla is a Changeling - a type of fairie creature that replaces lost or abandoned children. Normally these Changelings are aggressive and antisocial, but this Milla is like any other - calm, sweet and kind. She still has a lot of the tropes of a Changeling, however; unusual birthmark, aversion to enchanted iron, high intelligence and high metabolism that results in a need to constantly eat.
Other Notes: Her appearance here is most unusual - if Changelings are the fairie replacements for lost children, should there not be a normal Milla as well? If not, who did she replace? This will need further research.
Status: ACTIVE

Activist Milla
Universe: FP-492
Overview: A Milla from the Naturist Planet, but mercifully not one to partake in such items as well. Instead, she is the chairwoman of the Cloth-wearing Lucid Others Targeting Horrifying Extreme Sexuality (C.L.O.T.H.E.S - it took them ages to come up with a good acronym, supposedly), an activist group directly opposed to the act of wearing no clothes and find it as a bigger disrespect against nature. She constantly butts heads with Lilac and Carol especially, seeing as they find their clothing a perversion of nature and wish to get rid of it at all costs.
Other Notes: This Milla is a little older than the other Millas of a similar timeframe, and wears enough clothing to cover everything BUT her head; gloves, boots, pants, a scarf, a hat, even a trenchcoat. She is a little surly by Milla standards, with a bit of a bitter kick to her as a result of dealing with Lilac and co on a daily basis. She has asked for our help multiple times, but we have refused - frankly, we have much bigger things to focus on.
Status: ACTIVE

Division Agent Milla Basset
Universe: FP-DV0
Overview: A teenaged Milla and current active Agent of The Division; a series of "sleeper agent" super soldiers that are drafted in and trained in multiple types of warfare (in Milla's case, seemingly against her will) and then released back into sociaty, then told to wait until disaster strikes. When this did so with the release of The Blue Virus in Shang-Tu. Her skills awakened and sent into the fray with Lilac and Carol, she enters the city in search of action and answers.
Other Notes: Within the group, Milla plays the role of the Sniper, favoring bolt-action and Marskman Rifles to pick off enemies at a distance, as well as Submachine guns for close fights. She uses the Tech Branch of Agent skills and uses a powerful turret to cover her flank, able to modify it for any scenario. Her Phantom Block powers have not shown themselves in her, presumably disabled or reduced by either The Blue Virus or the Division technology. For some reason.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-025
Overview: The Milla from the Antiverse, and it does show by a spectacular margin. This Milla is the complete opposite of the small, young, timid and yet polite and heroic "superdog" that she is known for in other universes. Instead, she is a violent, bloodthirsty, rude and gun-toting biker who is close to pushing 20 years of age and swears with every other word. Through unknown means (with the best guess being a botched crime resulting in having to go on the run), she has ended up in the same treehouse as the Lazy Lilac and Cowardly Carol, and now lives with them, often being the one to get finances for the three via... unsavory means. She has bigger plans, however, and wishes to use the two to take over the plant as she knows it, and wants nothing to get in her way.
Other Notes: Angry, crass and mean above all else, she tends to verbally abuse Carol if something goes wrong, or even if she's angry or just bored. She used to do that with Lilac as well, but ultimately she gave up because Lilac turned out to be too lazy to care. Not using the blocks every other Milla uses, she uses two high-calibre revolvers that she is somehow able to control the recoil of.
Status: ACTIVE

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Well, here it is. The Multiverse List for the final member of Team Lilac, everyone's favourite Superdog Milla Basset.

As with the others, you can help to expand this list by doing one of two things:

1: Suggest Other Millas
You just have to suggest the name, the universe they hail from (FP-, then three numbers), a general overview on what makes them different and wherever or not they're active in their world. Simple enough. Full credit will be given.

2: Draw established Millas
If you could draw what these alternate Millas may look like, that would be most appreciated. Again, full credit (and a link to the picture if available) will be given.

Bullet; Black Priestess Milla


Bullet; Black Milla Basset (Resurgence)

Bullet; Black War Milla/Mia
Bullet; Black Milla Basset (FP-626)
Bullet; Black Milla Basset (FP-356)
Bullet; Black Milla the Sniper

Bullet; Black Milla Basset (Shadowverse)
Bullet; Black Priest Milla
:bulletblack: Bosun Milla (Red Swords)

Bullet; Black Milla Basset (Freedom Harem)
Bullet; Black Private Milla
Bullet; Black Monster Milla
Bullet; Black Scarfhound
Bullet; Black Milla, Royal Apprentice Magistrate (co-owned with NoctisAxtonAurora)
Bullet; Black Milla the Minnow

Bullet; Black Milla Valentine
Bullet; Black Milla, Royal Apprentice Magistrate (co-owned with Spookyrus)
Bullet; Black Division Agent Milla Basset

Bullet; Black Changeling Milla
:bulletblack: Milla Basset (Surpressed Luminous)

Bullet; Black Milla "Mechanic" Basset

Milan Basset (FP-AOS) by me - Steampunk Milla, eh?
Changeling Milla by shadythedark - Monster planet Milla
Milla Basset (Surpressed Luminous) by shadythedark -…

 Added Milla Basset (Shadowverse)
07/01/17: Added Priest Milla
12/06/17: Added Milla Basset (FP-084), Milla Basset (FP-099), Frost Basset, Priestess Milla, Not-Stoner Milla and Milla Valentine
27/06/17: Added Milla Basset (Freedom Harem), Milla Basset (FreedomSwap Remix), Monster Milla and Scarfhound
01/09/17: Added Phase Scout Milla Basset and Mara the Hound
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09/02/18: Removed Milla Basset (Prime)Milla Basset (X) and Milla Basset (FP-201). Added Changeling Milla
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06/06/18: Overhaul of list (thanks to Spookyrus) and addition of Spillover List link.
08/10/18: Added Milla Basset (Surpressed Luminous) (Main List) / Added Milla Basset (Warzone Planet) and She of the Crimson Phantoms, Milla (Spillover List)
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19/05/20: FINAL UPDATE. Added Mythrill "Milla" Basset, Bosun Milla (Red Swords), Spider-Hound, Milla Basset (War Torque AU), Milla Basset (War Spade AU), Robo-Zombie Milla, and Milla Basset (Burned Spade AU)
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So, apparently. By making a discount Evangelion AU for Freedom Planet, I accidentally predicted Milla became a mechanic in FP2. And by then I didn't see nothing but the very first teaser.

This is Bizarre...