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Sash Lilac
Universe: FP-001
Overview: The original and quote-unquote 'first' Sash Lilac. This was the first to be documented, fighting Lord Brevon and defeating him despite all he did to her and her friends. She is currently gearing up to fight the second established 'villain', Merga, with her friends Carol and Milla.
Other Notes: Seems to be harbouring a serious case of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), due to the torture she suffered at the hands of Brevon. She seems to be burying it quite well, but the slightest provocation could set it off for good. Avoid any electrical accidents while around her, especially if a piece of toast has gotten stuck in a toaster.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Boom)
Universe: SB-001
Overview: Lilac's 'Boomiverse' counterpart. She lives in a more secluded area of Bygone Island, wearing the same sort of bandages and rags as the rest of that universe's inhabitants, and has yet to make contact with the main village. Her powers and personality remain the same as her original counterpart.
Other Notes: She has not been seen for several days in a row, either in her abode or in the village. The current estimate is that she has been kidnapped by local warlord Lyric in order to help him take over the island. Plans to storm his base and retrieve her have already been formed and will be commenced as soon as possible.

War Lilac
Universe: FP-115
Overview: The first, and most infamous, Fallen Lilac; Lilacs across the multiverse who have become corrupted/evil due to outside interference that goes directly against No-Zone Universal Disclosure #231. Denied the healing baths by Brevon and left to die in Shuigang chains, this Lilac slowly lost her sanity over time due to the stress of the torture weighing in on her mind. Being forced to kill Milla in her monster form was what caused Lilac to snap, losing her mind and taking on the personality of a crazed and unstable killer in the process. Absorbing the energy of the Kingdom Stone and killing near everyone in her world, she roams the multiverse trying to track down someone to blame.
Other Notes: Twisted, insane and utterly broken, War Lilac is a dangerous person to detain and should be approached with Level 5 Security Force. Yes, the highest level. Interstingly, as she has gone on, her personality has mellowed out to be snarky and bitter over just being overly insane.
Status: ACTIVE

Blood Lilac
Universe: FP-007
Overview: Classed as a Hellblood vampire. Came to be when Multiverse Vigilante (and No-Zone Police collaborator) Lowell Highcastle accidentally shot and killed her, then revived her using his bite-and-drain technique. She then travelled with them until she came to fall in with War Lilac and her "League of Extraordinary Lilacs". As such, Blood Lilac should be closely monitored at all times.
Other Notes: Blood Lilac is quite opportunistic and seductive, using her looks to flirt and charm anyone she can to drain their blood. If faced with her when her inner-eyes are glowing crimson, do NOT fall for anything she says or does; we're running out of Anti-Vampire Serum as it is.
Status: ACTIVE

Drowned Lilac
Universe: FP-009
Overview: Fallen Lilac. Once fighting against Brevon, she lost as standard and ended up at Brevon's mercy. But this Brevon did not merely shock her senseless to get information out of Torque. Hosting a planet-wide broadcast, knowing Lilac's friends would be watching, Brevon secured heavy blocks to Lilac's feet and pushed her into a massive water tank, broadcasting her painful and prolonged death to the world. With Lilac out of the way, Brevon began to destroy city after city, eventually getting to Carol and Milla. When offered life from demonic Lilac alternate Lilith in return for some work in her favour, Lilac was soon revived as a Water Wraith - a spirit of vengeance - and killed Brevon on the spot.
Other Notes: Drowned Lilac, perhaps fittingly, has been identified as having acute depression due to her death, spending her free time wailing and crying over those she has loved and lost. She also, due to her ghostly state, constantly leaks water from her eyes, mouth and nose, leaving her in a state of permanent dampness. This is an issue, as she also developed hydrophobia (a fear of water) from the events of her death. Recommend counseling with Zonar or Zash Zilac as soon as possible. Approach with caution until then. She was the first of Elemental Wraiths, the number of which is now steadily increasing at a disturbing rate.
Status: ACTIVE (?)

Sans Lilac
Universe: FP-356
Overview: Fallen Lilac. This Lilac, through a few unusual events, became empowered with an unusual energy that enabled her control of physical objects and water, at the cost of her physical durability and general energy levels. As such she is quite fragile and lazy, but extremely capable and powerful when push comes to shove. Approach with caution.
Other Notes: Another Lilac unable to access the healing baths and thus lacks her tendrils. Do NOT bring this up around her or touch where the tendrils should be; we don't know what she might do.
Status: ACTIVE

Evil Lilac
Universe: FP-231
Overview: Fallen Lilac. Another one of Traveller's mistakes; he was captured and tortured, forced into telling Brevon about Lilac and then fried to a crisp and ditched in the wilderness. While he cooled off, Brevon kidnapped the other Lilac and tortured her into submission, becoming his lackey in the process. Brevon, having conquered this Planet Avalice, sent Evil Lilac elsewhere to find Traveller and finish the job.
Other Notes: Traveller was saved by No-Zone Agent Amelia Rosalina, who decided to mess around with Evil Lilac by reprogramming the brainwashing to make her act as a fangirl towards Brevon, diminishing her threatening nature by a large margin (though Brevon was able to revert a fraction of the changes). That said, she is still a force to be reckoned with, as she holds onto semi-powerful versions of Brevon's blade and gun.
Status: INCARCERATED IN NO-ZONE PRISON (expected to escape some time next week)

Mauve Long
Universe: FP-GB1
Overview: A Lilac from a universe where the genders of most characters are reversed. He's a bit more playful and laid-back than the original Lilac, but can still be reckless at times. Aside from this, he is mostly the same as the original; his plans for a robbery with Carol's alternate, Carl, were cut short when Torque's alternate, Tourql, crashed nearby. After meeting Milla's alternate, Milo, the team went off on their adventure to defend the world from Empress Brevon. With the conflict over, Mauve and company are on a temporary break, but the conflict with their version of Merga is still very much coming around.
Other Notes: It's also of note that he has a considerably less bitter relationship with his version of Spade, named Queen. At the moment, no other normally-female Lilac has expressed romantic interest in him, unlike numerous male AND female copies of Sonic the Hedgehog.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Destroyed World)
Universe: SH-123
Overview: Another version of Lilac driven insane, but this time not by Traveller. After her torture session in the same universe (on a different world), this one was teleported away by an unknown person also. But rather than appearing in the ocean outside of the Thermal Base, she landed on another planet entirely, right in the middle of Station Square (United Federation - SH-123). This, along with the stress of the torture, drove her completely mad and she flipped out, attacking a few police officers before being taken down. She now resides in the St. Master Insane Asylum, awaiting treatment and rehabilitation.
Other Notes: She has been put in the care of Sonic the Hedgehog (SH-123), who is heading her treatment as well as general comfort/ counselling. He has done a surprisingly good job, to the point she responds only to him and has a habit of lashing out at others she doesn't recognize.

Sash Lilac (FreedomSwap)
Universe: FP-002
Overview: An otherwise unremarkable Lilac, with her main defining feature as taking Carol's place in the traditional universe; in other words, Carol is Lilac and vice versa. Because of this, SHE is the hot-headed, tomboyish ninja while Carol is the more girlish, wide-eyed idealist.
Other Notes: This Lilac managed to escape the torture of her counterparts, which went to her Carol instead. Because of this, this Lilac is one of the most stable, sane Lilacs across the multiverse and you should have little issue conversing with her if needed.
Status: ACTIVE

Lilith ("Demon Lilac")
Universe: FP-999
Overview: A Lilac from the edge of the visible multiverse (at least at the moment), this Lilac seemed to be like any other Lilac with no real changes to her. But something happened. It's not known if she was weak-willed or willingly allowed it to happen, but she came to be possessed by a demon from within what is known as The Void; the space between universes. Transformed painfully into a demonic figure, the figure took over Lilac near completely and claimed her body as its own. Dubbing herself Lilith, the demon now roams the multiverse, looking to make the lives of those cross her a hell-induced misery.
Other Notes: Appearance-wise, this Lilac can best be summarised as a counterpart to The Joker from DC-989; shadowy, loose in appearance (to the point of almost appearing to be made out of gas vaguely in the shape of a dragon girl) and eternally grinning. Her powers are suitably demonic, to the point of being able to revive certain dead alternates to serve her; what would become known as the Elemental Wraiths.

Super Lilac
Universe: FP-DCU
Overview: A Lilac with superpowers along the line of; Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, freezing breath and the ability to fire lasers from her eyes. In all, she appears to take after the Superman mythos, rather than the supposedly more apt Supergirl, Wonder Woman or Power Girl.
Other Notes: Sacrificed herself during a fight with Doomsday (their version of Brevon) by stabbing herself with a kryptonite lance. Regardless, she is expected to return in some form at a later date.

The Great Dragon
Universe: FP-DR1
Overview: Lilac the Wonder an actual dragon. She hails from a land where dragons are the norm, and acts as the leader of the Avalice Clan. She is powerful, fast and incredibly durable, so caution must be exercised if needing to confront her.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-037
Overview: A completely robotic version of Lilac, created after a few painstaking years by another version of Carol. The best guess on offer is that the original Lilac died while fighting Brevon and Carol felt guilty about her supposed hand in her demise.
Other Notes: The robot was created to mimic Lilac's appearance and abilities as closely as possible, including the Dragon Boost move. However, her AI is incredibly faulty and does not resemble Lilac at all. Care should be taken should anyone wish to help 'train' this robot to behave more like Lilac. Be aware that as of now, the robot is capable of Class X destruction and has (at best) a slippery grasp of morality.

Draco (Angel's World)
Universe: AN-GEL
Overview: A Lilac that died of natural causes and, for her hard work defending her world against people like Brevon and Merga, was revived as an Angel in order to protect those elsewhere in the multiverse. It is not something she is all that happy with, but she does it with almost unparalleled skill.
Other Notes: Draco has the ability to fly, is more or less invincible (but not immortal), can use her halo as a melee weapon and is capable of purifying those with darker souls. Annoyingly, it doesn't work on Warmongers; apparently their souls are beyond merely 'dark'. Which is rather apt in hindsight.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-298
Overview: An A.I who operates and powers the base for the Coalition of Planets. Friendly, if naive and a little bit spoiled, L.I.L.A.C is nevertheless good at the job she was programmed for and can handle the base perfectly well, to the point she is perfectly capable of defending it without guidance. However, she is still a little on the glitchy side, and is being patched each and every day to work out her bugs and flaws.
Other Notes: Because of this universe's current events (the attack of Merga), it is not known if this AI is named after a fallen Lilac or IS Lilac herself. Only further time and study of the main hub of the AI will tell.
Status: ACTIVE

Zilac (Zeti)
Universe: FP-W13
Overview: Zilac is a zeti through and through; brash, arrogant, insane, violent and obsessed with defeating their main adversary, which in this case is the Magister himself. Much like the other zeti in this universe, the Deadly Six from SH-001 (the original Sonic the Hedgehog universe) infected Lilac and mutated her into a Zeti in order to escape the meddlesome hedgehog and take over this new world, turning it into their plaything.
Other Notes: Only the Magister survived the initial invasion relatively untouched, with both Mayor Zao and Prince Dail also becoming infected, and he has forced Lord Brevon to help him stop the 'madness'. We are hoping to detain the latter once this mess has been resolved, while the Deadly Six will face automatic execution for their actions.
Status: ACTIVE

Zash Zilac (No-Zone)
Universe: No-Zone
Overview: "Our" Lilac, so to speak. Calm, considerate and overly helpful, she acts as an assistant to our medic Zonar and helps to council and comfort the various Lilacs who enter the No-Zone Prison. That said, she has asked about potentially coming on a few missions with Zonic and his team, citing her reason as "experience and training". More questioning and evidence will need to be presented in order for the higher-ups to consider this.
Other Notes: Out of all the Lilacs she has dealt with, she has gone on record to say her favourite Lilac to deal with was Drowned Lilac, while her least favourite was (unsurprisingly) War Lilac.
Status: ACTIVE

Let's Play Lilac
Universe: FP-825
Overview: The first of a quartet of Media Heroines from an unknown universe, presumably in a universe where Planet Avalice has more modern technology that better reflects our more current time period. She is a Let's Player, someone who records themselves playing video games for a living and posts them to video sharing sites. She tends to play a lot of horror games, puzzle games and Jerry's Mod game modes to entertain fellow Avalicians across the internet. She's the most famous Let's Player on Planet Avalice.
Other Notes: While not without her faults, people often say she is a standup gal who does a lot of charity work, mostly donating her funds from streaming, donations and merch sales towards them. Also reacts. A lot. Like, WAY too much.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-359
Overview: An amalgamation of Lilac, Carol and Milla that can best be described as a melted pile of Dragon, Wildcat and Basset Hound. It was created by Brevon, one driven insane by his defeat at the hands of Lilac. He captured her, lured Carol and Milla to him, melted them into a slurry with his technology and fused the three together in order to create a warrior completely under his control. He failed, and he was executed by the No-Zone Justice System for such heinous actions (as well as breaching No-Zone Multiverse Rule #324 Article 5; Fusions are forbidden. The resultant amalgamation has been put under quarantine in the No-Zone in an attempt at rehabilitation and possibly even separation.
Other Notes: Somehow even more psychotic and violent than War Lilac, approaching LiCarilla is strictly forbidden unless A: you are authorized to handle her and have the proper safety equipment (.50 Cal rifle, body armour, Respawn Pod just in case) or B: you have a death wish.

Fat Lilac
Universe: FP-005
Overview: The main change for this Lilac is rather simple; after her victory over Brevon, this Lilac erupted into stardom rather than becoming a local hero. This meant that Lilac got rather wealthy, allowing her the privilege to gorge on all of the high-quality sushi she simply couldn't obtain when she was a thief on the run. It got to the point she became rather...rotund. So when Merga was freed and attempted to destroy the Magister for his past actions, Lilac set out to save the day again. Which was, to her, quite difficult.
Other Notes: Despite everything, she loves her plush body, as she thinks it builds charm and character (as well as making her a lot more durable). Her own Carol, who remained thin, remains worried about her health while their Milla just appreciates the bigger hugs.
Status: ACTIVE

Buff Lilac
Universe: FP-006
Overview: This Lilac was born with an unusual and rare body deficiency that left her with a...strange alternative reaction to Brevon's torture. Rather than becoming damaged through the electrocution, it absorbed the energies and converted it to muscle mass. Quite a bit of it. The end result, as well as making Lilac resemble a professional body builder gone insane, also increased her strength by 500%. Crushing Brevon with her bare hands and curb-stomping the rest of his empire, this Lilac eventually returned to her life as best as she could with her new body.
Other Notes: Her universes' versions of Carol and Milla are both amazed and terrified by this new body, though Lilac herself seems to enjoy it. While visiting the No-Zone prison, she struck up a friendship with 'Buffy Rose', due to their similar body builds.
Status: ACTIVE

Queen Lilac
Universe: FP-320
Overview: After removing Brevon from their sector, the other two kingdoms banded together and kicked Prince Dail out of his castle for his actions, unaware of his brainwashing. Needing someone to take his place, they decided to put Lilac in there to rule Shuigang (Neera-Li objected to this, but she was executed). The Magister decided to help train Lilac how to properly run a kingdom; it took a good while of hardship and misery, but Shuigang soon returned to becoming prosperous under Queen Lilac.
Other Notes: Prince Dail returned to his brother's side in the Red Scarves, hoping to one day reclaim this throne. Due to this Lilac's lack of fighting skills from a good 16 months of non-combat, a few defense teams might be sent her way every once in a while.
Status: ACTIVE

Sexy Lilac
Universe: FP-724
Overview: Wherever it was through lucky genes, various surgeries or as a result from Brevon's torture backfiring, this Lilac grew instantly from a B-cup 15-year-old to an F-cup 18-year-old, complete with the rear and hips to match. Fighting Brevon and beating him as standard for these Lilacs, this Lilac would also become famous for her beauty, resulting in many (including a certain Mayor Zao) drooling over her wherever she goes. Seems to have gained a split personality; there is "Sugar" (the old personality who doesn't like her new body) and the self-dubbed "Spice", who is a lot more flirtatious and accepting of this new body. Whoever is in control can be determined by the tone of their voice; Sugar speaks like normal Lilac, while Spice speaks in an exaggerated, deeper and more flirtatious tone.
Other Notes: Attractive. Really attractive. She tends to get sour looks from Blood Lilac during their annual meetings, and a lot of No-Zone Police members find themselves unable to properly talk to her (even the female members). Shield all optical factors if needing to speak to her.

Sash Lilac (Clone)
Universe: FP-016
Overview: This Lilac followed a line of events some referred to as 'For the Better'. This Lilac relented during her torture, allowing Brevon to completely brainwash her if he let Torque go (he refused, of course, but it created enough of a diversion for Torque to escape anyway). This Lilac was therefore tortured and brainwashed into becoming Brevon's loyal servant, sent to obtain the biggest energy source on the planet. Lilac returned with the Kingdom Stone's energy, completing her mission without issue.
Other Notes: Owing to Brevon's usual mode of operation when dealing with people who have completed their mission (and his actions with this universe's versions of Dail and Serpentine), it is likely Brevon killed this Lilac after her mission was complete to avoid any loose ends. This act is, of course, unforgivable and proper action will be taken as soon as possible.
Further Research: It was kater discovered that the original Lilac was indeed killed by Brevon, and the one on record is a clone of her that Carol took in and rehabilitated.

Universe: FP-321
Overview: This Lilac follows an interesting path, to say the least. Once in her native universe, she somehow made the jump to another universe altogether; SH-FV2, a universe where combat was more common. Here she fought her way through a number of opponents, before finally defeating known Multiterrorist War Master (!) and finally passing out. It appears that her Brevon took this opportunity to seize and torture her as standard, but it appears that the past experiences caused her to snap like a twig, destroy the machine and kill Brevon.
Other Notes: DeadDragon takes her new name from her insanity. She also took a lot of Brevon's tech, including his pistol and blade, and uses them to great effect. As with War Lilac, Level 5 Security equipment should be on hand when facing her.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash "Pilot" Lilac
Universe: FP-EVA
Overview: This Lilac follows the same sort of story as the Original variant, up until her defeat of Brevon; rather than exploding in the air, the Dreadnought instead crashed into the Battle Glacier and melted the ice there. This released a flurry of entities and monsters known as "Angels" that, years later, attacked Planet Avalice. During that time, the Magister had claimed the Kingdom Stone as his own and set his scientists to create bio-robotic mechs known as "Evangelions", of which Lilac and Carol were tasked to pilot to take down this new menace.
Other Notes: As with the original Lilac, this one has buried her PTSD surprisingly well, but triggering it causes her mech to become extremely violent, along with herself.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Resurgence)
Universe: FP-545
Overview: From a universe where the timeline splits off six years after the initial invasion, this Lilac ended up facing Brevon a second time when he returned to the planet for revenge. While this second battle has been strenuous, it's allowed her to grow and change both physically and mentally, learning how to cope with her PTSD and getting an unintentional haircut. She was also the first of five heroes to unlock the power of the ancient dragon technology known as the "Kuija Cubes," which gives her access to new armor and enhanced abilities.
Other Notes: This Lilac is one of few to have confirmed memory of her parents, or at least her mother.
Status: ACTIVE

Lady Lilac
Universe: FP-003
Overview: A Lilac who managed to escape Brevon's torture device in the Thermal Base, killing Brevon and taking his dagger before vanishing into the woods to find Carol and apologize for her actions. She was captured by the Magister's forces, however, and sentenced to death. But the Magister himself, through surveillance, had seen Lilac take down Brevon and decided to spare her, taking her under his wing as his apprentice. He trained her in secret, designing her to be his replacement when he passed on. It took many years, but the Magister finally died from complications and Lady Lilac assumed his role.
Other Notes: This Lilac is a capable warrior dedicated to her people, using a modified version of Brevon's blade, as well as a whip made out of her own tendrils. Her PTSD is surprisingly well-handled, with all evidence pointing to an unknown Zonewalker helping her overcome it. She therefore has knowledge of Zone-Jumping and has even put forward possible cooperation with our forces. We will continue to study the agreement and come to a conclusion shortly.
Status: ACTIVE

Samantha Lilac
Universe: FP-AOS
Overview: FP-AOS is a Freedom Planet world which follows the conventions of the standard "steampunk" universe; Victorian-era society with modern technology that runs on steam. A Lilac who is a mechanic for the Dragon Valley Chop Shop in New Shangtuna, a city that literally runs on Kingdom-Stone-powered steam. 
Other Notes: She is the creator of the DragonBoost engine, a powerful and efficient engine that can run all sorts of mechs and even the jetpack Lilac wears that allows her...well, Dragon Boost moves.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Hecto)
Universe: FP-AUM
Overview: Much like Buff Lilac, this Lilac had a rather unusual reaction to the torture session at the hands of Brevon; rather than being damaged, she instead grew in size until she was roughly 3280ft tall. Effectively turned evil by the events, this Lilac acts in a rather mindless manner and attacks anyone in sight for a number of reasons (be it anger, justice or just pure spite).
Other Notes: There is not enough information to correctly predict if this reaction has happened (or will happen) to anyone else from this Lilac's universe.
Further Research: It seems both Carol and Milla have indeed become giants as well, but they appear to have retained their sanity and do not randomly attack others like Lilac.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-912
Overview: This Lilac actually managed to get to Brevon in the final battle, but Brevon was seen to slay Lilac in a single strike. However, this Brevon worked in a rather different manner to others; rather than outright killing his prey, his blade instead caused his victims to melt into piles of slime and serve him. The same happened to Lilac, reducing her body to gunk, but she somehow resisted the brainwashing part and covered Brevon with her slime, devouring him. Steering the Dreadnought into the nearest asteroid, Slimlac returned to Avalice and went on a rampage, devouring the Magister and Neera-Li in the process. It was only via Carol Tea's intervention (assisted by us) that she calmed down and allowed herself to incarcerate.
Other Notes: This Lilac is an unusual "limbo" Lilac, hosting neither her original body or mind, but with the slime creature taking on a close approximation of the former and the almost exact approximation of the latter. Because of this, she is constantly at war with herself, knowing she is both Lilac and not Lilac at the same time. Approach with caution.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Gundam AU)
Universe: FP-MSG
Overview: A most unusual Lilac who's timeline changed as early as first finding Torque in his crashed spaceship. Here she and the others became embroiled with soldiers who had been somehow warped to Planet Avalice, who used large mechs known as Mobile Suits, with a specific one being expert pilot Amuro Ray and his Mobile Suit "Gundam". After fighting off Brevon and getting actual therapy for what he did to her, Lilac received training from many Gundam Suit pilots and eventually managed to lead her own 8-man Mobile Suit team across a number of famous and large-scale battles.
Other Notes: After Brevon's attack, Mobile Suits became incredibly common as the three kingdoms decided to create them using stolen tech from Brevon's ship. A number of conflicts Lilac has lead her team into include The Merga Conflict (Avalice), Operation Stardust (U.C. Earth Sphere), skirmishes against notorious madman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (Earth-STHX), the Gryps Conflict (U.C., a.k.a. the war against the supremacist TITANS group), and the Neo Zeon War (U.C., Glemy Toto's War).
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Shadowverse)
Universe: ZX-003
Overview: A Lilac hailing from what is known as the Shadowverse; a world created when Brevon's ship crash-landed in the Battle Glacier rather than exploding. This released an unknown infection across Planet Avalice that infected and corrupted everyone and everything, turning them darker and more violent. Lilac was the first to be corrupted and seems to have been affected the worst by it, becoming incredibly violent and sadistic. She is unstable and bloodthirsty, attacking anyone that isn't Brevon, even Milla and Carol. She is Emperor Brevon's second-in-command, ensuring total chaos across the planet and keeping him in power above all else.
Other Notes: Lilac is also the most visibly corrupted by the liquid, having tendrils reduced to sharp bones, sharper hair, a longer tail and claws on both hands and feet alongside the grey skin and glowing red eyes. She blames her Milla for Carol's kidnapping, despite Milla having nothing to do with it. Lilac also has some very minor memories of what happened before, but they became corrupted over time and she sees Lord Brevon as the be-all and end-all in her world.
Status: ACTIVE

Ground Lilac
Universe: FP-084
Overview: A Lilac from a universe where the Hellblood Vigilantes interfered with her world in the same manner as Traveller's attempts. Stuck in her world for reasons unknown, the team fought with Lilac up until the Thermal Base. Their support member, Nikolai Pentreko, took the electrical torture for Lilac, giving Lilac and the others time to save Torque and destroy the base. As the base went down in flames, Brevon managed to steal Lowell Highcastle's custom handgun and shoot Lilac directly in the lower part of her spine, rendering her a paraplegic.
Other Notes: With the healing baths destroyed, this Lilac is basically confined to a wheelchair. Considering that this has removed her speed (and her tendrils burnt up in the fire), this has led to Lilac feeling like the biggest "part" of her has been removed - and she suffers from depression as a result. Suggest a few sessions with the therapist team followed by physical therapy.
Status: ACTIVE

Paladin Lilac
Universe: SK-002
Overview: This Lilac comes from a version of Planet Avalice that is incredibly bizarre; known as Echoland, the planet is mostly comprised of floating islands and waterfalls, and magic is both incredibly powerful and incredibly common. This Lilac, being a holy warrior known as a Paladin, therefore controls ice as her power, able to create icicles and icebergs alike, alongside using a large greatsword to her advantage.
Other Notes: This Lilac has a different attire, wearing light blue and lightweight armour covered by a white cloth tunic, as well as having proper dragon wings instead of her tendrils. She is also the main catalyst for the events of this world, having defeated Brevon and restoring peace to Echoland years before she met Carol and Milla.
Further Research: She seems to be behind the kidnapping of the Shadowverse Carol. Exactly why, however, we still do not know. Suggest that Lady Lilac bring her into the No-Zone for questioning.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Suppressed Luminous)
Universe: FP-SL1
Overview: The Lilac from a universe known by its unusual codename of "Suppressed Luminous". The events of this world are very much the same, with the main difference being Lilac and this version of Spade, in that they have switched places. Lilac is the remaining head of the Red Scarves, broody and murderous, while Spade lives with Carol and Milla.
Other Notes: According to interviews and resources, there is evidence that this Lilac is a skilled fighter, she has killed someone in the past (to the point that Spade defected from the Red Scarves), she has no knowledge of the multiverse and is a "tsundere"...whatever that is.
Status: ACTIVE

Blind Lilac
Universe: FP-099
Overview: A Lilac who ended up blind. The story at the moment is that she was fighting Neera. Neera attempted to freeze Lilac's legs to stop her moving but managed to somehow miss and hit her eyes instead. The ice shattered, sending shards of ice into her eyes and damaging them beyond repair. When it was revealed that Lilac and her friends were right, however, Neera was racked with guilt and quietly takes care of Lilac in her spare time.
Other Notes: Despite her predicament, this Lilac does not let her blindness bring her down. In fact, she uses this fact of her life to help out other Lilacs with physical disabilities - we have assigned her to Sash Lilac of FP-084 to help with her paraplegia and depression.
Status: ACTIVE

Frost Lilac
Universe: FP-196
Overview: Twisted beyond comprehension, this Lilac dutifully serves Neera-Li as her second-in-command among an army of Neera clones. In this universe, Neera decided to betray the Magister and use the powers of the Kingdom Stone to better her own and get rid of the thief problem of her kingdom. Transforming any thief into a clone of herself, powers and personality included, Neera turned Lilac and stormed the Magister's castle, dethroning him and gaining all of the control over Shang Tu.
Other Notes: Unlike the other Neera clones, Frost Lilac got to keep her species and general appearance, albeit with a number of changes. Her clothing resembles Neera's to a great extent and her tendrils have been cut off and transformed into two ice staff weapons that she dual wields. She is fanatically loyal to her leader and will do anything for her - a fact that has made all resistance towards Neera's rule futile.
Status: ACTIVE

The Sole Survivor
Universe: FP-111
Overview: A Lilac that did not attempt to escape Shang Tu following her imprisonment, following to her being frozen in time by Neera-Li, forever stored in what was known as The Vault. 200 years passed before Lilac was revived, during which Planet Avalice had fallen and become a post-apocalyptic wasteland from the three Kingdoms and their civil war. Mentored by Torque Garvey, leader of the Minutechasers, Lilac made it her goal to return her world to as normal as she possibly could.
Other Notes: While avoiding the torture other Lilacs have suffered, this Lilac has still changed over time. At first unskilled and unwilling to use firearms, over time she learned that she would have to use them to survive. Cold, unflinching in combat and able to break down and reassemble firearms in a matter of seconds, she has become feared by all matters of raiders and bandits as General Sash Lilac, leader of the Minutechasers.
Status: ACTIVE

Stoner Lilac
Universe: FP-420
Overview: To put it bluntly, a hippy. This version of Planet Avalice has attributed a more Western 60's style as opposed to more Chinese-type mythology, resulting in a very different world where things were more peaceful - and recreational drugs such as "weed" are very easy to come by, even for small children. Lilac in particular is a heavy user of these items, spending her days smoking weed and playing around with Carol (who keeps bumming her normal smokes) and Milla (who does not indulge in any manner, acting as their caretaker at times). She is still a force to be reckoned with, however; she has managed to beat Brevon in single combat as standard, and unlike other Lilacs actually managed to avoid the torture - or wasn't hurt by it due to the sheer amount of drugs in her system, we are not sure.
Other Notes: Very mellow, very calm and very collected. Friendly with the other Lilacs, especially War Lilac and Drowned Lilac, and at times she is one of the only ways to calm them down. Likes to offer a "toke" to other No-Zone Members - REFUSE IF ASKED.
Status: ACTIVE(?)

Princess Lilac Axton Aurora
Universe: FP-A01
Overview: A Lilac from a universe with four kingdoms instead of three. Born as the princess of Aurora, her bloodline granted her access to a number of abilities, such as the ability to make "phantom" weapons out of Kingdom Stone Energy the ability to freeze and control water. With her kingdom destroyed by a "Dark Master" and being displaced from her own timeline, this Lilac may have avoided the torture but still suffers from grief from the loss of her old family and friends. She has teamed up with a being known as Sash Noctis, becoming romantically involved in the process.
Other Notes: Please be warned it has been reported that she has encountered a version of herself called Noctis Axton Aurora, who shares a similar AU to her, and both have come to view each other as siblings. It is recommended we keep an eye on this "brother" of hers and take action if need be to separate the two.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-208
Overview: A lighter version of the Frost Lilac universe, this Lilac was captured by Neera-Li and it was her that was sent on the secret mission, not Lilac. With Lilac demoralized and ultimately humiliated by this turn of events, Neera eventually decided to take pity on her and train her in her own ways. With Neera's looks, clothes, powers and even parts of her personality, Lilac leads Neera's forces as her general, working with fellow Li Carol-Li to prosecute thieves - and task them with the Kingdom's protection.
Other Notes: As stated before, this Lilac has all of Neera-Li's powers. That is, she has ice powers and an acute sense of justice. She also has the ability to transform people into people like Neera herself, either just gaining her clothes and personality like Lilac herself or turning them into Neera outright.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Freedom Harem)
Universe: FP-17H
Overview: A Lilac with stunning looks but ultimately none of the intelligence, this Lilac is oblivious to the fact that near everyone on the planet is in love with her. Indeed, she is oblivious to a lot of things as she is, in the wise words of War Lilac, "as sharp as a bowl of jello". Due to her lack of intelligence and even basic problem-solving skills, however, she may have a point. She is nevertheless as spunky and heroic as any other Lilac, even to the point of calling herself the hero of Avalice long before Brevon arrived.
Other Notes: She is still quite powerful as a hero, however, due in part to the amplification of her powers through unknown means - she destroyed Brevon's ship by Dragon Boosting through the core and actually surviving without issue. Nobody can determine what makes her to attractive to everyone.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-004
Overview: From the FreedomSwap Remix universe. This Lilac was forced into the sidekick role when her Carol rashly sped off into imminent danger after her bike was crushed by the blown off wing of a certain spacecraft. She wears her tendrils in a braid, which reduces her mobility significantly, but allows her to hit harder than she would be able to otherwise. Though she accompanied Carol throughout the battle against Lord Serpentine, she wasn't completely certain of what was really going on, and mostly just wanted to make sure that Carol didn't get herself killed. 
Other Notes: Because she plays the sidekick in this universe, Lilac was able to avoid the torture that many of her counterparts face. However, this came at the price of nearly being forced to witness Carol's execution at the hands of General Brevon. Milla and Torque were thankfully able to prevent this from happening. Today, Lilac remains close to Carol at all times.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-512
Overview: A Lilac successful enough to return the Kingdom Stone without issue, she was captured by a crazed Serpentine and pumped full of unlabeled alien chemicals in a failed attempt to torture her. Instead, the chemicals changed her physiology to the point that, upon mere exposure to moonlight, she transforms into a powerful and uncontrollable were-creature. After killing Serpentine and maiming Carol, Lilac fearfully fled into self-exile to avoid hurting the innocent.
Other Notes: This transformation made several changes to her base form as well. Most notably, it restored her hearing and left peculiar black markings all over her body. Her own Carol as attempted to track her down and cure her condition, with little success. Plans are currently being put in place to reach out to this dimension's Carol and arrange a proper rescue mission. Suggest consultation with one of the many Werehog alternates in the meanwhile.
Further Research: It's become apparent that the relationship between Werelac and her Carol is not entirely platonic. More on this at a later date.
Status: ACTIVE

Captain Lilac (Red Swords)
Universe: SK-005
Overview: This incarnation of Sash Lilac originates from a universe where the resources on Planet Avalice were drained, and many abandoned the planet and took to the stars in the hope of finding a new home. Lilac was born in this unusual circumstance, into a band of space pirates known only as the Red Swords. She would live aboard their main starship, acting as janitor and cleaning up after the others, yearning to be better. Years after this, an argument over navigation blew up into a full-scale riot on the deck, during which Lilac enacted a plan by pushing leader Spade over the edge of the hull and into deep space. She would blame Second Mate Carol for the incident and, avoiding punishment, would go on to commandeer the captain's chair. Now, she sails around the skies, stealing supplies from other ships and depots, planning to amass a huge army of ships while avoiding the wrath of the Federation of Avalice all of the while.
Other Notes: One of the few "mean" Lilacs in the multiverse, Captain Lilac is an opportunist, a backstabber, ambitious and falsely affable in an attempt to disguise her intentions until she is close enough to strike. Her ship, its name unknown, is said to resemble an Atakebune - massive, supposedly iron-planted Japanese warships of the 16th and 17th centuries.
Status: ACTIVE

Miss Lilac
Universe: FP-199
Overview: The Lilac from the Freedom Ranch universe. She is similar to her FP-140 counterpart in that she is a singer for a bar, in this case, a wild west dancer in the Hound and Horseshoe bar down in the little town of Westward Mu. Wearing a light blue and yellow dancers outfit, she helps keep the bar afloat with entertainment and songs, though by night she is also a rancher running the eponymous Freedom Ranch a small mile down the road. Lilac was the first to witness Drifter Torque's arrival into the city, finding his crashed wagon and moving him to the ranch, nursing his wounds. From there, she would witness his rise to Sheriff in the town and fight back the invasion from Deadeye Brevon and other bandits.
Other Notes: Compared to other Lilacs, this Lilac is calmer, more sophisticated and a hard worker through legitimate business as opposed to the template Lilac's criminal background. While without her speed, she still knows how to handle a six-shooter owing to the arrival of Drifter (and later Sheriff) Torque, as well as using her tendrils to act as powerful whips.
Status: ACTIVE

Lavender Lucy - The Femme Fatale
Universe: FP-140
Overview: The Lilac from the what is known as the Freedom Noire universe. The lead glamour singer down at the Club Fortune speakeasy, this Lilac is said to do the impossible and unite all from the cesspool known as Shang Ti, keeping her place busy with her singing skills and her curvaceous body. But, underneath the glamour, she is an assassin within the Ruby Waistcoat Mafia that uses her looks and her wits to outsmart those who fall for her wiles.
Other Notes: Skilled with a silenced pistol, Lucy works by luring in those looking for a good time, sweet-talking information out of them...and then making it look like an accident. Her legal name is Lucy and she has never been called Lilac in her life - something she is finding hard to take in once introduced to the No-Zone. She doesn't mind, though; interviews have revealed she finds her name to be unique.
Status: ACTIVE

Broken Lilac
Universe: FP-095
Overview: Sometimes called Realistic Lilac by a few of the more embittered within the No-Zone, this Lilac got her nickname from the more realistic turn of events she was subjected to. Not possessing as strong a will as the other Lilacs, subjection to Brevon's torture broke her mind in two. Released back into the populace as an example, Lilac lasted a few hours in Shang Mu and then snapped completely, reducing her to a crying, babbling husk beyond even War Lilac. Branded insane, she was locked up in the Elder Magister Insane Asylum in Shang Mu. Since her Brevon has since been dealt with, she is currently in our care within the No-Zone Rehabilitation Centre,
Other Notes: Completely traumatized by the events, Lilac's mental state has regressed to that of a feral, almost animalistic child; she does not speak, communicating in only pained whimpers or physical gestures, and lacking even the most basic of modern manners. Ever since she attacked War Lilac (after the latter had mocked her), she is now locked into a straightjacket.

Brevon Lilac
Universe: FP-077
Overview: Racing in on Brevon with Team Genesis (with No-Zone backup) in hot pursuit, this Lilac decided to be a bit reckless and stormed ahead without our backup, trying to fight Brevon one on one. This was something he wanted all along, having built a machine to transfer his consciousness into her head, effectively stealing her body for his own deeds. He was successful in this endeavor, so now Brevon's mind is in Lilac's body while Lilac's mind is lost in Brevon's vast network of computer systems. Arrested and threatened with a long jail sentence, Brevon was given one ultimatum - work with us to get Lilac back, or rot in a jail cell. They chose the former.
Other Notes: With a male mind in a female body, they have decided to avoid the fuss and goes by gender-neutral pronouns such as it and them. With Brevon's raw strength and Lilac's ample frame and speed, as well as custom versions of Brevon's armour, blaster and knife, they are a force to be reckoned with. Ensure they are escorted by a bodyguard at all times - not only for our protection but for their own. Plenty of Lilacs have had their lives ruined by this madman, and many will want to take advantage of this specific situation because of it.
Status: ???

Sash Lilac (Paradox AU)
Universe: FP-062
Overview: A Lilac where we had to intervene owing to Carol breaking the timeline and working with Brevon at the last second. We intervened during the torture, at this was the exact point that the timeline broke and we, therefore, had to be swift to avoid a paradox. Having taken down both and incarcerating them, we brought this Lilac back to the No-Zone to heal her wounds, though she did regain consciousness too early and stumbled across the rest of the No-Zone too early. She now stays in the No-Zone, passing her days by swimming around in our community pools, while we analyze and reset this universe's destiny to avoid any paradoxes.
Other Notes: This version of Lilac likes water quite a bit. She enjoys floating in pools, as mentioned before, and finds it a relaxing and calming experience. Incredibly, she has become big friends with Drowned Lilac, acting as ad-hoc counsel with her and helping her get over her fear of water.
Status: ACTIVE

Lilac, Daughter of Neera
Universe: FP-DOF
Overview: In this universe, Lilac is the daughter of Neera-Li (an accidental one, according to Neera herself), with the unknown father having walked out on them long before Lilac matured. With no clue how to be a parent, Neera trained her prodigy to be a fighter first and a person second, treating her poorly and frequently getting into small feuds with her. Lilac, for the most part, only seems to wish to impress her mother. When fired from her position in Shuigang, Neera moved over to Shang Tu to work for the Magister, taking Lilac along with her. Now she is in a new location and is struggling to deal with both her overbearing mother and the burgeoning (and alien) friendship between her and fellow alternates Carol and Milla.
Other Notes: Because of her upbringing, Lilac is very socially awkward and cannot interact that well with others; even trying to buy something from a shop is difficult for her, purely because she has had little social interaction. She is half-Dragon, half-Panda and like Neera is trained in the art of Cryomancy (the manipulation of ice). Her relationship with her mother is on thin ice and is close to breaking, but she doesn't want to fall out with her mother and in all just wants Neera to love her.
Status: ACTIVE

Captain Sash "The Kracken" Lilac
Universe: FP-160
Overview: From a Planet Avalice where the style is based on fantasy piratical adventures instead of Chinese mythology, this Lilac is the Captain of a small ship known as the Savage Dragon. Originally a crewmember of The Crimson Garnet along with fellow piratical plunderer (urgh) Carol, until Captain Spade's actions grew too violent for their tastes and they quite literally bailed, jumping overboard and swimming to shore. Now she sails the Savage Dragon across the many seas of Planet Avastice, hoping for gold and jewels to plunder. Unfortunately for her, despite acting all tough and confident, she actually is not that good of a pirate.
Other Notes: Claims to be strong and fearless in interviews, but she does still have a moral compass of some kind, most probably owing to her experiences aboard the Crimson Garnet. She dresses in the typical pirate style, wields two cutlasses she dubs her "tendrils" and is missing an eye, hidden beneath an eyepatch. However, she will not divulge how she lost it.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Crushed Carol AU)
Universe: FP-329
Overview: The tale of this Lilac is quite tragic, in a way. Coming from the same universe as Crushed Carol, she witnessed first-hand as Merga broadcast Carol's death to the world at large. Put simply, Lilac's resolve was utterly demolished by the scene of it, sending her into a flying rage that resulted in her attacking Torque in blind anger, before being sent home because of it. After the rage subsided, she fell into a deep depression that no-one could shake her out of, something that continued for months on end as Merga continued to control more and more of the planet. Finally, unable to take it anymore, Lilac slowly made her way to Merga's base and simply - and calmly - asked the conqueror to end her life for her. Merga did so quickly and cleanly, decapitating Lilac with a single strike, before going on with her own unknown plans.

Abigail (Buried Milla)
Universe: FP-560
Overview: The Lilac from Buried Milla's universe. As can be expected, she went near insane from the grief following Milla's death, but unlike a lot of other examples of this, she did not turn into a violent psychopath for it. Instead, she sort of went into self-exile, wandering the world as a homeless bum with little to her name. Renouncing heroism and even her own name for the most part (she abandoned "Sash Lilac" and just goes by "Abigail"), she wants no part in the rising tensions between the three kingdoms, and frankly could not care less if they were all blasted into rubble - "nothing of real value would be missed" she noted, with explicit reference to herself. Traveling her world with no real goal outside of forgetting who she even is, this Lilac has fallen into a deep depression and is showing no signs of recovery or hope.
Other Notes: Dresses in blue rags and carries a backpack full of essential items, for the full hobo loadout, and she also wears her tendrils in a long braid. She has grown accustomed to sleeping rough on the streets of the cites, and in fact has noted that she has trouble sleeping in the beds within the No-Zone because she's used to harder, colder surfaces. She has not seen her Carol in a while and considering what became of her, that is perhaps for the best.
Status: ACTIVE

Sash Lilac (Zeroverse)
Universe: FP-000
Overview: The Lilac from the FP version of the Zeroverse - a universe that deviates from the original in such a way that the main events do not even happen at all. In this universe, rather than leaving the Red Scarves owing to Spade's ruthlessness, this Lilac decided instead to accept Spade's actions and stay in the Red Scarves for many years. Climbing through the ranks slowly but surely, Lilac in particular slowly grew to adapt Spade's sudden onset of cruelty into herself, becoming cold and violent, as well as incredibly brutal to fallen opponents in the name of making a point to the others. When Brevon crash-landed nearby, Lilac was swift in slitting his throat and dumping his body in the lakes, ending the story of the other universes before it even started. For this alone, Spade stepped down from his position and gave the title of Grandmaster to Lilac. Now she rules the Red Scarves powerfully, coldly and quite successfully, with Carol as her second-in-command.
Other Notes:  This Lilac's coldness extends to her personality. She is uncaring of many others outside of a select few, stoic and unnerving to talk to even when in a good mood. She wears the same black shirt and red scarf as Carol does in the main universe and wields a standard blade as her weapon. She looks down on most other Lilacs she has met, calling them weak and spineless. That said, she does find herself intrigued by the sort of paths they take. She is especially impressed with both Freedom Snake and War Lilac. It would perhaps be wise to keep them away from her for the time being.
Status: ACTIVE

Siren Lilac
Universe: FP-602
Overview: From a universe known as Monster Planet, where every female member of Planet Avalice is some kind of mythological creature. Lilac is a Siren; a creature from "Greek" mythology that often takes the form of an attractive half-human/half-fish creature to lure sailors to their death. This version is a little different, as Lilac is more of a standard aquatic creature with fins and sharp teeth. While antisocial nearly by design, she does wish for something more from beyond the water. She spends her days swimming around the lakes of Planet Avalice, hunting for food and a mate in equal fashion by luring people to her using her soothing voice - and her sharp claws.
Other Notes: As a fish creature, this Lilac lacks legs and is often carted around in a giant wheeled container full of water whenever visiting the No-Zone. She can alter her vocal chords to sound like anything or anyone she pleases - a lot of other Lilacs take great pleasure in asking for specific voices, while plans are being formulated to use her normal voice to keep War Lilac docile.
Status: ACTIVE

Goddess Lilac
Universe: FP-AE1
Overview: In this world, Lilac managed to get ahold of and manipulate the Kingdom Stone. Normally this would fry someone of her stature, but this event caused the powerful object to fuse with her and transform her into a massive being of pure energy, to the point that she is considered a god by many who come across her. Slowly going mad with the power until deciding she was an actual goddess, Lilac pledged to protect not only Planet Avalice but the entire universe from harm, while also seeking out and punishing those who call her a false god.
Other Notes: Her powers include changing size, her standard Dragon Boost and Cyclone moves and the ability to seemingly warp reality itself (though wherever or not this is related to Phantom Ruby energy is unknown). She acts very destructive and god-like, booming voice and all, and looks down on those who don't believe in her - she even killed her Neera for this, crushing her under her fingertip.
Status: ?!?!?!?!??!!

Naked Lilac
Universe: FP-492
Overview: A Naturist Lilac. For the uninformed somehow reading this, a Naturist is one that respects nature with a very strong sense of extremism towards it; So extreme, in fact, that they abhor clothing and prefer to go through their lives wearing as little as possible - or indeed, nothing at all. With nearly her entire world being one big nudist reserve, Lilac's life is otherwise little different from others, as she did manage to fight off Brevon all the same. Though most likely he left himself in sheer disgust over anything else.
Other Notes: Personality-wise, this Lilac is very similar to her alternates; calm, kind, heroic to a literal fault and compassionate. However, she is something that other Lilacs tend to not be; she can be overly smug because of her world and her upbringing, adamant that being naked is the best (though not only) way to respect nature. War Lilac, in particular, is creeped out and repulsed by this one and avoids her whenever possible.
Status: ACTIVE

Division Agent Sash Lilac
Universe: FP-DA0
Overview: A Lilac currently in her older years and wound up becoming a Strategic Homeland Division Agent, which is just shortened to her being part of "The Division". Trained to be an active soldier with the ability to use just about any firearm with a high amount of skill, Lilac and her team became "sleeper agents" of a sort, waiting until a great disaster struck Planet Avalice. This took the form of "THE BLUE VIRUS" striking Shang-Tu and causing it to be quarantined. With her skills awakened by The Division, Lilac and co stepped into the city to fight off the infection and see what caused it in the first place.
Other Notes: While we were not allowed to interview her or her three fellow Agents we were allowed an interview with their Commanding Officer Division Agent Neera Li who is currently WIA due to events before Lilac’s arrival. She was to meet up with Rouge Agent Brevon, but he escaped just before, leaving the three stranded in the city. This Lilac prefers submachine guns and rifles, and is the supposed Medic of the group.
Status: ACTIVE

Universe: FP-025
Overview: The multiverse-standard "anti version" of Sash Lilac. Raised on the Planet of Avarice, this dragon girl mooched and mumbled her way through life, getting everything for nothing and overall acting like a total slob. Even when Brevon began his (completely ineffectual) attack on the planet, she lay back and attempted to lazily bargain with him for her life. When he was removed via Anti-Milla, Lilac would go on to be her advisor, a job she performs admirably despite her own lethargy.
Other Notes: This Lilac seems designed to be the opposite of the standard Lilac in near every way; where Lilac is active, she is lazy. Where Lilac is courageous, she is a coward. And where Lilac is a hero to the people, she'd rather sit back and save her own hide. That said, her opposite side means she hides a masterful amount of tact and cunning, and it is clear that she is intelligent and forward-planning when she can be bothered to do so.
Status: ACTIVE

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Anyway, this is an interesting little Collab I'm thinking of working on, on-and-off throughout the year. The point is to categorize as many Sash Lilacs as possible from across the known Multiverse, each with their own little quirks and personalities. Fat Lilac, Thin Lilacs, Strong Lilacs, Weak Lilacs, Lilacs that fit in the palm of your hand or let you ride on the shoulders of giants. They're all welcome!

And yes, I said Collab. Because I was thinking that I could get this as a larger-scale, collaborative project. There are two ways you can help to...expand this;

1: Suggest Other Lilacs
You just have to suggest the name, the universe they hail from (FP-, then three numbers), a general overview on what makes them different and wherever or not they're active in their world. Simple enough. Full credit will be given.

2: Draw established Lilacs
If you could draw what these alternate Lilacs may look like, that would be most appreciated. Again, full credit (and a link to the picture if available) will be given.

With that, enjoy! :D (Big Grin)


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Bullet; Black Sash Lilac (Suppressed Luminous)
Bullet; Black Siren Lilac

Bullet; Black Sash "Pilot" Lilac

Bullet; Black Mauve Long


Bullet; Black Zilac the Zeti by SunniestSunflower - Project Zilac
Bullet; Black Lady Lilac by Doodles626 (character by Dragonwolf122191) - Lady Lilac Concept Art
Bullet; Black Samantha Lilac by me - Steampunk Lilac, anyone?
Bullet; Black Sash Lilac (Hecto) by KingCourier - Project Lilac: Sash Lilac (Hecto)
Bullet; Black Sash Lilac (FP-084) by me - A Dragon Without Her Wings
Bullet; Black Sash Lilac (Shadowverse) by KingCourier - Shadow Lilac
Bullet; Black Drowned Lilac by Doodles626 - Drowned Lilac - Contest 2nd Place
Bullet; Black Buff Lilac by Zarnon11 - Buff Lilac
Bullet; Black Sash Lilac (Suppressed Luminous) by shadythedark - Redesined Surpresssed lumous Lilac
Bullet; Black Siren Lilac by shadythedark - Monster Planet Lilac
Bullet; Black Goddess Lilac by KingCourier - Goddess Lilac
Bullet; Black Sash Lilac (FP-545)  by CCI545 - Freedom Planet Resurgence: Lilac (Enhanced)
Bullet; Black War Lilac by me - War Lilac Bio (2017/2018)

UPDATE (18/07/16): Added Sash Lilac (FP-624) and DeadDragon
UPDATE (19/07/16): Added Sash "Pilot" Lilac
UPDATE (25/07/16): Added Zalgo Lilac and Sash Lilac (FP-626)
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UPDATE (15/04/17): Added Frost Lilac 
UPDATE (31/05/17): Added Sole Survivor and Stoner Lilac
UPDATE (08/06/17): Added Princess Lilac Axton Aurora
UPDATE (10/06/17): Added Lilac-Li
UPDATE (27/06/17): Added Sash Lilac (Freedom Harem), Sash Lilac (FreedomSwap Remix) and Werelac
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UPDATE (02/10/17): Added Miss Lilac, Lavender Lucy, Broken Lilac, Brevon Lilac and Sash Lilac (FP-062) ...How many of these have I made, again?
UPDATE (20/01/18): Added Lilac, Daughter of Neera, Captain Sash "The Kraken" Lilac, Sash Lilac (FP-329), Sash Lilac (FP-560) and Sash Lilac (FP-000)
UPDATE (09/02/18): Removed Sash Lilac (Prime), Sash Lilac (X) and Sash Lilac (FP-201). Added Siren Lilac and Goddess Lilac.
UPDATE (15/02/18): Changed Sam Lilac to Mauve Long, edited Lilith's entry.
UPDATE (06/06/18): Overhaul to list, thanks to Spookyrus, added link to Spillover List
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