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'I wanna fly high...'



"But I'll never leave the ground again."

Well, I certainly would have liked to know that SFM has a burning, almost Satanic hatred for laptops and refuses to work on them in any meaningful manner. I couldn't even render it because the viewpoint kept flickering between the completed shot and an uncompleted version of the same shot and it MERGED THE TWO when I tried to render. And I spent a good three hours just trying to move Lilac's model across to the area without it warping into SlenderLilac.

...Right, gotta go update the Multiverse List again now.

Regardless, my time with SFM was...stressful, to say the least, but I think I have the general gist of it. I'm not sure if I'll keep using it, as there are a few problems with it, again mostly on laptops (chipsets can't beat graphics cards, apparently. The fact my laptop is pretty much dragging itself along these days is also a probable cause). It's not like it's all that hard to use; once I got the general idea of it, I actually had a lot of fun tweaking everything to make it perfect. All things said, I think I did a pretty good job!

Anyway, what is this about? Simple. This is Sash Lilac of FP-084. Yes, the same depressed paraplegic Lilac from my vaguely popular (it has 120 views, dammit!) picture, "A Dragon Without her Wings" ( It's one of my personal faves, actually. Basically, this Lilac managed to avoid the torture, but was shot in the spine by Brevon during the events of Thermal Base. She ended up a paraplegic (for those who don't know, paraplegic means you lose control of everything from the waist down; quadriplegic is neck down) and - with the healing baths destroyed in one of Brevon's attacks - confined to a wheelchair. So...yeah, she isn't happy about it. Far from able to walk, let alone fly like a proper dragon, she just sort of spends her time being depressed, having to have Carol and Milla help look after her and hoping that any of the three kingdoms might be able to help her. On her off days, when it gets to her and she breaks, she is often found on the edge of Dragon Valley, looking at the sky above her and hoping she can one day move like her old self again.

Don't worry, I'm sure Torque will give her some exo-legs or something. Freedom Planet: Advanced Warfare, calling it now.

So...yeah, that's supposed to be Dragon Valley. I was going to place Lilac on the rocks in front of her, didn't really want her on an out-of-place white building BUT I couldn't get the wheelchair to properly sit on the rock's uneven edges and I couldn't be arsed to try and fix it after a while. First try, and all that. I think the hardest thing to do WAS the posing, though. The rotation gui isn't the most helpful when you have to look at it from multiple angles and the limbs tend to distort and warp if you go too far. Her right shoulder did, hence why you see her from the left. If you want links to the tutorials I used to help make this scene, just ask.

So...yeah, I hope you enjoy! I think this might the most professional-looking thing I've made so far.

Wheelchair Model: Wheelchair Pack by Rokay (…)
Lilac Model: Freedom Planet trio by Anculus Noob© (…)
Background: sfm_Alamo by Custard1 (…)
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Awww, how sad :( poor Lilac... I want to jump through my screen and hug her and tell her that everything will be ok. I really like the lighting on this piece.