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Sodor Freight Rolling Stk. from Thomas and Friends

This is a drawing of the freight rolling stock that are usually pulled by each of the engines on the Island of Sodor on Thomas and Friends.  

Top Row: Open Wagons (empty)

Second Row: Open Wagons (Filled with coal)

Third Row: S.C. Ruffey (Filled with ballast)

Fourth Row: Utility Vans

Fifth Row: Flying Kipper/Goods Vans

Sixth Row: Salt Vans

Seventh Row: Cattle Trucks

Eighth Row: Tank Wagons

Ninth Row: Hector the Hopper Truck

Tenth Row: Brake Van and Toad (Oliver's Brake Van).  

The open wagons, S.C. Ruffey, Utility Vans, Flying Kipper/Goods Vans, Salt Vans, Cattle Trucks, Tank Wagons, Hector, Brake Van, and Toad are owned by Anchor Bay Entertainment/HiT Entertainment.
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it weird seening faces on the utility van but cool all the same
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I agree.  But check out this other picture involving Toad and Henrietta.  
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but the utility van have giving me an Idea for a new character  
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Great job on all these. :)
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Thanks, Kodimarto.  I did a good job making them as accurate just like they are seen on TV.  
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You're welcome. :)
I'm not sure if I've ever seen a utility van with a face before. =(
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One of utility vans helped the other trucks biff Thomas down Gordon's hill in the Season 1 episode "Trouble For Thomas."  
I think I remember that.
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Also check these out.…

These are drawings of the passenger rolling stock pulled by the engines on Sodor.  
Nice. I haven't seen the old coaches in a while.
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They have only appeared in the first and second seasons of Thomas and Friends.  I also noticed that the red express coaches have not appeared in the CGI episodes.  Now only the green express coaches are mostly being used.  
Not to mention that they actually spoke in Season 1. It would be interesting if they got the Henrietta treatment in which they got a face and a voice just like Henrietta did in Season 18.
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I did notice that Toby's coach Henrietta now has a face in the CGI series.  This was in reference of the fact that Henrietta did have a face as see in one of the Railway Series books.  I wonder why Ol Wheezy on Misty Island or Happy Hook at the Dieselworks have not been given any faces.  
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