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Nostromo PS CS6 layout + by MasterOkiAkai Nostromo PS CS6 layout + by MasterOkiAkai
Just learned that the Nostromo had a driver released to make it Mac compatible.
Saw this little baby months ago when i went to get CS6 but left it behind cuz the package was saying it had no Mac compatibility. Wish i had done some research, now i'm just late to the game. ^^

Now that i have the Cintiq, i find the gestures of the touch pads that i had previously raved about to be clunky and inefficient compared to the express keys and shortcuts. Gestures are still more intuitive and better for doing multiple moves at once but i've griped too much about how my programs don't all use them the same way or with the precision i'd like. And the express keys Wacom has provided since the Intuos 3 have been a great boon for customization. But I find myself having to stop what i'm doing to reach for them or hang my arms in a tiring or otherwise uncomfortable position.
I have found since the Intuos 3 i have been using shortcuts more and more frequently and i can now understand the people who have said they're shortcut dedicated. They seemed like they were stuck in their old habits and not taking advantage of the new tech. But I was wrong.

But nothing is perfect.
The nostromo is just a key pad. It let's me put all my shortcuts in one place in fingers reach so no more hunt and peck or sitting with a keyboard in my lap. it gets to stay in one convenient spot and my hand gets to rest on it comfortably and my fingers can reach all the keys i need easily and the ones i can't are assigned to shortcuts that i don't need often or should not be pressing accidentally. The best thing to do would be to get the scroll wheel to work as the brush size adjustment, however it still does not cooperate with photoshop or Sketchbook in that fashion. Haven't gotten to try it with SAI yet, but since SAI didn't like gestures at all, i'm hoping that it will like the nostromo. Also the thumb stick is pretty bleh for games or heavy use, and the precision with diagonals is horrid. BUT it makes for a d-pad which gets you 4 more buttons that are easy to remember.

I did look into the orb weaver, the successor to the nostromo and I decided that it was too much for too much money. This little guy i think is better suited for artists, though having real rest customization is a nice touch.
I've found several users out there who have posted their builds and such, so here is mine, for CS6. And this is ignoring my button selections for the Cintiq+stylus. I have doubled up my most used and typical functions so i don't need to access my menu bar, which is actually on another screen now. So working this with the Express Keys as efficiently as i can will theoretically speed me up even more.

I honestly can't think of anything else i can do to make my tools fly any faster. Gestures sure, but i have not liked how they have behaved thus far and i haven't liked Wacoms touch performance as yet. Plus i don't need my greasy fingers being on this screen anyway XD

+ Adjustments
replaced the eye dropper with default color (I already have the eyedropper on my stylus clicker so i don't need that one doubled up, but i do reset my colors frequently)
removed the fit to view function on the scroll wheel (stopped working properly, the scroll wheel just wants to do it's scroll wheely thing in PS)
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PhantomX999 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just recently got this game pad along with Manga Studio 5 and a Graphics tablet all half off and I'm so happy with everything. Haven't programed all the keys yet but, hadn't needed too yet. Just waiting for the tablet to come in. So all i can do right now is vectoring practice. Just wanted to say Thanks again.
MasterOkiAkai Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
You're welcome.
An addendum that should be added. Razer Synapse 2, while glitchy, also allows for customizing your nostrum AND was able to allow me to finally use the scroll wheel.
Still working well and going strong. I checked out some more of the newer keypads from Razer, which looked nifty but not an improvement for the price over the Nostromo.
So have fun! ^
PhantomX999 Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this could be helpful. might have to give it a try.
MasterOkiAkai Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i went with a gaming pad rather than an office calculator style pad just for the sake of more buttons and superior ergonomics.
THe newer Orb Weaver has more buttons and no scroll wheel, but it's TOO many buttons for an artist and too too big for my hand to use comfortably.
But since i started using it, it has certainly changed the way i work, improving speed and efficiency by a good leap.
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May 20, 2013
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