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Moonswift Reference by MasterOfZen Moonswift Reference by MasterOfZen

Aniya Silverwood


5'6" (barefoot)


- Energy harnessing for blasting only

- Water- and air-related magic casting

- Super speed (only when a full moon is visible in the night sky)

- High resistance to disease

- Unaffected by non-negative harmful magic (dark magics are her weakness)

- Doesn't require sleep (but is a learned habit)

- Skilled tracker and hunter with bow and arrow

- Enhanced sense of smell


- Zen (husband [parted due to his death])

- Red Ravager / Jason Lamarr (crimefighting partner, lover)

- Princess Pink / Alana Silvermayne (daughter counterpart in the Silvermayne dimension1)

- Hero Searcher / Arinn Silvermayne (son counterpart in the Silvermayne dimension)

- Sweet Justice / Abigail Silvermayne (daughter counterpart in the Silvermayne dimension)


- Lucia
- Deedlit


- Lucia


- Met Zen when she was part of a four-person elven squad to deliver an elven child Nanari to the protectorship of Fi'ane2

- Despite protests and the wisdom of her long-lived elven elders, she falls in love (and eventually marries) with short-lived human Zen

- Vowed never to speak to Zen after he killed their son Arinn at the height of the Purity Purge3

- Fell into a massive depression two days later after Zen was murdered

- Nearly lost her soul to the arch-devil Gurgtrich in a deal to be with her son and husband again4

- Outlived her daughters Alana and Abigail and her grandchildren before deciding to venture to another dimension for a fresh start

- The superhero culture of the Silvermayne dimension prompted Aniya to adopt a superhero identity--Moonswift

- Magically disguises her appearance to look human and blend in with the populace

- Sold various (useless) jewels she brought from home to become financially independent in the Silvermayne dimension

- Learned of the disappearance of her dimensional counterpart and joined forces with the counterparts of her children: Princess Pink / Alana Silvermayne, Hero Searcher / Arinn Silvermayne, and Sweet Justice / Abigail Silvermayne

- Met Red Ravager / Jason Lamarr when on a mutual mission to apprehend the slavemaster of runaway children

- Fell in love with Jason (and he with her) over the course of months and near-death experiences

- After professing their love for each other, she has never lost a battle when on a team with Red Ravager

- Coincidentally crosses paths with a metaphysically-displaced Zen, reigniting the love they shared centuries ago and causing friction with her new lover, Jason Lamarr

- Aware of Jason's ire at competing for her affection with a "dead man", she does her best to minimize discussing her past

- Now she must contend with

-- fending off the enemies she's made as Moonswift
-- continuing the search for her dimensional counterpart
-- being torn between helping Zen return to his position as an Agent of Order5 and keeping him alive
-- the emotional turmoil arising from the love triangle she suddenly finds herself in

1: The current dimension that the story primarily takes place is referred to as the Silvermayne dimension. Zen's and Aniya's original dimension is distinguished as the Silverwood dimension.
2: Fi'ane is an elven mystical stronghold that specializes in defending its protectorate against invaders from the Outer Planes.
3: An era when those of mixed lineage (the Mingleds) sought to destroy those of pure heritage (the Pures) believing in the hegemony of mixed races.
4: She was saved by the souls of Zen, Arinn, and all available Zen Masters in a battle that banished Gurgtrich to the nether regions of the cosmos.
5: Souls that don't pass directly to a final destination in the Outer Planes become soldiers of the Supremacy War engaged among the Forces of Good, Evil, Order, and Chaos. Agents of Order strive to preserve the cosmic balance between Good and Evil and eliminate uncontrolled Chaos. All Agents are dispatched on assignments to serve their superiors' interests throughout time and space.
Amaniwolf Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2010
I like Moonswift, she tends to get in trouble.
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