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Hello there, my dears!
I didn't want to talk about this before, but I changed my mind after having recieved Deviant Art staff's response to my report of such a rude user, so I am going to tell everybody about this awful person.

The story starts today when I logged in and check all my notifications and find such a horrible comment on one of my latest deviations, which is in fact one of my favourite comic pages I have done until now. I flagged the comment as SPAM and I am not sure if you will be able to read it, but it said something really horrible and disrespectful about my works: I always write below my deviations descriptions that people is not allowed to use my works, in fact the are under a concret CC license shown on my profile and Tumblr account, yet this user claimed openly to have reposted my art several times and to have no intention of stopping.

Thruth be told, I think that is not true, since I checked the user profile where I couldn't see any of its information, probably because it's such a coward that blocked me so I couldn't respond to his acknowledged behaviour, but the basics
said that account was activated 3 weeks ago. So I thought for some stupid reason this user just wanted to annoy people and write offensive stuff because of its idiocy.

However, I knew the correct way to act was to report such disrespectful behaviour to DeviantArt staff, so I wrote them:
    "Hello, there.

I am not sure if I should report the issue here or where, but I recieved a really mean comment on one of my latest deviations (…) from a user I have never talked with. Its user name is "Ovarloadedwhitestuff" and openly says it has been reposting my comics when I have been stating clearly for years in all my Deviaton descriptions no one is allowed to use my works.
I find this not only personally insulting as an artist who has tried so hard during all these years to gain exposure by OC art, but also an opened threat to other users. I have been investigating on this user, however it has no deviations, description, and its profile states it created its account 3 weeks ago, and truth be told I couldn't find anywhere my pages reposted, but it looks suspicious enough for me to be reported.

I really don't know what to do but reply as polite as I can its rude comment, block that user, and report it. I hope to find a solution to this anxiety with your answer.
Thanks you so much in advance."

There was no evidence, as said, of this user harassment but the comment itself, or even evidences of what it said on the comment was truth (which would be really stupid for its part), yet I felt uneasy enough to report it. However, this is DeviantArt's answer I got.

A Song for a Star page 65 by MasteroftheSword

    "Hello MasteroftheSword,

There is unfortunately nothing that our staff can do to address such a vague and unproven statement, nor could we possibly address any possible infringement of your content which occurs outside of DeviantArt."

WHAT?! Is the staff really going to do nothing about it? I mean, imagine it would be real, I have been working so fucking hard for two years, living with 100€/month, unemployed, buying my art supplies thanks to my patrons (whom I love from the very bottom of my heart), fighting for being noticed despite of drawing almost no fanart, and paying my Internet bills thanks to a comic contest I won, eating rice and pasta every day and dealing with my diabetes and anxiety attacks, and no scum is going to repost my art and tease me and expect I will cry in a corner and tell no one about it. DeviantArt staff decided such a rude and intolerable behaviour was not sufficient for having this user banned, and it would have been enough for me if they would just tell me they would keep an eye on that user or something like that. Yet not even that.

So my only choice, as you can see, is to write about the experience in order to warn all of you about this unpresentable person, and I urge you to report you this user, or whoever ever offends you, to the staff, so they may change their policy, because disrespect must not be tolerated in any form.
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Thedummyplayer Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
What a dirtbag, it's sad to see good people like you having to deal with idiots like that. Hopefully this gets resolved soon enough. Stay strong.
MasteroftheSword Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Stronger than ever! Shamefully enough, I don't think the user will be banned unless more people report about its disrespectful and offensive comments. However, I have no doubts it will happen some day, sooner than later, if it keeps such behaviour.
Thanks for your kind words, dear!
Thedummyplayer Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He'll eventually get banned, that is for sure. Hopefully you're feeling better by now. Good luck! :)
UnfadingLight Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so sorry this is happening! You don't deserve this...
MasteroftheSword Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
No artist deserve such horrible comments, but I feel much better now I have writen about it (and went shopping and got a lovely mug with my new rooibos lemon pie tea).
I believe in karma and all that stuff, so let's say I just believe the Universe will return to that person all evil deeds it's doing someway ;)
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July 9, 2017
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