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Yes, dears, for the very first time, I'm taking commissions because the time has come.
I mean, I'm not studing anymore and it's time to earn money and claim my freedom and indepencence and all that stuff you'll sure understand. So, here I am! :D

Let's explain!

I’ll draw knights and dragons for you! And witches! And the chosen undead!
Here or there, an epic battle or a calm and quiet moment singing to the Sun. Or a comic!
And whatever, I’ll do my best.

GRAPHITE (basic grey scale plus little colour) A5 for 5€ or A4 for 10€
 But that night he dreamt of the past. by MasteroftheSword this one or this one too.

SIMPLE (graphite/ink plus basic colour) A4 for 20€ or A3 for 25€
Death Of A Hero by MasteroftheSword or  Black Wood Stories #16 by MasteroftheSword also this one

COLOURED (mixed media)
 270x350mm for 40€ or A3 for 45€
Nameless Nightmare Rider by MasteroftheSword  Thinking About... by MasteroftheSword  Green Hill Explorer by MasteroftheSword Mare Battle by MasteroftheSword

COMIC (mixed media)
A comic page will cost like an illustration, so the price will have the same conditions (size and technique), but, of course, if the comic has two pages, the price would be as two illustrations.
NEVER SURRENDER or WINTER NIGHT pg 244 by MasteroftheSword  Black Wood Stories #9 by MasteroftheSword Words That Weren't Meant To Be Listened pg9 ENDING by MasteroftheSword THE LAST QUEST pg4 by MasteroftheSword

How long does it take me to make an illustration? Well, it depends. Like everyone I have my good and not-that-good days, so the first example for graphite was made while having breakfast, but the coloured example with the black dragon took me four or five days. And I'm still working on an illustration project right now, it's almost finished but if any unexpected issue happens...
It's super nice if you know what exactly you want me to draw, but granting me complete freedom is even nicer!
The artwork will be delivered via e-mail. Print quality PDF. It will also be considerated sending the original work in the mail, but shipping is not included in the price.

More things!
Sure it looks I only draw knights and sword and sorcery stuff, but I can draw astronauts too. And fanarts or your OCs, for sure.
And, I'm not going to lie, the bigger is the paper, the better I work.

Contact me via mail for questions and requests:

Payment via Paypal in two instalments, first half at the beggining and second half at the end.

I will only take 5 commissions at once because of a quality issue (I want to do my best!)

I won’t draw anything I feel unconfortable with, of course. And, requesting me a commission means you accept the conditions written above.

And that's all I think!
Don't hesitate to ask me any doubts, and have a really nice day!

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Submitted on
October 31, 2015


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