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:heart: Hello, my dears! :heart:
I suppose you noticed I'm not as active as I was last months, uploading an artwork per week, but I have my reasons!

The truth is that I'm illustrating a childen's book for a contest, YAY!
So I gotta work hard because the contest deadline is in September, and there are so many things to do! Thankfully my writer, the author of the story, is a mega cool dude (he always wears sunglasses), and we have no problem when we gotta talk about the project and our opinions.

So, I presume I'll get all work done in a couple of weeks (when I work I'm as fast as Sonic), but then I'm going to began a personal new project: A comic.
But this comic will be different because I'm going to autopublish it and I'll go to the book stores and ask for permission and sell them. WHOAAAAAAAAA.
If I had more followers on my Tumblr I would have announced it and sell it online too, in English, but since it's not the case... Well, may I do a short print run in English. I'll think about it.
I'll post all the progress on my Tumblr and some pages here on DA.
What? What's the comic about? About sword and sorcery, of course!
My werewolf knight (Shu) will be the main character and he'll have to protect the forest foxes clan from a two-headed snake-like wyvern. WHAT? Oh, yeah, I already made an illustration about it.
Trapped in the Snake Nest by MasteroftheSword
I presume it'd be around 50 pages. I believe. I hope.
No title yet.

So, the matter is that I'll be working on it, so don't worry if I don't upload something for a while.
But I'll keep uploading illustrations here because I'm always working. I JUST LOVE IT!
BTW next illustration gonna be awesome, I've already sketched it, but since I have to work for the children's book and I'm finishing my latest soup opera part one---
You are invited to follow me on Tumblr. I post sketches nearly daily :heart:
---> <---
As said, I post almost everyday there, sketches and character designs, even some comic pages of my current project WINTER NIGHT, and some other original stories, like "A Poppy who loved a Sunflower", or the nameless story about Coco, the wandering wizard.

Well, that's all, I think, my dears.
I'm going to be bussy, but it's Summer time, so you gotta eat all ice creams you can. I won't be able because I'm diabetic, so I'll only have one per day.
Life is hard, but I play Dark Souls and praise the Sun.
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Submitted on
August 1, 2015