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Hey there dears and buddies!

As some of you may know I have a PATREON page from which I earn some dollars so I can buy new tools and materials for my illustrations and sketches. So first of all I want to thank my patrons because thanks to them I was able to improve by buying my absolutely awesome PENTEL brushes. My eternal gratitude to them.

So, after thinking a while, I decided to create a YouTube channel so I can post there fragments of my making of process of the illustrations I make. For instance, yesterday night I uploaded a fragment of how my lastest illustration Another Broken PROMISE was done. It is the fragment in which I paint with watercolours my ginger prince's hair.

The full videos will be only available for the patrons who would pledge for it, but in this channel I will always post at least a fragment of the video per month, and then I will post it here so everybody can watch it! :D

Another Broken PROMISE by MasteroftheSword
So that's all! I just wanted you to know about it :D Feel free to follow me on Tumblr for almost daily sketches, or become my patron so I can buy new markers and watercolours. Links above!
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September 4, 2016


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