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From the Azure Sky -in process- by MasteroftheSword From the Azure Sky -in process- by MasteroftheSword
If you thought I was doing nothing, you were wrong!
I've been working so hard and playing ARC THE LAD 2 so crazy -but I couldn't play as much as I wanted because the work- for the two latest works for Painting class.
This is my Experimental work: it consists in using non-pictoric materials in a painting, and I decided to use feathers. Natural feathers, and they smelt like the hell when I got them. But I bath them and they now have no smell at all... The blue color is encaustic made by myself and the white color is oil.
This is just a fragment, I'll upload the whole painting once it's finished.
I titled my work "from the Azure Sky" because when I put the feather there it reminded me of Bamung, from dot HACK... Yes, I'm pretty mad, how could even an abstract painting remind me of a videogame character?
I should take a rest.

BTW, I'm getting ready for my illustration Summer project, it'll be like a little diary made with sepia ink.
Hope you like it
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May 12, 2013
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