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COLORS OF HEART pgs 8-9 by MasteroftheSword COLORS OF HEART pgs 8-9 by MasteroftheSword
Well, I did a thing.
These are two pages of my latest story, it's called "COLORS OF HEART" and it's made with pencil, markers, and little watercolors. It's written in a little sketchbook, I think it's about 80 pgs.
The story is based in two ideas:
1st- You are your worst enemy
2nd- Things look better or worst depend on how you see them
So, Heart, this girl and the main character, lives in a world where's always raining since she can't be possitive enough, so, one day, and then is when this story begings, she decides to go and look for the Sun. During her journey she will figth her own negative thought, representated by an annoying bird who will follow her wherever she goes, but this fight makes her realised about the real reason that makes the Sun hide.
I payed special attention in the arrengement of the pages, the frames, the text, and the colours, because, I wanted to do something new, so, it's narrated but, in other hand, it's a comic, let's say is like a graphic novel... I think I'll upload another pages, but it's written in Spanish so I'll translate it in the description, I supose.
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July 6, 2013
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