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My Bio

What I DO draw:
Art containing: Sailor Moon characters especially a lot of Chibiusa drawings, giantess Chibiusa and anime characters, Yu-Gi-Oh monsters, various anime I'm inspired by

What I DO NOT draw:
Art containing: full frontal nudity in males and females, nudity on lower backsides of males and females, giant males, giantess performing sexual acts, GirlxGirl or GuyxGuy pairings.

Favourite cartoon character: Chibiusa (Sailor Moon), Goku (Dragonball Z), Haruka(Pokemon), Wil E. Coyote (Coyote and Roadrunner)

Personal Quote: "This production was brought to you by sand! It's everywhere! Get use to it!"

Favourite Visual Artist
AlloyRabbit, Hank88, YuniNaoki, Twilight-Prince1002, ArthurT, FireFlea-San, Sailor-Serenity
Favourite Movies
TRANSFORMERS (2007), Top Gun, Pirates of the Carribean (all three), The Guardian (2006)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Def Leopard, Mannheim Steamroller, Nickleback, Phil Collins/Genesis
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, any Command and Conquer Game
Favourite Gaming Platform
Gamecube, X-Box 360, PC
Tools of the Trade
Paint Program, Pen, Pencil, Paper, Lots of Free Time
Other Interests
Drawing, Giant Girls, Collectible Card Games, Anime, Video Games
10 days ago, July 19 2023, the day after my birthday, two of my uploads got deleted, containing nothing suggestive and a fully clothed character. When appealed, the above screenshot was the result on the following morning. On the same day, two birthday gifts to me were also deleted from two good friends that contained fully clothed characters with no suggestive content at all. All 4 uploads were removed with no warnings, no chances to edit the uploads, and no chance to appeal and get them back. Yesterday, on July 28 2023, DeviantArt decided to ban AlloyRabbit from the site. No warnings and no just reason for doing so. I still have hope that the ban can be reversed. I am not rallying my watchers to attack anyone. However, seeing this, I made a decision yesterday to remove any and all drawings from my gallery that pertain to giantess and macro content, regardless of theme or age. Last count was 404 drawings removed by me. It is apparent to me that this site no longer is willing to
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Hello all! Long time no talk, huh? I swear, with all of DA's changes, I have gotten very out of practice with posting journals. Heck, I can barely write comments as well as I used to. But anyway, as you can probably tell from the title, today was my birthday! Sadly, DA still hasn't done a good job of notifying watchers about birthdays so it was a bit of a quiet one on here, but that is ok too! I had a really good time away from work and spending time with family. I even got a few giftarts from people that I absolutely do not deserve but am also very thankful for. The fact that people are willing to use their time to make something for me is always such a joy for me to see. I want to recognize those artists so please take a look at the pictures: Thank you so very much to all of you who did reach out to me, either here on DA or on other forms of social media, to wish me a happy birthday! I truly appreciate each and every one of you who has still stuck with me despite my
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Hello everyone! It's been ages since I wrote a journal entry and DA still hasn't fixed them, so this is probably going to be awful, haha! But yes, today was my birthday and I wanted to say thank you to the ones who still dropped by and wished me a happy birthday or even made me gift art. DA still doesn't notify people of upcoming birthday so it's a bummer there, but the fact that some people still remember without even looking at the date on my profile page blows me away! Thank you everyone! It really makes me feel good when people are willing to devote some of there time for stuff like this. I really do not deserve such kindness! You guys are all awesome! I wanted to show off the nice gifts some people have given to me. Again, since journals aren't easy to write, I apologize if this looks messy. These are in order of when they were shared with me: This one was a nice surprise because he actually gifted me a story featuring my McKenzie. You can go read it here:
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Hello. Are free requests or art-trades or collabs open maybe?

I haven't done those in years and don't have the time or confidence to do them anymore. Sorry.

You are welcome! ^_^

You are welcome!

Thank you so much for the diamond badge Heart pastel big 2