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High school was a rather difficult time for Nicole Ryder. It is for most people, granted, but for Nicole it was more of a physical challenge. Nicole was born at a normal size, but her parents quickly got concerned when by the age of 3, she was the tallest in the family. Doctors were baffled, as they had never seen such growth rates before and various tests done on Nicole showed no irregularities in her genetic makeup and she was otherwise perfectly healthy. She had made national headlines, and again when she broke the record for the tallest human ever by just 9 years old. Nicole didn't mind the attraction she gained, she loved being in the spotlight, and it was quite literally hard to not notice her. Her rapid growth did eventually slow down, but by the time she turned 14 she was already 20 feet tall. Unsurprisingly, Nicole was a star player on her high school basketball team and had carried the school to multiple championships, although she had no interest in pursuing basketball as a career. Nicole admitted she only joined the basketball team because the gym teachers would not stop pestering her about it, and of course being the most prolific high school basketball player of all time was just more attention brought to her. Despite the challenge of navigating her high school while standing 20 feet tall, she ended up taking most of her classes outside, Nicole got excellent grades and was well liked by her peers. She wanted to stay in the public eye once she graduated, and was being approached by multiple TV networks to star in her own reality show. Nicole loved that idea and soon enough, just a month after her graduation the first episode of her new show, Life At 20 Feet, premiered on primetime television. The show was a hit, and Nicole was now one of the more recognizable celebrities around. The world already knew Nicole Ryder, but they were about to get a lot more personal with each other.

Despite not having grown much at all since she reached 20 feet tall, Nicole noticed she stood even taller one morning. After measuring herself, sure enough she now reached 23 feet tall. Nicole laughed to herself, joking that the network would likely not be pleased at having to change the name of her show. Camera crews would arrive at her house, which was custom built to fit her stature, to film the next episode shortly. Nicole accidentally hit her head on the door frame as she made her way downstairs to greet the camera crew. She opened the door and the shows director noticed immediately. "Did you get taller Nicole?" he asked. Nicole simply smiled down and nodded. The director shrugged. "That works, I suppose today's episode can focus on that" he said. Suddenly, Nicole felt another growth spurt come on. "We'll I'll be" muttered the director as Nicole stood even taller now. She had to duck down and squeeze through her front door and stood out on her front lawn. "This is fantastic!" exclaimed Nicole as she reveled in her new height. The production crew was speechless as they watched Nicole grow yet again. Nicole now stood around 35 feet tall, and noticed something peculiar. "Hey, my clothes still fit me perfectly, that's weird" she said. "That's what you find weird about this?" joked a camera operator. The director quickly called the network. "We need to do a live episode today, Nicole is growing again, and fast" he said. The network agreed and within minutes Nicole's growth spurt was being broadcast on live television. Moments after the episode began, audiences were shocked as they witnessed Nicole growing in real time. 20 feet was already absurdly tall, but Nicole now tripled her previous height. Nicole carefully began to walk around, leaving deep footprints in the ground, trying her hardest to avoid damage to her surroundings. News stations began reporting on Nicole's rapid growth, as she quickly got bigger and bigger. Nicole was loving every second of it, now everyone had their eyes glued to their screens, watching her with awe and wonder but also shock and confusion. Less than 30 minutes into the live episode, Nicole was 200 feet tall.

Although she tried her hardest, Nicole inevitably caused some chaos. Roads cracked under her weight and she had knocked over several streetlights and utility poles, as well as crushed a few cars. Her growth continued, and she seemed to be growing constantly without stopping. It was the number one headline across the globe, as many people began to panic fearing that Nicole was now nothing more than a movie monster ready to destroy the city. Nicole couldn't hear anyone down below anymore, but she could see the hysteria brewing around her so she attempted to calm everyone down. "I mean no harm, I can't do anything about this" she explained, but by that point her efforts were futile. Now standing well over 500 feet tall, it was hard to see Nicole as human anymore. Eventually, all the news stations reporting on Nicole made the live airing of her show seem redundant, and they stopped shooting. As you may have guessed, this turned out to be the last episode of Life At 20 Feet, as Nicole being 20 feet tall was peanuts compared to her current, still rapidly growing, size. An emergency meeting was held by government officials to determine what to do about Nicole. At her height, she was a massive risk to national security. As morbid as it seemed, the conclusion was drawn that the only solution was to nuke her. A warhead was launched out of a nearby missile silo and fired directly at Nicole. It collided with her right leg and exploded, but Nicole was completely unharmed and there wasn't even a scratch on her leggings. She barely even felt it, but did notice the cloud of smoke forming around her and quickly figured out what happened. "You're gonna kill me?" she said, with anger rising up in her voice. "You'll have to try harder than that!" she laughed, as she looked down at the ground beneath her, the city down below looking like nothing more than a model playset as she continued getting taller and taller. If anything, the nuclear energy in the missile had actually accelerated her growth. The sun began to set, and while Nicole had stood a now pitiful 23 feet tall when she woke up, she was now standing at nearly a mile tall. Buildings crumbled as Nicole's running shoes simply brushed up against them as she grew. People strained their necks to get a glimpse of the behemoth before them, barely seeing past her knees. Everyone in the world was now focused on Nicole, and she knew it. This was what she truly wanted after all, so she may as well embrace it. "I am your Goddess now" boomed Nicole. Those five words ended up changing the course of human history.

A few months had passed since the day Nicole starting growing exponentially. The world was a completely different place now. Nicole stood at 200 miles tall, finally ceasing to grow about 3 days later. Cities around the world had been reduced to rubble under Nicole's shoes. Everyone on Earth who were fortunate enough to have been spared by Nicole's various rampages were now completely dedicated to her. Any problems that people dealt with previously seemed trivial now, their lives were entirely devoted to serving their Goddess. Massive temples were being constructed across the planet, the grandest pieces of architecture the world had ever seen. Of course, even these enormous monoliths dedicated to Nicole were hilariously tiny in comparison to her. Despite barely even being able to see these shrines, Nicole appreciated the gesture, and the loyal servants who were working on them got rewarded greatly for their labour. Once a week, Nicole would stand in a wide open area and remove her running shoes and socks. The weekly foot worshiping ritual was a relatively new tradition, but people across the globe flocked to her feet on that day for a chance to see and touch their Goddess. Nicole could barely feel the tens of thousands of people swarming her feet, but the fact they were there filled her with immense pleasure.

As the months and years progressed, the shrines were completed and the Earth as a whole was nothing more than Nicole's playground. She roamed the planet, the power she held by her mere existence never once wearing off her. The weekly foot worshiping ritual was considered mandatory now, but there was not a single person alive who would miss it for anything. Her bare feet were considered the most magnificent things on the planet, their sheer size was all it took to get millions of people to come in droves. The scent and aroma that wafted from them was indescribably perfect, and the warmth and softness of her soles and toes provided comfort to anyone fortunate enough to press their whole body against them. While many people initially feared Nicole when she first grew, this was no longer the case. Everyone genuinely adored and praised her, thanking them for giving their lives meaning. Earth was considered a utopia now, nobody had any grievances with each other anymore, they only had one thing on their minds; praising and worshiping their Goddess. Nicole enjoyed it more than anyone else. Having an entire planet of people whose only purpose was to serve her, and saw her dainty feet as the most precious things imaginable, filled her with pure ecstasy. But was it enough for her? She wasn't sure. Maybe, she would have to grow even more to find out.

A short story about a girl who is anything but
© 2021 MasterOfMacro
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Great story. Brief but still great.