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The Legend of the Titanic- Offensive

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Ok, so as you can tell by the picture the Titanic is saved by a giant octopus. You can find the Nostalgia Critic's opinion here :… (it's only part one, but part two should be fist in the recommended videos) After watching this movie and it's sequel...yes this has a sequel, all I can say is WHY?????!!!! Just the look on his face makes me hate them.

There are actually two animated versions of Titanic that the Nostalgia critic reviewed. They both end with everyone on the Titanic surviving.

At least in historical adaptations...and I use that term loosely, like Don Bluth's Anastasia they kept her family dead. I know that sounds really harsh, but kids don't always need to have totally happy endings or sugarcoated crap for their stories. That's not to say you need to be so graphic with them, but when one of my first movie memories is watching Mufasa being tossed off a cliff and I turned out very much ok I think I could handle a slightly toned down James Cameron version. At least he kept some historical accuracy.

What other serious historical moments can they ruin.  

Mondo TV takes the blame for this movie.
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Nostalgia Critic:Titey has more dignity than this.

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Up next on Disaster Toons, "The Little Hindenburg that could!".
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I shouldn't find that so funny, but I do.
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Without question, one of the absolute worst animated films ever, EVER made.
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No, The Legend Goes On is way worst on the account of that rapping dog.  What's next, a 9/11 movie where everyone survives and features a twerking cat?
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That's why I said The Legend of the Titanic is one of the worst. Not the absolute worst, but one of the worst. Understandably, a lot of people consider the first movie to be worse than Legend Goes On. Mainly because it has a more idiotic, asinine and insulting reason for why the ship sank. But I do agree though, that Legend Goes On is worse in every other aspect. Not just because of the rapping dog, but also because of the crappy animation quality, lazy sloppy editing, too many subplots that never go anywhere, the plagiarized characters, and the ripped off scenes from the James Cameron film. But both films have two things in common; they both suck, and they both make a mockery of the century old Titanic disaster.
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They acted if Titanic was some sort of "Fairy Tale". Which really peeved me off.
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So it's offensive to spare people's lives in an alternate adaptation? I guess Trunks must be a worst version of Hitler.
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Yes it is. Because it's like saying those people never mattered. They didn't die tragically. No one lost anyone in their family. It never really happened.
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If I were aboard that ship, but managed to escape, while someone close to me or someone else sympathetic enough didn't make it, I would be really glad if they somehow managed to survive.

I really don't care about the history of the Titantic or its big-budget film, but I would a like a decent film without a heart-shreading tearjerker ending. I they had truly stayed dead, it really would've been one of the worst films of all time. And I have seen a few that really got under my skin and pissed me off.

And why should anyone have to lose their life, just so they can matter to you?
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You totally missed the point. It would be like taking the Trail of Tears where several Native Americans were forced to leave their homes into a musical road trip.
It's sugarcoating history and that's not right, but you are entitled to your opinions as I am to mine.
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Legend of Titanic didn't sugarcoat thigs as much as you think. They were put in convincing and realistic near-death situations where we were sure they were gone for good.

But maybe we should recreate the Titanic and kill off some of the people you care about. Do you still want them back after that? Or would you be both relieved and grateful if they returned at all. Because that's how I felt when the mustache mouse and the octopus survived, happy!
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Whatever. I have my opinion and everyone else has theirs. If someone made a movie of how mice saved all the people killed in the 911 attacks. How would you feel?
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That there is at least one happy ending for others who survived, where reality failed and was made permanent. Something tells me your really loathe a thing called alternate continuity, a godsend device for writers and fans everywhere when they're not happy with a particular outcome. So we can all be happy.

The writer of this film clearly wasn't happy with the outcome of the Titanic. So he decided to give the event a happier ending, but added his own fictional elements.

But if everything was up to you, shit would happen and people would be powerless to fix anything. Good luck being content with that.
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Look. You have no right to judge me. I could be mean and tell you off, especially considering what I've been through lately.

I (and a lot of other people) find this movie offensive. I have no problem with happy endings, but this event actually happened. People really died and to say that they didn't, to me is like they never mattered in the first place. The James Cameron version with the tragic ending did offend a lot of people. One of those people was an elderly women, who when she was barely a year old lost her entire family on the Titanic.

Seeing a reality that didn't happen makes me sad, because it only reminds me that much more that it didn't happen. Giant talking octopi don't exist.

My cousin is dying of pancreatic cancer. His doctors say he won't be here by Christmas. You can make as many freakin' movies you want where Tinker Bell heals him and he can live his life, but that's not going to happen. He is going to die, and no amount of happy ending cartoons would bring him back to me, his wife, and his children.
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Well, I've heard of the Butter Battle Book special where the original ending was cut and it had a happy ending.
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Was one of them "Thumtanic"?
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No. The other one is called Titanic the Legend Goes On
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Ah, well in Thumbtanic, there's only two life boats, the rich people all get one, and everyone else fits in the other.
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But isn't that supposed to be a stair? These are supposed to be taken seriously.
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You mean satire?  Not sure what the requirements for that are, but it is comedic.
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Yeah. That's what I mean. These movies market themselves as something to be taken seriously. Not a SNL style parody.
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