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Robin Hood- Royal Blood

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I like Marian. She's awesome. I had a little stuffed Marian when I was little.

Maybe you can consider he the 'princess of thieves', since her husband is the prince of thieves. In the 1938 movie her last name is Fitzwalter, which indicates she is an illegitimate child of someone in the royal family. She should be a princess.

Maid Marian belongs to Disney.
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Darn humanist rules of princess hood, shame she didn't live in Zootopia. Then she could have sued for anti-animal and anti-predator discrimination.

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Huh. Never thought about that.

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Maybe wait another 24 years for Cats Don't Dance to hit theaters, and we humans might see the true depths of equal treatment.

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she was one of the first disney princesses
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Well, tecnically Marian is the adopted niece of Richard's (and John's) sister, so she doesn't have royal blood.
She is of French nobility though.
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Oh well look at Mr. Technicality over
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Meh, in some stories, "Maid" Marian is a drag-queen circus preformer... XD
I just like the adoption version better, since it matches historical events.

P.S. you have the icon of a bookworm, and you call ME Technicality?
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Don't be sad though. You're just doing your job ^3^
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I really like her
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This is anti-animal bigotry! :XD:
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Good point, Marian.
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Witch they should, since shes basicly a furshona.
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Sorry Maid Marian unless you have a princess in the title of your name, you're not a princess. Don't tell Mulan isn't a princess yet she being called one I don't know how that slide. 
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if the king is a lion the chances of her beeing adopted is pretty big considering she is a fox. 
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I think she sorta deserves it more than Eilonwy (don't hate her, but speaking from a success standpoint, people nowadays know of Robin Hood probably from the Disney version). 
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Am I the only one who thinks is weird that Marian is a vixen and her uncle Richard is a Lion????
she's better than all the disney princesses <3
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Totally agree. Disney treats Robin Hood like a red-headed stepchild! Just because M.M. is an animal, doesn't mean she's not worthy of being a Disney princess!
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Disney are a bunch of fox haters!
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She's a noble, not a royal.  Given that she's a fox and her cousins are lions, she's probably adopted in the Disney version.  So part of the royal family, but not genetically related or close enough to the official royal line to hold princess status.
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She's also related to the real king of England..
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Nala and Kiara think the same. Apparently in order to be a Disney princess, you must first be human.
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