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Family and Frienemies
Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy hated each other during their years at Hogwarts. As adults their hate had simmered down to a strong dislike. When their children began dating their dislike became toleration. Now they were united as family through the marriage of Ron’s daughter to Draco’s son and put forth an effort to be cordial.
Recently, however, they became untied in a different way. They shared a title and love for two very important people. Their grandchildren, Leo Arthur and Athena Belle. The newborn twins had melted any remaining hate Ron and Draco had for one another. Quite an accomplishment for a couple of infants who had yet to master holding the weight of their own heads.
The grandfathers were eager to babysit once Rose’s maternity leave ended and she went back to work at the muggle school she taught at. Scorpius had been given a certain amount of paternity leave, but he too had to go back to work at Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes that he and George’s son
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Picture Perfect
“Look it, Daddy!” Ben said pointing to his drawing. “It’s you, me and Mr. Tookie!”
Han smiled at his five-year-old son. “That’s great, Ben. Looks just like us.”
“I’m going to give it to Mommy so she won’t forget what we look like while she’s at work,” Ben said, happily.
Han’s smile faded slightly. Leia was at work often, leaving Han and Ben at home. Ben would be starting school soon and that would leave Han alone.
“I’m sure Mommy will love her drawing Ben,” Han said.
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Face to Face
Ben pushed his small hands through Chewbacca’s thick fur to feel his face. Ben made a cooing noise trying to imitate the way the Wookie said his name.
“Be gentle with Uncle Chewy, Ben,” Han said. “Don’t pull his fur or poke his eyes.”
Chewbacca chuckled and told Han to calm down. Ben was fine.
“I know you’ve got your own kid,” Han said. He shoved his hands into his pockets. “I just don’t want my kid to be causing trouble.”
Chewbacca turned his attention back to Ben. He growled softly, blowing Ben’s fringe. Once again Ben tried to imitate the Wookie’s noises.
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Big and Little
Han stretched out his long legs out. Three-year-old Ben stretched out his legs as well, scrunching his nose in frustration at his much shorter stature. Han ruffled his son’s hair.
“No worries, buddy. You’ll be Daddy’s size one day.”
“I be big boy now!” Ben protested.
“You are a big boy, but you still have some growing to do.”
Ben crawled to the end of the bed and put his small feet next to Han’s. He frowned at the comparison. He crawled back up to be next to Han. Ben rested his head on Han’s side.
Han looked down at Ben and smiled. “You know being little isn’t such a bad thing. If you were bigger I couldn’t pick you up and give you taun taun rides.”
Ben looked down at his feet again. He quickly jumped on Han’s stomach and gave him a tight hug. “I love you, Daddy.”
Han kissed Ben’s head. “I love you too, big guy.”
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Baby Talk
Han smiled at his one-year-old twins who were babbling back and forth. He wondered if Ben and Breha could actually understand one another or if it was just a case of babies being babies. Either way it was extremely adorable.
“I wonder what they’re saying,” Han mused.
“They’re probably plotting to take over the house,” Leia teased.
“Maybe they’re arguing over which of us is the better parent, or which one of them loves us more.”
Esme, who was barely a month old, cooed in Leia’s arms. She watched her older siblings out of the corner of her eye.
“Don’t worry, little bug,” Han said, playing with his daughter’s tiny feet. “You’ll be able to sit up and play with them before you know it.”
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Fairly Ben
“Daaadddddyyy!” Ben giggled, sauntering over to his father. He dragged Mr. Tookie and his blanket behind him.
Han looked at his son trying to maintain a look of tough love on his face. “Ben, didn’t daddy just put you down for a nap?”
“No nap for me,” the three-year-old said with a mischievous grin.
Han shook his head. He didn’t want Ben to think he was amused at the situation, although he thought his son was the most adorable child to ever exist. Ben needed to learn right from wrong.
“Ben, you have to take your nap. If you don’t, you can’t have your yogurt snack.”
Ben pouted. “But I wike my wogut. No fair.”
Han sighed inwardly. Was it fair? The yogurt had nutrients that would help Ben’s digestive system, but taking naps would also help the toddler’s brain development. Besides if Ben didn’t take his nap or get his afternoon snack by dinner time he would be grumpy.
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Give a Little Bit
“Hey, kids listen up,” Han said entering the playroom where his five children sat watching a holo-film. He held a stack of boxes in his arms.
“Are we moving again?” thirteen-year-old Ben asked.
“Nope,” Han said, sitting the boxes on the floor.
“Oh gods, you guys aren’t having another baby are you?” Breha asked with genuine concern in her eyes. She looked over at Ben. “What if it’s another set of twins?”
Han sighed. “Mom isn’t pregnant. The boxes are for the five of you.”
“Oh, great. Dad’s finally snapped and is going to bury us alive,” nine-year-old Jacob said.
“No. Not that either,” Han said. “The holidays are coming up. Do you know what that means?”
“The holidays are coming up,” twelve-year-old Esme answered slowly.
“No, smartie,” Han said, teasing his daughter. “That means you’ll be getting new presents, so it’s
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Cluttered Brothers
“You sure you don’t mind helping me clean my garage?” Luke asked, turning back to look at Han.
“Of course not, kid,” Han said. “I mean, I’ve got to do something on Leia’s Mommy and Me day. Might as well help my best friend.”
“I have to warn you. It’s a little messy.”
“Whose garage isn’t? Leia’s always on my case about throwing away this or that. I might need those extra soldering tools one day.”
Luke chuckled. “Well, Leia got the neat gene. I guess I got the clutter bug.”
“You need a wife to keep you check,” Han teased Luke. He ruffled his shaggy blonde hair like he would a child. “Or maybe just a steady girlfriend.”
“You’re one to talk. I’m just testing the waters until I find one I like.”
“I tried that,” Han said. “Ended up falling for a woman that drove me crazy.”
Luke shook his head. He remembered how Han
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CSI Miami- The Jacket by MasterOf4Elements CSI Miami- The Jacket :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 8 0 The Fairly OddParents- Butch Hartman by MasterOf4Elements The Fairly OddParents- Butch Hartman :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 16 2 Holiday Hogwarts by MasterOf4Elements Holiday Hogwarts :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 10 0 Christmas- That Moment by MasterOf4Elements Christmas- That Moment :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 18 2 Christmas- Never Again by MasterOf4Elements Christmas- Never Again :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 13 2 Christmas- Happiness by MasterOf4Elements Christmas- Happiness :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 17 1 Christmas- That Moment by MasterOf4Elements Christmas- That Moment :iconmasterof4elements:MasterOf4Elements 14 1
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The Shadows We Cast
At my job and at my church, we both talk about a similar thing: what sort of shadow do you cast, in your presence?  How does your example, and your behavior, impact and influence others?  Have you considered this and do you take responsibility for it?  
It is easy to consider yourself only a passive follower online but—without arrogance—you should also remember that you are an influence leader on others...real others, whose thoughts and feelings are just as powerful as your own.  Do you consider the significance of that impact on others?  Do you treat others with the dignity and sense of respect for the enormity of their humanness, with which you want to be treated?
Just because we are online does not make us any less responsible for the shadow we cast and those whom we cast it upon any less real.  Let’s make sure we always consider our influence and take responsibility for it, because this world is real and important too, every bit as mu
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United States
I was born on July 24, 1992 in Mobile, Alabama. I grew up near the town of Monroeville where authors Harper Lee and Truman Capote spent their childhoods.
My father is a Baptist minister and for 7 years (2011-2018) we were in North Georgia. It was while living here I discovered and started DA.
In July of 2018 I moved back to Alabama, still close (but not as close) to Monroeville.
I live with my parents and our dog, Bama.
Also I'm newly in a relationship with :iconmr-herp-derp:
Once we had a rooster wandered into our yard. I named him Colonel McNugget. He stayed for a few days and then disappeared. We found a pile of feathers. 


A police officer was killed trying to arrest a man in Mobile, Alabama just a few hours ago. The shooter was 19 and although I'm not sure how old the officer was he doesn't look much older. 
We live in a messed up world. 
Yesterday our internet was down because of the weather. I know this sounds like a spoiled first world problem (because it is), but I rely on the internet for so many things it's scary. 
Pray for my mom. She has the flu, but she also has asthma so any respiratory sickness tends to stick with her. 
Hey, :iconrensknight: do you think Adam used "dad jokes" with Cain and Abel? 
So NONE of the NFL teams I was pulling for won this weekend. But I got an aloe plant....that's cool. 


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