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Utopia is a Myth

Ever looked outside and thought of the wonder of it all? Did you ever stop to think of how amazing it is that here we are today with our own dreams and convictions thinking "I'm going to make a difference" "I'm goig to leave a mark in this world" was what we all thought we want to be remembered for our actions but our actions and our people's before us cost us dearly We are leaving a mark in this world but not the kind we dreamed of I could go on about how things should change but when I am unable to even look at the face of my own countryman due to either shame or disgust from the dirt in their hands or even their face when I am u

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Ultimate OC Text Meme - Sammy

**This assumes the early portion and part of the middle portion of her story** 1. Name: Samantha “Sammy” Kauffman 2. Age: 19 3. Gender: Female 4. How tall is s/he? 5’8” 5. Describe their eyes: Gray-colored eyes, accentuated by her thick eyebrows. 6. Sexuality: She would’ve identified as straight despite being more of asexual. And then she would identify as queer in the latter part of the story, because she wouldn’t be exactly sure what she was but she knew she wasn’t like the majority. If one had to give her a sort of label, maybe something like a Demi-sexual. 7. Race/Species: Norman 8. Sibli


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