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Untitled Charcoal by mastermindg Untitled Charcoal :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 2 2
you know?
that feeling,
i feel it now,
her hand in mine.
you are
the one, my only,
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 8
portal by mastermindg portal :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 2
and so
a nod and a yes
\"do you trust me?\" she had asked.
and cue, their first kiss
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 9
rose sketch- mastermindg by mastermindg rose sketch- mastermindg :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 4 pickup- mastermindg by mastermindg pickup- mastermindg :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 1
advice in sonnet form
In sonnet form I must protest you, miss
Emotion tisn't for the cowardly
"Which, labouring for invention, bear amiss"
The depth and breadth of our felicity
So, caution and awareness be with you
As well as open-mindedness today
For when you read these sonnets, sadly true,
Their grammar/structure may will you to slay
For though both you and I doth know that frosh
-As they have been so dearly dubbed before-
Do seem to lack a poetic panache
(Their language skills all teachers would deplore)
So please, before your instincts take over,
Do skip the drink and go straight to hungo'er
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 8 20
heroin to the heart
one single strand
one lifeline to joy
snaps like the mind
that imagined it
one path to happiness
one route from sorrow
obscured under pretense
of seeking another
when speed to the head
gives swiftness a chance
the heroin in the heart
kills you quicker
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 5
fEEBlED minipack mastermindg by mastermindg fEEBlED minipack mastermindg :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 4
sea me
sea me
sea me-
for your eyes
melt me
like the ice in your hand
slowly held until
of the rigid walls
ive built up
tumblemeltdown, and
a sea of swirling
water (love)
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 1 12
searching minipack by mastermindg searching minipack :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 1
shaken not stirred
Shaken, Not Stirred
Shaken, not stirred
Out of one dream and into another
With each new breath and exhalation
A new exhilarating sensation
Not the calm and measured movements
That stirring would suggest
But exciting, beautiful chaos
Rampant sensuality where we coexist
In this turmoil with a twist
The confusion is our bliss
Love reverberating in the heat
To the shaking floors beneath
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 5
lightspeed pack -mastermindg by mastermindg lightspeed pack -mastermindg :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 5
As I hold you
Forever longer
And then again
Let me lay with you awhile longer
Savor this, it does not come as often as it should
We shall have to make it a point to change that
And I tell you while holding you tighter still
The sweet words of a melody come tumbling in
How much longer till I can see you again?
Stay as long as possible
And then some more, I love you
Let me be with you
Allow me to help it fade
I would bear a thousand backs upon mine
To only hold you closer
:iconmastermindg:mastermindg 1 5
orange kooalas by mastermindg orange kooalas :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 3 desktop mastermindg by mastermindg desktop mastermindg :iconmastermindg:mastermindg 0 0

Random Favourites

Some Sort of Monotony
A life of walking through waist high wheat fields presented itself as far more intriguing than one of suits, ties and morning meetings, no matter how dull the aforementioned may seem. Anything appeared all the more alluring as long as it was anything but ordinary, anything but complete and complacent. He sat on a bar stool, hard wood crafted by the indigenous, hard working hands of a craftsman in a small shop, with little windows allowing just enough light to work by and enough air to outweigh the oxygen to carbon dioxide ratio. His noticing that the chair was slightly unbalanced on the leg to his left only went to show his sheer boredom and frustration with the corporate life, it's creation of days that stretched themselves into timeless timelines, individual calendars dividing days into segments that lasted years and months longer, all for the sake of a pocket book payoff. Material rewards. And it was good enough, usually. With each page ripped out of an agenda
:iconchaosboy:chaosboy 1 10
p o l l i n a t i o n by computerologist p o l l i n a t i o n :iconcomputerologist:computerologist 44 127
(recalling, recollecting, remembering, reminiscing, refreshing)
it was de ja vu
it seemed to me I'd
heard you say
that word before
that word that shakes me from the center
that word that thrills me to the core
that word
you know, that one, I think I heard that word before
and then I remembered
laughter glittered moments
honeysuckled, vined
you with me
in pleasure
you with me
say that word again, babe...
Joy Senn
:iconjsenn:jsenn 8 37
by jsenn
Held within your arms
of protection and comfort
my tears kiss your lips.
Joy Senn
:iconjsenn:jsenn 2 32
Monoammine by avs-king Monoammine :iconavs-king:avs-king 5 10
Sun Rose Ambrosia
Sun Rose Ambrosia
by jsenn
The sun rose
sliding delightful warmth
across his body.
Sleepy eyes blink in soft
morning light
and the whole scene reminded me
of breakfast,
in bed.
Stretching arms above my head
I close my eyes
envisioning the recipe for
"sun rose ambrosia"
. one rose bud
pink, edible
created for the cradling tongue
. pared with one banana
peeled smooth
. a blend of flavors and
tantalizing scents
. slowly savored
. swirled in thick sweet cream
Joy Senn
:iconjsenn:jsenn 2 15
Veni Vidi Vici by chaosboy Veni Vidi Vici :iconchaosboy:chaosboy 18 41 Life is a Cookie - fuzzydemon by fuzzydemon Life is a Cookie - fuzzydemon :iconfuzzydemon:fuzzydemon 140 273
How To Hate Everything
How to Hate Everything
Lets see,
How to hate everything…
Take a dash of hypocrisy and stir it around,
Two table spoons of anger in as well,
And give a quick stir.
Throw in the egg and mix it well,
Pick up some glass shards and toss..
Mix for ten minutes at a high speed
(Make sure to clean the sides of the bowl as it goes)
Beat longer or less to suit taste.
Gotta love hypocrisy.
Don't cut down the trees I say,
As I chew on my lovely pencil and snap it in half
And at the same time rip pages to dust
Or waste ink all over them and throw them away.
I hate that stupid pencil
And I hate the words it makes me write
And the hand it directs to conclusions.
"Only in America can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance."
And while I toss in a pint of Fury,
It reminds me of the government that I loathe
And the president I want to drag through a sewer system.
As the fury dissolves into the batter,
I remember every stupid fucking word he made up,
Every flawed sentence and grammatic
:iconchaosboy:chaosboy 2 17
subliminal vision by computerologist subliminal vision :iconcomputerologist:computerologist 265 295
Comfort found in pornography,
Simplistic ideas written across the
Bared breasts that we objectify and regard
As acceptable.
Cut off from emotion,
Removed from self, a person seen as
Separated and detached
There for your pleasure.
There to get you off.
"Damn, she's hot man. Look at her tits!"
What clouds their eyes?
Whatever formulates the opinion they follow,
Twisted into the difference between
A C and D cup, as opposed to intelligence,
Legs instead of prowess,
Segregated like a black man and treated the same.
Can you see her crying?
She knows she doesn't matter to you.
Mama and papa cry for her,
But you don't care.
"I wanna fuck her man, she's so hot."
Fuck you.
Leave her alone and let her be, her eyes
Slowly squeezing out the tears of years
Of her agonizing torture because
You aren't decent enough to give a damn.
What the hell are you?
How can this be ok?
"Pass me a condom, I want her."
Used and thrown away like a condom,
Flushed down a fucking toilet and left
To be
:iconchaosboy:chaosboy 2 10
Me As One
Do not try to categorize will not succeed.
Unedited youth,
Some have called me cute,
Some have left me mute,
But I am not silenced so easily.
I will not fall,
I refuse to crawl
Through life when God has given me the wings to fly.
I once was shy and some say I still am,
But what you see is not what you get.
Even the blind man does not forget
A true soul has a voice that rises above all.
I do not literally stand tall,
I do not cower in corners anymore...
Love is alive in my core.
I am not finite in my love,
I am infinite, I am as high as a dove.
Yes, I get high on love.
But would you expect less from a hopeless romantic?
No, I do not need the drugs or the alcohol,
but with him here next to me
His soft eyes are all I can see.
A one track mind,
That you will find.
SOmetimes I tend to cry at sappy moments,
So sensitive and sentimental.
I would not say that I am temperamental.
I'll always try to make you smile
hey, maybe I'll just take you that extra mile.
I lack the sense that make
:iconlowra:lowra 1 13
A Reason to go Camping
A Reason to go Camping
by jsenn
"I wish you loved this as much as I do."
Wondering where he was going with that statement, I smiled, and said, "I love it here too. Tell me why 'you' love it so much, Babe."
He looked away for a second. "I just like the idea of living in the RV out here in the woods." (He is a man of few words. I have learned that those few words, when allowed rumination within me, can be full of meaning.) Of course, there have been times when we both laughed at my deductions.
I'd watched him happily and quietly set up camp for an hour, feeling breezes against my skin, listening to birds, and fat squirrels twitter at one another. We are camped under a canopy of trees sporting brand new, sun glistened leaves, born for Spring. We couldn't get a site on the lake this time. We are back from the water, but looking at the horizon through the tree trunks, the water meets the sky, the two became one and I imagine we are living inside a water bubble... I suppose it is rare that a
:iconjsenn:jsenn 4 13
Zoomy - Xmas-lights unfukt rmx by avs-king Zoomy - Xmas-lights unfukt rmx :iconavs-king:avs-king 1 7 eXxXemplification v2 remix by computerologist eXxXemplification v2 remix :iconcomputerologist:computerologist 58 161



glenn poole
United States
Current Residence: new jersey
Favourite genre of music: pick one, i like it all
Favourite photographer: computerologist, faithwalker
Favourite style of art: avs, fractals, wallpapers
Operating System: my brain
MP3 player of choice: winamp, obviously (avs!)
Shell of choice: pyrotechnic shells
Wallpaper of choice: computerologist's or my own
Skin of choice: her's!
Favourite cartoon character: calvin & hobbes
Personal Quote: breathe

Two years later, and still kicking. I'm about to graduate high school, so maybe now I'll have time again for deviantART. Who knows, maybe I'll wonder why I ever left...

The question is, do I upload the backlog of work I've done in the past two years, or do I start fresh? I suppose we will see.


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