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Cast of The Guild in Character

The characters from "The Guild" as their Game characters.
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Isn't Clara a gnome?
If she is then I think she should be a dwarf xP
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Fantastic! You even drew Clara as a gnome, which she actually is, according to season 1, when Clara was talking about he nanny quitting!

Also, you did a really awesom job on Codex! She actually does look like Felicia Day! Nice work!
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Fantastic likeness to their actors. :D Great job!
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hahaha, i love this show! great job on this piece
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Excellent! Love it. :)
nmandc515's avatar
I never rally pictures Zaboos and Claras so short... But I love it!
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Well, the show states that they are gnomes. And gnomes have always been shorter than dwarves in games I've played. I felt that it was best to make them so.
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Oh, yeah. That's make sense.
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Haha, fantastic! Do like it!
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Fantastic :D Love The Guild, Love your picture.
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So awesome! I love how you drew Bladezz! =)
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Thanks :)

Your version is great too!
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