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Daily Deviation
April 10, 2013
Also suggested by *Sangrde and *jerry8448

Flower elf by ~masterkey23
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Flower elf

Old work , a practice .
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© 2013 - 2021 masterkey23
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I place the credits of the music that I only share for a copyright theme.

Adam Ellis & Katty Heath - Made It Through The Rain (Amsterdam Trance) + Lyrics ->…

I had my downfall
Behind the scenes

I drowned myself in darkness
Lost all my dreams

So many people saw me
Baring my soul

I gave it all
I gave it all
I gave it all ...

I've seen so many good days gone bad
I've lost so many chances I could've had
I let myself down
But when I finally hit the ground
I learnt to stand again
Made it through the rain ...
Made it through the rain ...

Now, talking about the drawing you did, you can imagine many things because it is beautiful, but at this moment I imagine dedicating this theme to that beautiful elf. Thanks for sharing your art.

A hug from Argentina - Mendoza.
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A practice?????  A practice of sorcerous enchantment you mean!  Okay, I'm following you for sure!  Consider this watcher enthralled.
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This is such a beautiful piece of art! The details are outstanding, yet it has a very soft and mythical/eerie kind of a feel that I just adore. There's a certain tranquil yet sad atmosphere to this I rarely see anymore these days. Beautiful, beautiful work! <3
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You say it's a practice I say it's a masterpiece! 

In fact I was so inspired when I saw this picture I started a children's story (not complete) set in a steampunk world.
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This is just so beautiful.  Congratulations on the Daily Deviation.
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Excellent !
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I'd love to get this as a print! The texture is beautiful.
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its so lovely ur work
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Beautifully done !

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The girl has one of the most beautiful expressions I've ever seen in art!
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Awesome practice ;)
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Gorgeous, I´m in love!
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:blackrose: Your beautiful work has been featured here:
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Woah exquisite. ...really awesome
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c'est magnifique!!!:headbang:
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