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Yamanaka Tales SA2 CH10
Story Arc 2 Chapter 10: “Mind and Body: Let the Training Begin”
The RSA patient had a closed fist ready in striking position.  Grains of sand began to form around the fist and eventually mirrored the fist’s image.  He grinned.  Immediately afterwards, he launched his fist at Ino, who jumped out of the way and turned to face her opponent.
“You shouldn’t be up.  Considering your wounds, you-” she was interrupted
“Ha!  That’s just a little secret of mine.  It’s for me to know and for you to find out!” the patient finished for her.  He formed multiple hand symbols and shouted “Ninja Art: Sand Armor!”  Grains of sand from the medical room began to form all around him until he was completely covered in sand.  He took the form of his normal self, only tainted with the color of the sand.
“You think that armor’s going to protect
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 2 3
Operation Kitty Litter
Mission #00235486 “Operation Kitty Litter”
Operation Kitty Litter was an utter failure due to the target's keen sense of sight and hearing.  As I snuck through the ceiling boards in the residence of one Shishi Neko, I heard a creaking sound. This was soon followed by a painful collapse through the ceiling...I landed on my face...hard.  The rest of my squad soon followed.  As I recovered, there was a vicious hiss.  There we came upon codename "Catnip Fiend", also known as Shishi's housecat.  A member of my squad, Chunin Kiba Inuzuka and his partner Akamaru, offered to hold off the legendary Catnip Fiend while we proceeded to the mission objective.  As we left the two brave shinobi behind, we heard a painful scream…we didn’t look back.  We reached the mission objective and appeared to have been undetected.  I approached the “safe” containing our goal, casually known as
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 7
Yamanaka Tales SA2 CH9
Story Arc 2 Chapter 9: “Sparring Partners”
Rayna and Houkoku walked through a hallway in the Kage mansion as they approached the meeting room holding Suna’s council.
“Rayna,” Houkoku began, “are you sure it’s ok to have those two train together?  I just don’t think they’re familiar enough with each others’ fighting styles.”
“Nonsense!”  Rayna declared triumphantly.  “It’s all about expanding your horizons and adapting to different fighting styles.”
“Well, fighting style isn’t what I’m concerned about…”
Lee stood in the middle of town with a patient look on his face.  “She said she would be right back,” he said defiantly as a slight wind blew through.
Ino poked her head out from behind a nearby barrel.  “He’s still there?”  She thought to herself, “Oh well, I guess I
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 5
Yamanaka Tales SA2 CH8
Story Arc 2 Chapter 8: “The Sand’s Planned Demise”
“Alright, I now bring this meeting of the Rogue Shinobi Alliance’s Land of Wind division to order.”  Announced the RSA’s cloaked captain as he and his high-ranked subordinates sat in a dim, yet elegant, council chamber.
“Before we start, everyone please state your name and rank.” Commanded the captain.
“Sergeant Itowashii Anzu, head of Resources and Supplies.”
“Sergeant Andafuta Igami, head of Sabotage, Spying, and Assassination.”
“Sergeant Kuyashinamida Shichimenchou , head of Recruitment and Training.”
The captain looked at his subordinates, then looked down at the papers in front of him and said, “Good, that’s everyone.  Now we may beg-”
“Uh, sir,” interrupted Itowashii, “where’s Lieutenant Hagetaka?”
The room fell silent as all eyes turned towards Suterusu’s empty chair.  
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 2
Yamanaka Tales SA2 CH7
Story Arc 2 Chapter 7: “Shocking Allies: The Cloud Shinobi”
Screams can be heard coming out of the RSA’s Land of Wind base.  Suterusu is seen laying on a medical bed, gritting his teeth, as two medical ninja work on his injured arm.
“Lieutenant Suterusu, you must hold still or else we can’t operate!”  Said one of the medics as they both tried to hold him down.
“This pain…” Suterusu began as he trembled, “I never thought it would be so horrifying.”
The same medic looked him in the eyes, then looked away to begin operating again as he said, “If it makes you feel any better, this pain should end soon.  It’s replacing the pieces of bone that were destroyed by that blade that will take time.  Just bare with us a little bit more.”
Suterusu managed a small nod as he laid back down on the bed.  There was a small knock at the door followed by a sudden entry.
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 8
Yamanaka Tales SA2 CH6
Story Arc 2 Chapter 6: “Houkoku’s Sorrow and Anger”
Houkoku shook with a look of hate in his eye as he continued to hold Baki against the wall, who was looking back at him with surprise.
“I…I never thought I’d have to meet his killer,” Houkoku snarled, “I knew…I knew that there was a good chance that it was someone from this village.  But for it to be you…I…I…”  Houkoku slowly let go of Baki as he began to slump to the ground.  
Rayna caught him as he fell.  
Ino sighed, shaking her head and saying, “He’s in no condition to be standing, let alone getting that excited.”
Rayna draped Houkoku’s arm over her shoulder as she approached Baki, who was readjusting his shinobi uniform.
“I’m sorry about this, Baki,” she began as she turned her head to Houkoku, “…this…just isn’t like him at all.”
“When someone loses someon
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 3
XT lolcat  Art meme by MasterJingo XT lolcat Art meme :iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 17
Yamanaka Tales SA2 CH5
Story Arc 2 Chapter 5: “The Warning to Sunagakure is Delivered”
Rayna stood as she held her side.  Multiple scratches on her person are visible as she gasped for air.  Blood was soaking through her vest where her hand was.
“Raynaaa!”  shouted Ino as she ran towards her, waving an arm.  The others were close behind her.
Rayna turned towards them and, with an exhausted look in her eyes, sighed with relief.  “Good, Houkoku got to them in time,” she thought to herself.
Ino was the first among them to reach Rayna.  Immediately, she exclaimed, “You’re all beat up!  What happened?”
Rayna practically fell as she sat on the ground to let Ino tend to her wounds.  She replied, “That Vulture guy had a bit more fight in him, apparently.  I could’ve gotten them, and they knew it.  Last thing I remember is a sand tornado picking up around me
:iconmasterjingo:MasterJingo 1 0

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The Low-Carb Neuroses Alchemist
Artist | Literature
United States
Current Residence: Illinois
Favourite genre of music: Anime
Shell of choice: Those blue koopa shells with wings
Wallpaper of choice: Pink with flowers being munched on by rabid Mudkips and Monkies
Skin of choice: Pineapple!
Favourite cartoon character: Ino Yamanaka, Vulpix, Rock Lee, Anko Mitarashi
Personal Quote: "Ninja Monkies," "*singing* Mudkips keep falling on my head 'Kip! Kip!'&am
I've been inactive on DA for awhile, and I've pretty much turned into a Watcher that rarely comments.  Luckily I ran into :iconhellzcat:'s most recent journal and felt like this was something I could do.

:iconartthieves-hunters: is a new, young group dedicated to detecting art thieves, where the original artwork is from, and acts as a central hub for art thief hunters to share information on different thieves.

I encourage anyone that reads this journal to give your support to us so that we may cripple the efforts of art thieves.  Additional information can be found on the group's page.
  • Listening to: Classic Rock, oddly enough
  • Reading: Naruto
  • Watching: Naruto, Bleach, Katekyo Hitman Reborn
  • Playing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
  • Eating: Cafeteria food
  • Drinking: Water, Mountain Dew



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