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I am trying to sort my different images to a few blogs.
My Photoshop blog:
30-day challenge blog:
Photographies of Lund, Sweden:
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Gallery Update

1 min read
Right. The 30 day challenge is really making me feel creative. Now I have arranged my gallery in 4 different categories depending on what you like. My old Illos in one, my photoshoppings in one, my photos in one and the current 30 day challenge in one. Hope it makes it easier for you to find whatever you like.
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1 min read
Have been training colorizing greyscale images the last few days. Here is a… to what I have done so far.
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Who am I?

2 min read
Frogs mating with chickens, zombies walking on the street, chocolate roses growing in the flowerbed, people changing sex with a single click. The world can never measure with the digital fantasies we can come up with.

After a long time at dA I thought I could introduce myself. Erik Hultgren, born in 1986 and living in the countryside in Sweden on a small farm. Have since childhood been interested in altering the reality with computer programs. It all started with good ol' MsPaint, maybe it didn't look too good, but at least it took a heck of a long time to do anything. After doing some image manipulations now and then for years, now I can finally say that I have it as a hobby. The website catched my interest for Photoshop again and now I an stuck with it.

Most the things I do is done pretty fast, with hours of meaningless nanotweeking. Usually I come up with an idea and if I find myself able to execute I am stuck in front of the screen until it is done... and for quite a time after it is done just to make sure every detail is where it should be.

I am only happy to people that give me good ideas and original concept for my chops. At least if they are better than the laymen "can't you photoshop this"-question (usually followed by me asking what they want me to do and they answer "don't know, you're the one who knows photoshop"). But except for that, any ideas are more than welcome.

I'm an incurable optimistic realist, work for a swedish political party and have a liberal world view.

Hope you all have a good day/// Erik

:iconmanipulatethis: :iconmanipulators:
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Tagged... do'h

5 min read
I've been tagged by ManfromSun. It's one of those really ridiculous things, though this one don't seem to be as ridiculous as 99,99% of all other things going around the internet. The rules are simple, I should just tell six things/habits/hates or whatever about myself. Then everyone will read it and be really interested, while no one have ever got the meaning of those things.

1. As you might have figured out already, I really really really really really hate ridiculous questionnaires going around the internet (yes, that's only five "really", I'm underestimating). Especially the ones that have the "if you send this letter to 15 different people you will meet the love of your life tomorrow, but if you don't something very awful will happen and you die" kind of ending. Also, friends that helps companies send spam in the hope of getting a 0.00001% chance of winning something are even worse. I used to send notes back telling them about all the African torture methods I would use on them if they ever did it again. The one were you killed a person by forcing him to sit on a pole and slowly sinking down until it penetrates the body was a favorite. I haven't had to use it though... yet. Challenge me if you dare!

2. Another very bad habit is that I usually answer very long answers. Whenever I am to fill in a questionnaire, a survey or whatever I make sure that I answer very detailed and linguistically correct. It's not only that I find it easier to ramble instead of answer seriously, I also enjoy the feeling that people will waste time reading it. I'm such an evil person.

3. I have a thing for seeing all the positive things about life. I don't know if that is a positive or negative thing, though personally I think it is positive (duh..). For example, I live on the countryside. That means that I have 500 meters to my mailbox. It's always someone else who takes the post so that doesn't bother me, but I also have 3km to the nearest bus station and 11km to my best friend. None of these things bugs me. Actually I like it. Now that it is summer I bicycle to my friend, it's great workout and he has a pool. If he lived just next door I would probably be at least 5kg fatter, or I would have to jog in a meaningless circle to get some workout. So not only do I get some great training, it also gives me a good motivation and meaning to it. The same thing about the bus stop. I always walk those kilometers, even in the winter. I couldn't be more lucky. Right?

4. Another really annoying thing is that I should spend less time at the computer. I have already pressed ctrl+s five times by habit during this answer. Though that doesn't work in a browser I just keep doing it. Do'h, now I did it again. Dammit. Save my soul someone!

5. I always want to win. No matter if it's something really important or a round of minesweeper over msn. I. Must. Win! That's it. I hate loosing. And just as Manfromsun, my grades are phenomenal, though that has nothing to do with me always wants to be good. I am just very good at those things.. It wouldn't had been hard to get even better grades, but I was to lazy at the time, my winning-instinct just didn't have any effect on the schoolwork. Probably cause no one wanted to compete. Though, now in the university I have gotten highest grades on everything, it was really unnecessary on my latest exam, cause I knew I would pass the course with highest grade no matter what I got, since I had done so well before. But I just couldn't stand the thought not not to get highest grade. That's a lot of wasted time for nothing. But not worse than answering this...

6. I hate my skin type. Seriously, my tan never get nice. It's like this. My cheeks always gets red as a traffic light, while just under the eyes I get no tan at all. It looks really weird. And even though I am a weirdo I don't wanna look like one. Since this is my last answer and it got very short I must say that I also love Firefox. I accidentally closed the tab during this answer, but thanks to the überskills of the Firefox-programmers I could get all the text back. I love it! And I got really anxious for a while.

So, that's it. What do I get? A cookie? No! But I will send it to a few other people. Manfromsun wants me to send it to six people but I won't, cause I can't come up with six people since I don't surf deviantArt that much. But Ajikan, answer this or die, Idlemonkey, you won't die if you don't but I will fling some poo on you, Platynews and Onanymous are also welcome. I don't really know why I have Deviantart. I might figure it out some day. Good night people!
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