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First of all, welcome to the group! :happybounce: We hope you'll like it here and we hope we'll like you being here. In order for us to like you being here you'll need to know the rules. Read on.

WE ARE NOT AN ART GROUP - We will not accept art, backgrounds, wallpapers, textures or even GIMP splash images. The exception to this is GIMP support stamps, which we do accept, because we love GIMP too much.
If you want an art submission GIMP group, we can recommend GIMP-Artists or GIMPies, or just search for 'GIMP' on the groups page.

We do accept tutorials, brushes, patterns, palettes, XCF resources, gradients, GIMP scripts/plugins and GIMP modules. Basically if there isn't a folder in our gallery for it, we don't want it.

You can submit anything that is one of the above to the group gallery, regardless of whether you made it or not. So you may have an awesome tutorial in your favourites, we want that tutorial! Go submit it!

One of the easiest ways of submitting something is to go to it's deviation page, click the "Submit to group" button, select or type in MasterGIMPers, select the appropriate gallery folder for your submission and click submit. Then it's down to the hard working admin team to approve it. :B

And that's about all there is to our rules. :nod:
Now go and have fun looking through our gallery and creating art with the resources! Use them to help you create a master piece! :hug:

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"go to it's deviation page"
When used possessively, "its" should not have an apostrophe