Back from holidays :)

Sat Aug 20, 2011, 11:18 AM by el-L-eN:iconel-l-en:

So I'm back from holidays :B

And here is a link I wanted to share with you all: the GIMP handbook
It's really interesting to go through and maybe you'll find something you didn't know yet :eyes:

Also, I wanted to thank Jibodeah for re-doing the group rules blog and cleaning it up so awesome! :tighthug: It's now a lot easier to get the important points :P

Oh and Geosammy let us know that he corrected the file type for his Gimp Rainbow Brushes so they should work now. Just in case anybody downloaded those before the fix :meow:

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Going on holiday tomorrow... :)

Fri Jul 29, 2011, 3:01 PM by el-L-eN:iconel-l-en:

o.o this is the 3rd blog entry in like 1 week already, sorry to bombard you all so much :B
I just wanted to let you all know that I won't be around for the next 2 weeks, cause I'm on holiday and have no internet. But I'm sure our contributors will keep everything going as usual :blowkiss:

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A DD for a GIMP Tutorial! :D

Thu Jul 28, 2011, 9:58 AM by el-L-eN:iconel-l-en:

Have you seen the DDs on 07/27? :meow:
Well, one of our contributors, FrostBo, got a DD for his awesome Frosty Texture tutorial on that day! Isn't that great? :la:

Congrats on the DD Bo! :hug:

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OMG Version 2.8 is coming soon!

Mon Jul 25, 2011, 6:35 PM by el-L-eN:iconel-l-en:

They work on it to get it out till the end of the year and it has some REALLY cool new features which lots of us sure have waited and hoped for to get added for a long time :la:

:bulletorange: A new optional “Single Window Mode” offers awesome new usability features!

:bulletorange: Extended docking features!

:bulletorange: Awesome on-canvas text editing feature!Finally!! :happycry:

:bulletorange: Extremely useful: Layer sets / Layer groups:squee:
:bulletorange: Highly enhanced resources managementTagging and searching in gradients, patterns, brushes! :iconomgextremeplz:

:bulletorange: Rotatable BrushesCan you believe this? :happybounce:

But wait, there is still more!

:bulletorange: Extended Paint dynamicsNew possibilites including opacity, size, tilting, rotating, color, hardness, distance, aspect ratio, rate flow and jitter!

:bulletorange: Import Screenshots of complete websitesSo great for webdesign!

:bulletorange: PDF-Export

:bulletorange: New tool: Cage transformCreates a cage (more or less some kind of a selection) around an area that you want to transform seperately :O_o: Can't wait to try that out!

:bulletorange: Feedback on long computationsWOW! A statusbar!

So what you all think? :meow: Great, right? I for sure can't wait till it's out :woohoo:

Here is the article about it in depth and with all 32 (!) new or improved features ^.^ Exact same article in German here :meow:

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Welcome and Group Rules!

Wed Jul 20, 2011, 8:04 AM by el-L-eN:iconel-l-en:

First of all, welcome to the group! :happybounce: We hope you'll like it here and we hope we'll like you being here. In order for us to like you being here you'll need to know the rules. Read on.

WE ARE NOT AN ART GROUP - We will not accept art, backgrounds, wallpapers, textures or even GIMP splash images. The exception to this is GIMP support stamps, which we do accept, because we love GIMP too much.
If you want an art submission GIMP group, we can recommend GIMP-Artists or GIMPies, or just search for 'GIMP' on the groups page.

We do accept tutorials, brushes, patterns, palettes, XCF resources, gradients, GIMP scripts/plugins and GIMP modules. Basically if there isn't a folder in our gallery for it, we don't want it.

You can submit anything that is one of the above to the group gallery, regardless of whether you made it or not. So you may have an awesome tutorial in your favourites, we want that tutorial! Go submit it!

One of the easiest ways of submitting something is to go to it's deviation page, click the "Submit to group" button, select or type in MasterGIMPers, select the appropriate gallery folder for your submission and click submit. Then it's down to the hard working admin team to approve it. :B

And that's about all there is to our rules. :nod:
Now go and have fun looking through our gallery and creating art with the resources! Use them to help you create a master piece! :hug:

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