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After a few minutes of walking around in his new robot Mienshao form, Josh wondered how he could get out. As he thought about that, he decided to look at the instruction manual. He noticed a QR code on the front page, put his mechanical hand over it, and suddenly some data flowed into his head. Options on how to control the suit with his own mind.
"So, these are some of the options I'm given in his form" He said to himself. He looked though and saw available functions such as access to weapons and such. "Well it's obvious I need to figure things out first, including how to revert back to my human form." His Mienshao responded back "Do you like your new form Josh?" to which Josh responded back "Yeah, I'm slowly getting used to it, still feels weird though."
Josh then remembered that his friend Layne had gotten the package as well, and given how he now was turned into a robotic Mienshao without real warning, he wanted to tell his friend about what the device really does. "I kind of wish
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Before we begin, I would like to inform that this is a follow-up to my previous journal that I wrote over two weeks ago concerning the current status of the Pokemon franchise, as well as my journal back in early June about my thoughts on the initial reveal. Since then, I've gotten some hate from people (namely "Genwunners") who have read my journal, been criticized on Discord, and even blocked by someone over what my thoughts were on the games for a very petty reason. So, I would like to clear some misconceptions about my previous journal before I continue with this one.

My problem with Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee is NOT that it's a remake of Gen 1, nor is it the connectivity with Pokemon Go, or anyone who plays the app, and it's less about trying to bring in new audiences to the franchise or trying to bring the Pokemon Go players into the main series. I also have nothing against Gen 1 itself (it's not even my least favorite generation) other than the nostalgia pandering. 

No... my biggest problem with Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee is how Game Freak is approaching them, and I feel they are approaching these games the wrong way, which is further evident by some of the things that have been stated in interviews about the game, which I'll get to very soon. I hear people tell me these games are being made to bring the Pokemon Go players into the main series by adding in the mechanics of the app into a main series style game, however, I have a hard time believing that, especially given what works in a mobile app is NOT going to work on a console.

Kanto, a region unchanged
One thing that I really dislike Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, asides from the Genwunner Pandering and the Pokemon Go shilling is that TPC, for whatever reason, refuses to do anything new or different with Kanto or any story set in Kanto for that matter. They seem to have this very conservative approach to the reason and refuse to re-imagine it, instead just copying and pasting how it was in the original Gen 1 games with little to no change other than 3D graphics. Not only that, but the fact that the maps being reverted to the grid-based and blocky structure as opposed to the more organic and realistic world design that Sun and Moon provided feels like a massive step down, combined with the graphics not really fitting a console and looking more like a mobile game, which is what this game pretty much is, but on a console.

Say what you will about how Kanto was handled in Gen 2, but at least they did something new with it, even if it wasn't much. I mean, we have the late Satoru Iwata to thank for it as he compressed Gold and Silver to fit the region in. Let's Go's Kanto, on the other hand, is LITERALLY the exact same Kanto from Red and Blue and Fire Red and Leaf Green, with the exact same story as well, and only a few modifications to it while mostly taking a conservative approach to it. Nothing new, nothing different, just the same Kanto. I mean, if they're going to make a game set in Kanto, couldn't they at least do something different with it rather than just literally remake Red and Blue a second time? I'm just saying.

If you're going to remake Gen 1 or try and introduce it to a new audience, there are better ways to do it. For example, the Gen 1 games are available on the 3DS Virtual Console and have been since early 2016, so why play a Switch "remake" that exists to pander to players of a mobile app when the originals are readily available on the 3DS, I just fail to understand WHY they need to be remade and watered down simply to appeal to a specific demographic, while the best alternative is already available. Yes, the originals were very glitchy and arguably haven't aged well, but it's still a better way to introduce Gen 1 to newer fans without having to remove anything newer from the franchise in order to do so.

Fixing what isn't broken
Very recently, a rather controversial interview was released about the game. In the interview, Junichi Masuda stated that they decided to change the capturing system because it was "too difficult for some players" when in reality, it's been copied and pasted from the Pokemon Go app, a system which Game Freak didn't even create and had origins in another app made prior to Pokemon Go (whose name I forget). I don't understand how the old capturing system was "too difficult", considering it's a very simple and functionable system that has no flaws in it whatsoever, just challenge.

On that note, they're now forcing gyms to have "requirements" in order to challenge them, being that you are forced to catch Pokemon of a certain type in order to challenge the gym, which thus removes the challenge because you're being told how to play the game rather than trying to figure out how it works, which leaves no room for any form of strategy or any risk of losing, because with this new system, it's pretty much impossible to lose, thus there's no challenge.

I mean, they're simplifying the mechanics that DON'T need to be simplified, rather than the problems with the franchise that DO need fixed. In the "new" capturing system, you see the Pokemon in the overworld and catch them by simply throwing balls without battling them, just like in Pokemon Go, which so far is what this game has been nothing BUT, being just trying to sell the app and pander to its players. Not only that, but they're also removing the level system in favor of the app's CP system, and chances are you have to evolve Pokemon with candy. Basically, the game is literally Pokemon Go on a console and nothing but that. Where's the fun in just throwing balls? What happened to the challenge? I used to have so much fun going into the tall grass and trying to find rare Pokemon, and now that's gone, plus you no longer have a risk of not only running out of balls, but having your entire team wiped out by a legendary. The challenge has been removed, and what challenge is there in just simply throwing balls all the time? There is no challenge at all.

I mean, the old way of catching Pokemon worked, the old way of leveling up and making your Pokemon stronger worked, the old way of evolving worked. Why? because there was a challenge, there was time and effort put into your actions, and you were basically rewarded for those actions. Here, you're not even rewarded for your efforts, you're just given them on a silver platter, because Pokemon Go is nothing but the catching aspect of Pokemon, with the training and combat aspect removed completely in favor of making the game a collect-a-thon and nothing more. Yes I know Pokemon Go added "battles" later on, but I'll be honest and say that Pokemon Go is NEVER going to have a competitive play community, it's simply catching and nothing else, and that's all the players of the app really care about is the catching... and this is why putting Pokemon Go on a console does NOT work, because the game isn't designed for a console, it's designed for a mobile app with AR technology.

Pokemon has always been a JRPG franchise, given the old capturing mechanics, the old level mechanics, and the old evolution mechanics. This is a system that originated and was built from the system that Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest established before it, and even the tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons before them. When you take out all the RPG mechanics, Pokemon is no longer an RPG, it's just an action game based on repetitive trends, and has no form of challenge at all because you're basically told how to play the game from start to finish with you being hit on the head every 10 minutes and constantly reminded how to play it. You take out what worked in favor of a system that doesn't work in the medium presented, and you're left with basically nothing.

And that's why making a full-on Pokemon game with the mechanics of Pokemon Go simply does NOT work. Pokemon Go is intended to be a mobile game, and mobile games are meant to be simplistic as a means of being something that's quick to play when you're waiting for an appointment or something like that, while a console game (or even a regular handheld) requires more thought, time and effort to play since they take themselves more seriously, so when you water something that's intended for a mobile phone on a console, you end up with something that's bland, boring and repetitive and doesn't require any time or effort, and when a game is boring, nobody will play it. Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee are pretty much doomed to fail simply from their inception, because they break the rules of how a JRPG game should work. What Game Freak is doing is that they're replacing a system that's made to work with consoles and handhelds in favor of a system that's specifically designed to work only on a mobile app with AR technology, something which consoles aren't made for. Pokemon Go is NOT designed to work like a JRPG, so why make a JRPG that's like the app when the system doesn't work in a format outside of a mobile platform? I mean, trying to bring the Pokemon Go players into the main series is one thing, but the problem is that they're doing so in the wrong way, and if anything, it's going to actually discourage the Go players from entering and accepting the system of the main series games more than encourage them.

History repeating itself?
Honestly, looking at the interviews and how Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee have been set up to be, I can't help but think of Paper Mario: Sticker Star, a game that was conceived in pretty much the exact same way that Let's Go was conceived, minus the part involving a mobile app. For those who are unaware of what happened during Sticker Star's production, the game was originally intended to be like the two Paper Mario RPG games being the Nintendo 64 game and The Thousand Year Door, being a return to the old system after it's departure in Super Paper Mario. Unfortunately, Shigeru Miyamoto stepped in and demanded it be changed to be more like the New Super Mario Bros games, with no original characters, concepts or story elements, and instead only pre-existing elements of the Mario franchise with a Paper Mario aesthetic.

Basically, what Nintendo tried to do with Paper Mario was that they radically changed the sub-line to be more like the main series Mario games as a means of trying to appeal more to a mainstream audience as opposed to the audience the sub-line already had, thus alienating the longtime fanbase and resulting in what many regard to be the worst Mario game ever made. Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee is Pokemon's own Sticker Star, it's simplifying and dumbing down everything in order to cash in on 90's nostalgia and the Pokemon Go app while removing the essence of what made the franchise appealing to begin with as a means of appealing to a more mainstream crowd.

This has actually become a frequent trend in media, which has caused a lot of controversy in recent years, being how every franchise you can think of is remade and rebooted anymore as a means of trying to appeal more to a mainstream crowd (or worse, social justice warriors) by simplifying and dumbing things down while removing everything that made the original product appealing to begin with, resulting in a product that's usually poorly received or absolutely despised by fans of the original. Such examples include Teen Titans Go, the 2016 Powerpuff Girls reboot, the 2017 Ben 10 reboot, the 2016 Ghostbusters movie, and the upcoming Thundercats Roar, among countless others, in which they take everything that was established in the originals, then water everything down and removing everything that made it so appealing as a quick cash-grab. This is the main reason they are rebooting these franchises is because of brand-name recognition, and because it uses the name of a pre-existing brand, they think it will sell more easily, all while actually alienating the fans of the original, who could easily introduce their kids to the original by showing it to them on DVD or through streaming services.

This is also pretty much the reason Pokemon Go exists, as well as why the app ended up becoming so popular to the point where it's basically overtaken the entire franchise and become it's public image, being that they tried to rework the franchise in order to appeal more to a mainstream crowd while removing everything that made the franchise appealing to begin with. This is the main reason I don't like the Pokemon Go app, because it takes away everything that made me love Pokemon and turn the franchise into something it's not.

And yes, I know people are going to tell me that there are different ways to enjoy Pokemon, but the thing about Pokemon Go becoming so popular and Let's Go simplifying the franchise to be more like the app is that it feels like The Pokemon Company wants everyone to enjoy Pokemon in only one way, and when everyone is forced to like the franchise in only one way, it becomes boring very quickly, and then nobody will be interested in it.

How to simplify the franchise correctly
There are so many better ways to simplify the Pokemon franchise. You don't have to remove any Pokemon species, change the capture system, or the evolution system, or the leveling system for that matter. The only thing that needs to be changed and simplified is the metagame, which is already convoluted and messy as it is. You have 18 elemental types that are unbalanced, you have over 60 different abilities, 600 different moves, EVs and IVs, natures, traits, and so much more. Why simplify the stuff that ISN'T broken when the metagame desperately needs fixed, especially considering the fact that the metagame is so convoluted that it's alienating newer players from trying to get into the competitive scene.

No, instead of trying to fix the stuff that ISN'T working as a means of simplifying the franchise for newer players, they decided to put all their eggs into the Pokemon Go basket because it's all about worshiping the app and Gen 1. TPC is so obsessed with that app that they are now unwilling to actually focus on what is arguably the biggest reason people play the games for, which is the metagame.

Gen 1 is definitely not my favorite generation, but I definitely don't hate it. That doesn't mean it still has problems. Ignoring the glitches that Gen 1 has, it's metagame is extremely unbalanced: You have no pure Ice types, no pure Rock types, no pure Ghost types (and only a single Ghost line), only a single pure Grass type (which in Gen 1 doesn't even evolve), a single Dragon type line, and far too many Ground types, Water types and Poison types. Plus, if you're going to take into account types that were introduced in later generations, you're going to have Dark type moves, but no Dark types (excluding Alolan variants), and only a single Steel type line, which isn't even a pure Steel type. They're making a game with only Gen 1 Pokemon, and they're NOT taking into account the problems that Gen 1 had, they're making it simply because "nostalgia" and "Pokemon Go" and nothing more than that.

If you're going to make a Pokemon game as a means of trying to bring in the Pokemon Go crowd to the main series, there's an easier way to do it, which is through compromise. Try having wild battles, and once you throw a Pokeball, switch over to a system similar to that of the app unless the ball fails, and then when the enemy Pokemon is weaker, try again. There's no need to remove all the mechanics just to make the games more like the app, just try and modify the existing mechanics so that the game can serve as a transition from the app, rather than simply BEING the app. I mean, if I wanted to play Pokemon Go, I'd simply play Pokemon Go, but if I wanted to play a main series Pokemon game, I'd play a main series Pokemon game. That's the thing they should be doing, compromise and come to an agreement between the two systems, rather than trying to replace a functionable system with a system that is incapable of functioning outside of an AR mobile app because the system that Pokemon Go uses is specifically designed for an AR mobile app, NOT a console game.

That's the problem, they're making these games STRICTLY on nostalgia and pandering to players of a mobile app, and not taking into account the problems that Gen 1 had in it's metagame or the repercussions of trying to implement the system of an AR mobile game into a console RPG game. They don't seem to care about WHY the Pokemon games sell millions, they just care that it sells without even caring about the quality. Even if you didn't call this game Pokemon, it doesn't work, these games do NOT work because they're working AGAINST the franchise rather than for it.

To put it simply: If it ain't broke, don't fix it!


I fail to understand why this trailer is getting so much hate: 
Star Wars fans are the saltiest mine of salt out there.
Maybe I should have posted Cyborg-Lucario today (August 10th), since it's Aura Day.
My cat died today, really upset about it and super depressed.
Today is Bowser Day, All hail the Koopa King! :iconbowser-plz:
Just watched the trailer for the live-action Teen Titans series.... I take back EVERYTHING bad I said about Teen Titans Go, this thing is an abomination that reeks of mid-2000's edginess.
FINALLY managed to post something new after two months, screw art block:
The Weiss Siblings: Albert, Lyra and Landon by Masterge77
These games just keep getting worse and worse the more information gets released about it:…

It's like this game is just simply Pokemon Go worship and nothing more, while the rest of the franchise just continues to be erased in order to pander more to Genwunners and normies.


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