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After a discussion with one of my watchers, I would like to issue some new rules regarding anyone who wishes to draw my characters. This includes any art-trades or commissions I do with people, let alone art people draw for me for free. 1. If you are to draw art of my characters, I would like to be messaged about it when it is finished, so I can see it. 2. If you are going to be making any animations or movies featuring my characters, however, you must ask me permission first before you proceed. Certain characters of mine I wish to be voiced by me, such as Monty and Jack, due to them being my fursonas. 3. Any mature artwork of my characters is forbidden. 4. If I am to tell you to stop a project that regards the usage of my characters, you will do so IMMEDIATELY! This includes if I am to ask for a refund on commissions or cancel an art trade for whatever reason.
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For those of you who are complaining about DA's update to it's TOS regarding Cryptocurrency, here's some advice: JUST DON'T USE IT! It's literally that easy! They're not forcing you to use it you know.
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Megalovania is who's theme?

21 votes
Sans' theme Bad time?
Chara's theme Undertale - Where Are The Knives GIF
Dr. Andonuts' theme Starman Emoticon
Toby Fox's theme Annoying Dog Bullet (Free to Use)
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Don’t know if you knew about this but:

Another great animated film skipping theaters and coming to a streaming service… (It’s Hotel Transylvania: Transformania, if you’re wondering)

Not surprised, everyone is giving into the streaming services because Hollywood wants everyone to be co-dependent on the internet and not home-releases or anything like that.

Hey there I got a Sonic related question.

which one has a better darker story IDW’s Zombot saga or Sonic X’s Metarex Saga?

The Metarex Saga, hands down. There was far more at stake and the villains were more threatening, plus it at least did something new with the franchise... and more imporantly, Shadow was at least in-character. The Zombot saga is just another zombie story, albeit with bootleg T-1000 furries, and Shadow acting out of character.

Yeah the Metarex Saga for me was a perfect send off to the Adventure era or even the entire franchise as a whole since there's never a Sonic story that would top it afterwards since sadly Sega would rather appeal to kids rather than everyone. :(

And I've notice something after Cosmo Sega hasn't had any new character in the 2010s that surpassed her. The closest was Sticks in Boom but she was a comic releif and was very polarizing.

Yeah, I feel like the old Sonic died after the Metarex Saga, since immediately afterwards we got Sonic '06. The Archie comic was still good even if the games were mediocre, but then Ken Penders had to ruin everything and it ended up being replaced by constant mediocrity. The comic was rebooted, the reboot was mediocre, then was cancelled and was replaced by a comic that was even MORE mediocre.

It would be cool if there was another series like SatAM Sonic or another comic like Archie Sonic, but there are virtually no alternatives.

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Your robots are cool!